Thinnest Laptop Computers

Introduction – Thin & Light Laptops

Laptops are a way of life for business professionals, students, home users, and world travelers.  In fact, many people not only have a computer in their home, but at work, and even on the road in between.

In today’s fast paced mobile world, it’s often best to purchase the lightest and thinnest laptops available, especially if business, school, or travel is your gig.

After all, the smallest and lightest laptops are going to be the easiest to carry with you on the go, they often get great battery life, and they come in extremely stylish packages to boot.

Nobody wants to carry a bulky laptop for it will hinder their mobile lifestyle, and thankfully laptop manufacturers have answered customer needs by making some of the sleekest and thinnest laptop computers ever.  But best of all, thin and light laptops of today, offer many of the same technologies as larger laptops.

Here is a brief look at some stylish thin laptops on the market. If you’re currently looking for the lightest and thinnest laptops, this is your place!

The Thinnest Laptop Computers

thinnest and lightest macbook laptopThe Apple MacBook Air is one of the most popular lightest and thinnest laptop computers available.

At only 2.3 pounds and 0.11 – 0.68 inches thick for the 11-inch MacBook Air, and 2.9 pounds and 0.11 – 0.68 inches thick for the 13-inch MacBook Air, the Apple MacBook Air is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops around.

And besides being an extremely portable notebook,  the Apple MacBook Air is one of the most stylish thin laptop computers as well. The MacBook Air was originally introduced as a 13 inch laptop and first to use Apple’s sleek unibody aluminum enclosure. With the current 13-inch model and the introduction of the smaller 11-inch MacBook Air, Apple definitely holds a place among the top players for offering some of the thinnest laptop computers in the industry.

apple macbook airThe 2010 Apple MacBook Air not only showed off its newly redesigned body with an even lighter enclosure over the original MacBook Air, but a higher resolution screen, and other cool new features graced the newer Air as well.  Apple successfully produced a smaller, thinner laptop, that had  better performance over many comparable PC notebooks offered on the market.

Current MacBook Air laptops are powered by a powerful and battery efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and MacBook Air configurations come standard with 2GB of high speed memory.  The MacBook Air also comes with built-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Bluetooth 2.1 technology, a large Solid State Drive, built in iSight webcam, and more.

The 11-inch MacBook Air also gets up to a comfortable 5 hours of battery runtime, and the 13-inch MacBook Air is rated up to more at a solid 7 hours.

Overall you can’t go wrong with the MacBook Air, for it is without a doubt one of the coolest laptops around, not to mention one of the thinnest laptop computers out there!

The Thinnest Laptop Computer – Innovation & Design

lightest and thinnest dell laptop adamoDell offers some of the thinnest laptop computers in the world via their Adamo XPS line. Adamo XPS laptops come in multiple 13.4 inches flavors, and we anticipate Dell moving forward with new models in the future. At the moment though, two very popular Dell Adamo XPS models include the slim Adamo A13-6349PWH and the ultra-slim Adamo AX-3600GSL.

The bigger of the two, the Dell Adamo XPS A13-6349PWH 13.4-inch laptop measures only 0.65 inches thick, compared to the MacBook Air’s thickest point at 0.68 inches. The Adamo XPS A13-6349PWH technically edges out the Macbook Air as far as maximum thickness, but the MacBook Air gets thinner from back to front, so overall the MacBook Air appears thinner than the Adamo XPS A13-6349PWH.

dell adamo ultra thin black laptopThe Adamo XPS A13-6349PWH is also heavier than the MacBook Air by approximately 1 pound, weighing in at 3.97 pounds compared to the 13-inch MacBook Air’s 2.9 pounds. But when compared to many other thin and light PC laptops, the Dell Adamo XPS A13-6349PWH size and weight is admirable.

The slimmer Dell Adamo XPS AX-3600GSL is another story, for  this model sets new standards for craftsmanship, design and engineering. The Dell Adamo XPS AX-3600GSL not only weighs barely over 3 pounds, but it is amazingly thin at only 0.39 inches from front to back.

The Adamo XPS AX-3600GSL designer’s intentions were definitely to innovate, and they absolutely succeeded at giving mobile users the thinnest laptop possible, and they did so without sacrificing too many features in the process.

