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The World Of Popular UK Netbooks

By Rodney W.

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Cheap netbooks in the UK have become quite common. Gone are the days when you needed to spend your life savings to own a sleek mini laptop computing machine. But thanks to the rise in the working class population, companies are exploiting the opportunity of providing low cost netbooks to every household. Just study the UK market. It's growing in leaps and bounds with regards to netbooks for you can find cheap Acer, Asus, Toshiba & many other UK netbook brands, all at fantastic prices.
Can you believe that the cheapest UK netbook computers are available for less than 183.55 pounds! Sure there are more expensive models as well, but depending on their features and functions, the price will increase beyond what is generally considered a good deal for a netbook. Generally features like processing power, RAM, weight of the netbook, portability, design, and its appearance are determing factors for price and whether or not its going to be low or high. 

acer uk netbook computersOne great way to get cheap UK netbook computers is to shop online. There are a ton of sites that help you pick your choice in line with your pocket and needs. It gets extremely difficult to resist the charm of this sophisticated technology packed in a sleek design with an alluring price tag.

One place we recommend you start browsing around for the best deals is Amazon.com.  We've provided some links to the hottest laptop and netbook models sold at Amazon.com at the end of this page. 

But, you don't just want a handsome piece to adorn your desk. Handsome is what handsome does. Therefore, you need to buy a netbook that solves your purpose. For that, you need to identify your needs.

Are you a student or a home user? Are you a multimedia expert or a gamer? Are you a frequent flier or a business user?  All these people have different needs. So, their netbooks CANNOT be the same.

For home users, midsize UK netbooks are good. They are cheap netbooks of UK and contain most of the features. Students want something that's cool and collective in features. For them, it's crazy to be seen in something that's outdated. They want a netbook that's more than just a computer. It should also serve as a tool to impress. A small, light-weighted, and rugged netbook is just the right thing for them.
For frequent fliers, weight and size of netbook are top considerations. You can afford to miss a feature in your notebook, but it should be easy to carry. Ultra portables are best. They are less than 4 pounds and as thin as a spiral-bound notebook.

toshiba uk netbooksAnd what about business users? They travel, work at home, and keep their toes in the office too. They also need something that's light and thin, yet stylish - something that talks power and reflects their personality. After all, they are leaders and have to set an example.

Gamers and multimedia experts need netbooks with huge memory, powerful processor, superior graphics, and a high performance hard drive. Whether it's gunning down aliens in their warships, or designing websites, cheap netbooks UK should be true replacements of desktops.

Alas! You can't have every feature packed in one single notebook. The smallest and lightest netbooks have fewer features. They're the most stylish ones too. The full-featured notebooks are usually bulkier and consume more desk space. The world has yet to see a netbook that's perfect in every aspect. Till someone creates it, you'll have to prioritize your needs and decide accordingly. What's your priority - computing power, extended battery life, style, small size, or a cheaper price?
Now, what's a netbook without accessories? Cheap UK netbook computers are so cheap that you can easily afford to buy accessories for them. The common ones are netbook bags, extra battery, docking station, extra mouse and keyboard, and external drives.
A docking station is where you place your netbook. It comes in different shapes and is a combination of slots, ports, drive bays, and security features.

asus eee pc uk netbooksThere are times when an extra battery can save your life, when your primary battery shows signs of dying! Never even think of hitting the road without an extra battery. It costs just $50-$300. However, if you stay at your office or home, this accessory is useless.

There's so much fuss about UK netbook bags nowadays that you can't afford to ignore this accessory. They've become a fashion statement. And we aren't talking about those simple black netbook cases. They are pass´┐Ż. The latest trend is bags with padded cushion for netbook and pockets or zippers for your cell phones and other gadgets. My! These bags ooze such style that they would stop traffic!

And don't forget to buy an extra keyboard and mouse. Every netbook owner should have them. You may not realize their importance initially. But after prolonged use of your notebook, when your arms and wrists start screaming with pain, you'll thank these accessories.

So, have you decided your priorities yet? Do you know which netbook is made for you? Know your needs and come to the fascinating world of cheap UK netbook computers. They're waiting to become your best tech companion!

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