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Trendy Laptops

Here is a brief overview of some of our favorite trendy laptops.

trendy laptop computersBuying A Trendy Laptop

Standing out from other great laptops, trendy laptops set the bar by being packed with features, styling, and innovations that often force the rest of the industry to play a game of catch up.
If you're currently looking for a trendy laptop, you're going to enjoy this brief look at some of our own personal favorite laptop trend setters.

This is by no means meant to be a complete end-all list of course, for we've enjoyed many wicked sick laptops over the years, but we've personally had the experience to work with all of these laptops more recently and our real world impression was more than favorable.

Let's just say there were more than enough features and style appeal to not only grab our attention, but hold it steadily during a rigorous 1 month trial run.   

Popular Trendy Laptop Computers

apple macbook air

MacBook Air

A trendy laptops list will not be complete without mention of gadgets from the world renowned manufacturer Apple Inc. And the latest from its line of high-powered trendy laptops is MacBook Air.

First off, the MacBook Air uses an all-flash storage mechanism which may just be the storage technolgoy of the future. Instead of putting in the bulky hard drive casing, all that's installed are the flash storage chips. This in turn afforded more space for one other feature that should be present in all types of mobile computing devices—high capacity batteries.

The absense of a conventional hard disk gives the MacBook Air shock resistance capabilities for better data protection, and because of the absense of mechanical parts found in a conventional hard drive, you're going to see increased battery runtimes too.

Because of wider space, the batteries provided are bigger and can run up to 7 hours on continued laptop use. Another feature worth mentioning is MacBook Air's overall assembly.

The number of moving parts has been purposely minimized. Most of major components have been carved from single pieces of aluminum, and smaller structural elements have been directly bonded onto these sheets. 

This makes the whole construction streamlined and sturdy to withstand the rigors of daily carrying around. The MacBook Air is composed of a precision aluminum unibody so it is not only durable, but the laptop is also very light at around 2.3 pounds.

The MacBook Air is also stuffed with the latest technolgoies including Intel processors and the newest wireless networking standards.  The AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi wireless networking card gives you the ability to connect to just about every wireless network known to man. Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR (enhanced data rate) is also present so connecting to all your high speed gadgets is a snap.  

Graphics performance comes via a quite speedy NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor and the MacBook Air has a pure digital video output that can adapt to DVI, VGA, and HDMI connections via its highly adapable Mini DisplayPort. This allows you to blast movies and photo slide shows to your favorite monitors and HDTV plasma and LCD displays with ease.

Other features include a Full-size keyboard and a very cool multi-touch trackpad for precise cursor control. It supports inertial scrolling, rotate, pinch, swipe, three-finger swipe, four-finger swipe, tap, double-tap, and drag capabilities.

Overall the MacBook Air is a cool trendy laptop that makes the day to day digital grind a pleasure.

fujitsu lifebook t580 tablet pc

Fujitsu Lifebook T580

One of our favorite trendy laptops is the Fujitsu Lifebook T580. This model has really been designed with the mobile business professional in mind, with the barest of essential features put into the laptop. 

Cloud computing can be done anywhere with this mobile gadget. The latest built in Wi-Fi standards are present, and Bluetooth technology is also available so all your Bluetooth enabled wireless gadgets can be quickly connected. There is even optional embedded 3G/UMTS and integrated GPS capability. This makes the Lifebook T580 a fantastic digital companion for the buisiness professional, especially those who travel.  

The innovative construction allows for rotating the LCD display so as to convert it into a tablet PC as well. So not only can you use the keyboard, but the provided pen as well. This makes it great for jotting down notes during business meetings or travel flights. Also, the T580 screen can recognize finger movements, so tapping, zooming, and scrolling can be done right on the touchscreen display. 

The Lifebook T580 aslo includes an ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display according to the ambient light conditions of the current user-environment. This helps you to save battery power and reap longer battery runtimes which is pefect for the on the go professional.