When Dell revealed the Adamo XPS AX-3600GSL, it was the thinnest PC laptop you could buy, and it offered fresh new styling never before seen in laptops. Dell crafted the frame from one aluminum piece with precision detailing all around, and it offered a new kickstand type design, where the keyboard and base literally fold into the screen area.

super thin dell adamo laptopThe Dell Adamo XPS AX-3600GSL kickstand type design definitely provides a unique experience compared to other laptops on the market. With the swipe of a finger, the keyboard appears from under the display as the system is opened.  And we must say it looks pretty sweet!  But is it functional?

That’s a great question, for while the kickstand design does look very cool, and it helps to cool the laptop efficiently as well, it may take time for some individuals to get used to it. Two of my coworkers and I felt the newer design was great and we didn’t have any problems with it whatsoever.  On the other hand, another coworker of mine didn’t feel it was ergonomically friendly and he said it bothered his wrists, plus he found it a bit awkward when using it on his lap.

So our conclusion is that things really come down to personal preference.  Though 3 out of 4 at in favor of the design is promising, but if possible, we recommend that users experiment with the kickstand design to see if it works for them before buying.

Overall, Dell Adamo XPS laptops are without a doubt among the lightest and thinnest laptop computers around.  The Dell Adamo XPS AX-3600GSL and its kickstand type design is also innovated styling at its best. Our only wish list for Dell Adamo laptops is a lower price tag, and better battery life, but as it stands now, the Adamo is a sweet mobile machine.

Thin And Light Laptops For Business

smallest and lightest dell latitude laptopsThe Dell Latitude 13 is ultra-thin and stylish, and another computer that is in the running for the thinnest laptop. It’s primarily made for commercial and business consumers so it has an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Intel processor, and other business tailored features.  Plus it comes in a light weight 3.4 pound package that is durable yet thin. Dell Latitude 13 laptops are only .65 inches at their thickest point.

The Dell Latitude 13 is among the leaders in the quest for the thinnest laptop for business professionals. This model gives true versatility for business users by offering business class features at a light weight budget.  Not to mention it offers the type of design most busy business professionals demand, for its lightweight, razor thin aluminum body, make it the perfect laptop for conference room meetings, and business travel.

The Dell Latitude 13 has a full-size keyboard, a 13.3″ display, and the latest in wireless options that will keep you productive while you’re traveling, commuting, or accessing your companies Wi-Fi. It also has the security systems you need for business as well.  You can customize the Latitude 13 with solid-state drives (SSD), full disk encryption (FDE), Trusted Platform Module (TPM) control, and Computrace software.

The case is also a strong brushed aluminum, and it has reinforced  zinc hinges so this gives the laptop that added durability to protect it from the strains of the business grind. Gracing the sleek brushed aluminum screen housing, you also get an Integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam that is perfect for business web conferencing.

Overall, the Dell Latitude 13 include the features that a true business class laptop demand. Intel processors, the latest wireless standards, various connectivity options, business class security features, and more. This makes the latitude 13 the perfect laptop for the busy business professional.

The Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that laptops of yesterday were nowhere near as light and thin as the laptops available today, and as technology continues to advance each year, this trend will surely continue.  Expect laptops to get smaller, lighter, and even more efficient.

The lightest and thinnest laptops are for many reasons often the most popular with consumers for it is much easier to take a sleek and slim laptop with you when you travel, lug it around school, or commute to and from work.

Laptops are now even the computers of choice for people not only when they need one on the go, but for primary day to day use as well.  Today’s super efficient laptops are almost like large mobile phones, for you can do just about everything a Smartphone does and much more, in a small, yet highly efficient package.

Some of you may use your laptop mainly for work, while many of you will take one along so that you can stay in touch with your family and friends, but regardless of your lifestyle needs, thin and light laptops are going to be the best buy for many of you.

If you are looking for the thinnest laptop computers, we highly recommend you check out the MacBook Air, Dell Adamo, Dell XPS, Dell Latitude, Acer Timeline, Sony Vaio, HP Pavilion, and Asus ultra small laptop line.  They are among our favorite thin and light laptops available at the moment. Our shopping recommendations are below.

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