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Wireless Laptop Speakers Review

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wireless laptop speakersWireless Laptop Speakers Reviewed

By Mark B.

Let's face it - when you get a laptop, many of you are likely planning to enjoy rich multimedia applications like games or your favorite audio tracks and movies.

Sure you might also use it for work, but for all you folks who plan on enjoying rich multimedia, a solid set of external speakers is a must.

When running multimedia applications, listening to your favorite tunes or watching your favorite flicks your listening experience is more often than not going to be excruciatingly disappointing when using the laptops built-in speaker set.
As soon as you fire up your favorite movie or track and hear how quiet the speakers are, you'll quickly realize how tough it is going to be to listen to anything without wearing headphones.  Unfortunately, headphones aren't always a favorable option.

If headphones aren't your thing a solid set of external speakers is going to be ideal for you, and thankfully there are a ton to chose from.  On the other hand, choosing the best speaker set out of literally hundreds isn't always easy.

Here is a look at five fan favorite wireless laptop speakers.  Wireless speakers have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years so we've put together a few reviews for you to help you narrow down your options and make the best decision.  

5 Popular Wireless Laptop Speakers Reviewed

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless USB Z515 Laptop Speaker Review
Logitech Wireless USB Speaker Z515
The Logitech Wireless USB Z515 is the first wireless speakers on our list and one of our own personal favorites. Sure the USB Z515 wireless laptop speakers cost just bit more than others on our list, but this marginal premium will be worth it for many of you.
If you are looking for an easy way to really bring out the sound from your movies and games without messy wires, the Z515's are going to be a great option for you.  Let's just say they pack more punch than a boom box from the eighties.

We browsed through multiple reviews and found that most people loved the volume level on this set as well.  The Z515 also has a 50 foot wireless range, so you can place it wherever you want in your room.  This is great range if you use your laptop as a hub for your favorite music via Pandora or downloaded tracks.

The only thing that you may be a little disappointed with is if you were hoping for mega bass, for the speakers aren't super bassy. This was in fact the number one complaint we found with users, however keep in mind you can't expect miracles from a battery powered speaker. 

Speaking of battery powered, the Logitech Z515 offers a rechargeable long-life battery with a rating of up to 10 hours of music play time.  Not too shabby! Let's not forget Logitech also throws in a handy travel case to boot.

The Z515 also works with either USB or Bluetooth so you can use it with your iPad or iPhone.  This is great if you watch movies or play music on your portable device for you don't have to worry about struggling to hear via the iPhone and iPad's limited sound.

All in all, the Logitech Z515 speakers deliver far more sound quality than expected for the price tag and they are a quality built wireless speaker overall. Highly recommended.  

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Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

pink Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerIt is no secret that Creative used to be the king of computer sound cards, and while they still market fantastic sound cards for computers, you honestly don't hear as much about them because sound cards tend to be integrated in the computer, instead of being a separate add-on card.

But despite Creative's sound card domination days being over, they still make fantastic audio components.  If you buy an audio component with the Creative badge, you can pretty much guarantee that you are going to get a quality piece of audio hardware. 

For us this has been very true with their portable laptop speakers, and the Creative D100 wireless laptop speakers that we've recently enjoyed didn't disappoint in the least. They provide good sound quality, connectivity options, and fantastic portability.

The Creative D100 primarily connects via Bluetooth (up to around 30 feet) so you can seamlessly use it with popular mobile phones like the iPhone or any Android based smart phone, the iPad and of course laptops.   

The D100 also gives you the ability to physically plug devices in through an AUX port if desired. That means if your MP3 player hasn't been updated since 1993, you can easily plug it into this device and get the super loud sound you need for the summer BBQ.

One of the main highlights with the D100 is battery runtimes. The speakers get up to 25 hours on four AA batteries and they can even be played loud enough be useful for a small party while still achieving good runtimes.  As we cranked up the volume battery runtimes decreased of course, but the speakers still lasted much longer than we had anticipated.

Another great feature with the D100 is the color selection available.  You're not limited to the standard black and so can also pick up a set in green, blue, and the hugely popular pink.  It would be nice to have more colors available to compliment the endless laptop shades out there, but the color palette Creative chose is welcoming.

Overall the Creative D100 Bluetooth Wireless laptop speaker is a great bargain if you are looking for quality wireless laptop speakers to improve your audio experience on your laptop or mobile gadget.  

And besides being a quality built wireless Bluetooth equipped speaker, the D100 also offers solid battery runtimes to boot, making it a great choice for long mobile laptop sessions.

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Creative Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System (T12) Review

Creative Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SystemThe Creative Pure Bluetooth Wireless Laptop Speaker System (T12) are the first speakers on our list that can actually be set for distinct stereo sound. 

While it's true that the previous entries provide stereo output, they were single devices, meaning that if you get too far away you can't really distinguish left from right. These speakers actually come in two housing units, so you can position them to get a really good binaural audio experience.

The downside is that you need two sets of batteries at all times. The good news is that they are chargeable, so you don't actually have to worry about that one bit.

Like the previous product on our list, you can be sure that you are getting something entirely awesome when you are purchasing a sound product from Creative.

After reading various user feedback, some have reported that the speakers are a bit quiet on higher frequencies and a bit heavy on the bass, but we personally didn't notice this and felt the sound quality was balanced well enough.  

Depending on the kind of music you listen to, you may or may not be able to notice this, but overall we think you will be impressed with the sound that the speakers offer. Compared to the generic speakers on our test laptop, the T12 was outstanding.  

The speakers also come with what is called an apt-X audio codec. This feature is only for compatible stereo Bluetooth devices however, but if you do have a compatible device now or in the future, the technology will improve wireless audio quality. Unfortunately though we didn't have a device to test the technology so we can't give you feedback.

All in all, the Creative Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System  is another solid wireless speaker from Creative. Highly recommended.

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Sony Altus ALT-SA34R Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System Review

Sony ALTUS Wireless speakerTalk about out of control! These wireless laptop speakers pack more punch than the heavy weight champion.

They also include a really excellent wireless remote, which allows you to power them on and control the volume from where you sit. This is a really great feature and it is surprising that it didn't increase the cost one bit when compared to other speakers on this set.

The coolest feature is that these speakers can be integrated into your S-AIR system, if you have already caught on to that. S-AIR is a system designed by Sony to allow for wireless transmission of audio throughout the house. 

No more paying some nerdy home theater guy tens of thousands of dollars to run some speaker wire through your house. Instead, you can easily get yourself set up with these guys and get sound throughout the house. Finally since it can all be run through your laptop, your whole media library will be available.

All in all, the Sony Altus ALT-SA34R is a bargain set of wireless laptop speakers that not only offer solid wireless performance, but great sound reproduction, and let's not forget the system also comes with a handy wireless remote.

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Veho VSS-006-T Portable 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Veho VSS-006-T Portable 360 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerThis is a device that was designed more for your iPhone or iPad than your laptop, but it definitely works with your computer if it has Bluetooth.

The coolest feature about this little guy is the small footprint. You could literally carry this around in your pocket without noticing it. But don't be fooled by the small size - it puts out a lot of loud, clear sound for being so tiny.

Syncing it up is easy, since it works on the Bluetooth protocol. It doesn't matter what sort of smart phone or tablet you have, these days. Your device likely has the ability to do Bluetooth.

Being able to purchase the device at a sub $50 price range, it is a great way to bring some extra sound to your portable device, whether a laptop or mobile phone without breaking the bank.

The Veho VSS-006-T is yet another great wireless laptop speaker the we highly recommend you check out, especially if speaker portability is big on your list and/or you are looking to save a penny. 

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