Overall the Lifebook T580 is a nice business class machine that has some cool features in a lightweight package, just over 3 pounds to be exact.

And no we can't leave out the games! The laptop comes with free installation of the Microsoft Touch Pack. It's a comprehensive collection of various games that can be played completely using your fingers instead of the keyboard or the mouse. Let's just say it is a great stress reliever when traveling!

Sony VAIO Z Series

sony vaio purple laptop Trendy laptops will not be sufficient without instant and fast access to the Internet. However, most laptops already provide such. This is why Sony has come up with a more innovative way to get connected. 

The Vaio Z Series laptop is especially equipped with the proprietary technology called Share My Connection. This way, you have the option to use the gadget as an Internet wireless access point. 

This in turn allows for hooking up of up to five wireless-capable computers or other mobile devices to the web. And because you can easily lock the network you have created with a password, then you are ensured that only those you authorize get to access the Internet for free. 

Lenovo IdeaPad U160

lenovo ideapad u160 The IdeaPad U160 is barely an inch thick. But this being the case, the laptop is equipped with some of the more powerful processors in the market, the Intel Core i3. 

It also features high definition audio system from Dolby, plus touchscreen manipulation of the Multimedia Control Center. These in turn make listening to music and viewing of videos a wonderful experience every time. 

The IdeaPad does not come in your usual boring black chassis as well. Laptops in red and dark brown colors against an attractive checkered design are available making this model one of the better looking laptops on the market. 

Toshiba Dynabook Satellite AXW/90MW

toshiba dynabook satelite axw Trendy laptops will soon be seen in a whole new different light thanks to the Dynabook Satellite AXW/90MW model from Toshiba. Sure, the usual features of Internet connectivity, web camera, and video and gaming capabilities are provided. 

However, this is definitely not your average laptop configuration. For one, at $2,800, this is way above consumer laptop price. Secondly, this is, by far, the only laptop in the market that is ready for 3D technology. So while it is equipped with the features one would typically look for, the laptop really was designed for mobile three-dimensional video watching purposes. 


msi gt660 laptop Trendy laptops, especially made for serious gamers, will never be without noting the MSI GT660. Sure the laptop is rather heavy.  

But seeing as how it is fitted with the high-capacity Core i7 processor from Intel, plus full-on high definition video and audio elements, then that slight inconvenience of having to lug around a laptop that is over 7 pounds should all be worth it. 

And with fast and seamless access capability to the Internet, you will never again feel embarrassed during an impromptu LAN party with your seriously technophile friends.

Acer Aspire AS8943G Multimedia Notebook

Acer Aspire AS8943G Trendy laptops should not only look good but should be packed with features as well. Fortunately, the Acer Aspire AS8943G Multimedia Notebook has combined both that sleek look and superb functionality for everyday mobile computing.

With the powerful multi-core processor Core i7 from Intel, plus 500GB hard drive, and up to 16GB of RAM, this is definitely one of the more upscale laptops that sure can live up to its hype.

And with Dolby Sound System and an optical drive for high definition Blu-Ray discs, superior quality audio and video are guaranteed every time.

Gateway P7815u FX Edition

trendy gateway p7815u fx laptop Another worthy mention in this trendy laptops list is the Gateway P7815u FX Edition. The powerful specifications of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 4GB RAM, and 500GB of hard drive space alone makes this laptop a must-buy.

But worth saying are its special features too. The Gigabit Ethernet mechanism makes connection to the Internet much faster every time. Furthermore, the superb graphics card from NVIDIA, plus its high definition audio components make gaming, listening to music, and watching videos much more enjoyable.

What's best, the whole assembly allows for easy modification. Adding in of hardware can be readily done so as to further enhance the laptop's performance. So you have the advantages of laptop mobility plus the expandability of a PC all in one gadget.   

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief article on trendy laptops. Below you will find our hand selected Amazon shopping recomendations and showcase of popular Apple laptop deals including Apple refurbished laptops and refurbished Apple iPads, check it out!

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