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Finding Very Cheap Laptops

We show you how to find the best very cheap laptops.

So you're looking for very cheap laptops!

asus eee pc netbook laptop computerLike many shoppers we're pretty sure you're looking for the cheapest laptop that money can buy.  When we say cheap we also don't necessarily mean cheap as in going to break down in a week or be too slow to be productive type of laptop computer either. 

But finding the cheapest and best laptop for the money is a wise shopping decision hands down for anyone's pocket book, that's for sure.

And if you're looking for very cheap laptops we're happy to inform you that your options these days are going to be big, very big. 

asus eee pc netbook colored laptop computerWith the economic state, high production yields, and ever expanding advancements in technology, laptop manufacturers are literally giving away laptops these days, no joke!  Ok maybe not literally, but very cheap laptops are out there most definitely.

Keep reading for we are going to show you where to find cheap laptops and we are also going to show you what you are going to want to look for when performing Internet research or even browsing your local Best Buy store.

Best Place to Start Finding Very Cheap Laptops

Like any purchase we recommend you first begin by figuring out what your lifestyle needs are. 

We realize you are reading this article because you most likely are looking for the cheapest laptop around, but remember simply finding the cheapest laptop doesn't necessarily mean it is going to be the best purchasing decision, especially in the long run. 

So first and foremost we simply recommend you brainstorm your needs, wants, and even desires.  

e.g.. So what features am I going to get if I purchase very cheap laptops in comparison to a pricier model?  Is a very cheap laptop going to be as reliable as a more expensive laptop computer?  Do I really need such a cheap laptop computer?  Wow this laptop is hella cheap, is it going to be fast enough for my gaming desires?  Do I really like what is offered in this price range?  

So as you see, asking yourself some very basic, even random questions and taking a close look at your overall needs, wants, and desires is really the first place to begin when looking for a very cheap laptop. 

It's really that easy, and we highly recommend you start your cheap laptop quest here because running around looking for a cheap ass notebook without brainstorming your needs is like purchasing a car without even so much as a test drive.  Get the picture?  Perfect, let's move on!

What's the next step to finding very cheap laptops?

dell colored laptop netbook picturesSo you're done brainstorming your basic needs right? Great, now we recommend you check out our Laptop Buying Guide for it will help to further fine tune your unique lifestyle requirements.  Our detailed buying guide will also take you on a brief little computer hardware educational journey as well.  Fun! 

After you've taken the time to go through our laptop buying guide, we also recommend you take a look at our Laptop Buying Tips page, and our 10 Step Guide to customizing a laptop.  Both of these pages will give you more great insight during your search for very cheap laptops.   

Our Best Laptops page also is a great read for it too will enlighten you and fine tune your smart shopping skills.  Yet another great read and a potential great path to a cheap laptop is our Refurbished Laptops Guide.  There are tons of great refurbished laptops on the market so we highly recommend you check it out too.  

And don't forget while going through our various guides and articles to not quite look at price as a purchasing factor just yet, for remember your needs come first and then price is secondary.  

See later on once you know what you truly need out of a laptop, it is then and only then that you're going to look at price along with the pros and cons of particular laptops to ultimately narrow down the ideal very cheap laptop.  Using the information in our guides, you will be armed with smart shopping skills. 

Once you hit that point in the purchasing process you will not only be closer to finding a cheap laptop that will fulfill your needs, but one that also meets or even exceeds the best price out there to boot. That is the ultimate goal, finding the cheapest laptop perfect for your unique lifestyle requirements. 

Finding The Best Priced Laptops.

cheap laptops image 100 dollar bill

At this point you should have a great understanding to your laptop computing wants and needs.  Now finding very cheap laptops truly begins.  

It is here where we can start the process to finding the best priced laptop, though one that is perfect for our current lifestyle requirements simultaneously.

So what exactly is a very cheap laptop? 

In the lowest end of the price scale you will find a sweet class of laptops called Netbooks.  

A Netbook is the newest type of laptop computer which falls into a super small notebook category.  Netbooks are pretty much tiny, light on your budget, lower powered laptops.  Netbooks are very cheap laptops, typically less than $500. 

We call Netbooks go anywhere computers for they are small enough to fit in a purse, briefcase, or backpack and the typical Netbook is also fairly rugged too so it can take some light day to day abuse pretty well.  And if you by some unfortunate accident drop and break a Netbook you won't exactly break your bank either. Check out our Best Netbook Computer article for more details.

bestbuy very cheap laptopsSliding up the scale a bit you will find standard sized home/home office laptops which typically range from a low $500 to $1,000.   These models are very common in retail stores such as BestBuy, Fred Meyer, Walmart, and others.  These days you can find great deals on very cheap laptops in retail where in the past retail often came with a steep premium.

These machines are what we like to call the general consumer laptop for they are designed to meet the needs of the typical consumer and so you can pick one up for fairly cheap, especially during the holidays when retails and e-tailers offer tons of savings such as instant or mail in rebates.  We see midsized consumer models go for under $500 often. 

The Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion, and Acer Aspire are common consumer level laptops.  You will find some very cheap laptops in this consumer home/home office category.  We feel most of you will find the perfect laptop in a consumer level mid-range laptop or even a Netbook computer.  So if you are looking for a very cheap laptop, we advise you start your search off in one of these categories.

Cheap High-End Laptops

cheap dell mini laptops pictures

Once you go beyond the typical consumer level laptop the word cheap diminishes. 

In our opinion cheap sorta stops at the $1000 mark, though that doesn't necessarily mean you won't find a so called cheap high-end laptop.  There are without a doubt some great deals on higher-end laptops. 

In this article however we have focused mainly on the sub $1000 market for unless you need ultimate power for gaming or other custom applications. 

We pretty much feel most of you reading this article will find all the power you need and more in a sub $1000 laptop computer.  Plus we don't think most of you would be reading this article if you were planning on spending over the grand mark anyways.  Of course we could be wrong.

If this is the case and you are in fact looking for something with more power, features, and then some, and you don't mind spending over $1000, you may at this point want to jump on over to our high-end Laptop Gaming Guide.  There are a ton of high-end laptops for under $2000 and we review some of the big name players in this high-end laptop market.

Of course two grand isn't exactly cheap in our opinion, though if you need ultimate power for your custom applications and cheap to you is under $2000 then well you are also going to find many great priced configurations.  As in any other system category there are some high-end laptop models that are cheaper than other high-end models despite offering similar or even the same level of performance so keep an eye out for the details and remember brand isn't always everything.


In the end the word cheap is honestly a very subjective word in our opinion.  And in all honestly finding a cheap laptop really depends on a number of factors, that most definitely being the depth of an individual's pocket book. 

But regardless of your definition of the word cheap, we guarantee that if you follow our numerous buying guides you will ultimately find the perfect cheap laptop computer, and well that is the ultimate goal, right?

We hope you enjoyed our guide to finding very cheap laptops.

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