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Sony Pink Laptop

Finding The Perfect Sony Pink Laptop Computer

sony pink laptop computerSony Pink Laptop

By Colleen C.

If you want the best of both worlds, in both functionality and chic style, one excellent choice is a Sony pink laptop. The VAIO series is among the most highly regarded of laptops, and it has impressive reviews. It is light in weight and very easy to carry, and is also a good value. Sony laptops have all the features you look for most often, for checking email, chatting with friends or surfing the web. The VAIO laptops offer you everything you'll need in your everyday computing. 

Many Sony VAIO laptops have 6-cell batteries, making them ideal to use like a second home PC, or a companion on the road. The widescreen displays give you a clear, crisp view of documents, photos and web pages. They are even equipped with a screen bezel-embedded Motion Eye camera for your chatting time.

Sony's VAIO Y series laptops are fast and great for computing on the go since they only weight 3.9 pounds and offer up to 7 hours of battery life. You can select a Sony pink laptop in this series with a frame that is ultra-thin. You can run multiple programs at the same time, whether you're streaming a video, writing an essay or chatting with a friend. The VAIO Y series laptops have gorgeous profiles, and they are made for people who are always on the go. The screen has high resolution, for sharing videos or streaming TV shows. An HDMI output gives you an easy connection to your big screen TV, too.

sony pink laptop computerThe Sony VAIO Y series laptops give you an excellent digital connection, and you can use them for blogging on the move or making sure you have all your notes from class. The keyboard is uniquely sized for a smaller laptop, making it easy to type, especially if you're not used to laptop keyboards. There is even extra space between the keys to prevent errors.

Sony also makes the VAIO EA series laptops, and the most colorful of this line of Sony pink laptop models is in the shade called hibiscus. The size is a comfortable 14 inches, and it will stand out from more mundane offerings by other companies. The interior is striking, too, with its clear-coated palm rest that even match the keyboard and lid skins. Whether you are editing photos or watching movies in HD, this laptop can do it all, with serious power. You can enjoy online music, photos and videos from your laptop to your HDTV, with the handy adapter.

The 14 inch EA series laptops have a hot pink color that will stand out wherever you go. They look elegant from any angle, with rounded corners and a flat, smooth top. They are excellent companions for your travels, and they never fail to look good, regardless of where you're headed. This model has an ultra-thin profile and sleek lines, and is easily carried, even with only one hand.

The Sony VAIO EB Series boasts 15.5 inches of high-resolution that works equally well for work and play. The models are especially playful when you choose a Sony pink laptop as a traveling companion. Regardless of the work you do on the E series, it will look great. You can manipulate photographs or watch movies anytime, with this laptop that is made for speed, and priced for value.

Choosing the Intel Core i5 processor gives you a responsive, fast PC experience, without the price of the i7 models. The keys are isolated to prevent mistakes, and the keyboard overall is very impressive. The keys have comfortable but firm feedback, and you'll like the handy numeric keypad, as well. This laptop helps you organize all your favorite videos and photos easily, and you can even make your own movies that will be eagerly shared with friends and family. You'll enjoy working with your photos and music in the media gallery, which can create playlists by rhythm, tone or beat. It can even recommend music based on the type of music you usually listen to on the laptop.

The media gallery on the EB Series Sony pink laptop makes it effortless to create slideshows that have soundtracks, and transitions that look and sound professional. And the music you love on your EB series laptop can also be enjoyed on your HDTV, with the laptop's handy HDMI output. One cable connects your TV to your laptop, and gives you definition that's crystal clear. You will be happy to also find a microphone and built-in web-cam that allows you to snap photos quickly and still keep in touch with your friends and family, in real time. It's almost like being there.  

sony pink laptop computer

Sony has another VAIO series, the P series, to offer workhorse mini computers to busy commuters.  You could actually slide it into the pocket of most any jacket, that's how small the VAIO P Series laptops are. And if you want a feminine look, a Sony pink laptop will do that for you, too. In glossy pink, this series comes loaded with Microsoft Windows 7.

The VAIO P series have full-sized keyboards, allowing typing to be more easily accomplished. They are designed for control and comfort, with specially spaced keys, stick pointer and perfect typing stroke. The P series also has high resolution, perfect for those days when you have to multi-task. You can open up two Explorer windows easily, side by side. Your videos and photos will be displayed in colors as vivid as they were when they were originally taken.

The Sony VAIO VPC series gives you the reliability of the line along with the performance you expect. The performance of your new Sony pink laptop will rank among the best laptops on the market. This model feels and looks more expensive than it actually is. The matte finish boasts a bit of a sheen, which helps to reduce fingerprints and resist smudges.

The 14 inch screen of the VAIO VPC laptops gives you the perfect balance of portability and productivity. It gives you enough room for a full-sized keyboard. You and a friend can share a movie together, or get an upgrade that will give you a larger screen. From the textured trackpad to the extensive external connections, you will be happy you have selected such a colorful and productive laptop.

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