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Sony Netbooks

A first impression and experience with fun colored Sony Netbooks.

super small sony netbooksSony Netbooks

By Colleen C.

Not long ago, Sony executives actually derided that netbooks are poor substitutes for laptops. But now, they have decided to follow the trend, and you can find Sony netbooks in many stores, and online retailers. In fact, Sony's VAIO Mini W-Series netbooks are now among the top favorites for netbook buyers.

Contrary to popular belief, these models aren't Sony's first foray into computers that are smaller than notebooks. Their "P" series was not exactly called a netbook, but it was a netbook to be honest. This slender and sleek computer was a bit pricey, but the newer models are a bit more in line with other manufacturers' offerings. 

The Mini-W Series is affordable, but not the cheapest netbook. It definitely has the good looks of a netbook, and the VAIO brand makes it worth the extra money you spend. The Mini W gives a good impression, right out of the box. The curved lid gives the netbook smooth and clean lines, and the signature Sony logos are very attractive as well.  And let's not forget exterior color options, these models come in top industry favorite colors including the popular pink. 

The keyboards of Sony netbooks are silver, which has some reviewers less than pleased, but most people didn't find them difficult to use,. The mesh style, silver finish is plastic, even though it strives to look like something more. The trackpad has a busy pattern, which has actually been well-reviewed.

When you first pick up a Sony netbook, you may be surprised that it weighs more than other models in the same size range. It's not overly heavy, just sturdily made and heavier than it looks. The screen is surrounded by a bezel that is actually a bit dull, which costs Sony in style points.

The webcam on Sony netbooks is a MotionEye, which is very effective. The resolution is average, and nothing special, but the reviewers liked the hinges being behind the edge instead of in front, which makes the netbook sit lower, while not sacrificing the size.

pink sony netbooks

The display on a Sony netbook is notably clear and bright immediately when you power up, with very even lighting, and no mottling that occurs on cheaper screens. Reviewers were impressed by this, and attribute the look to the LED backlit technology.

Reviewers liked the screen better than the keyboard, actually. They said that the keyboard is certainly not the least in its class, but it's just a bit hard to maneuver. It offers good looks, with keys that are well-spaced, similar to those on Apple MacBooks. These keys were actually introduced originally by Sony. The trackpad was well-reviewed, and the buttons on Sony netbooks are said to have a sturdy feel that will probably be able to stand up to a bit of abuse.

The connectivity of a typical Sony netbook consists of a microphone and headphone socket and a VGA port. There are also USB ports and one Ethernet connection. You can even affix a Kensington lock to a Sony netbook, if you're worried about someone taking off with your netbook.

The built-in Wireless on Sony netbooks is turned on with an easy switch on the front of the netbook, and you'll notice a light, to let you know it's on. There are slots for SD memory cards, and room for Sony's own Memory Stick Pro Duo. There are also smaller lights for disc and charging activity, and a power switch that is set off with its own light.

Inside netbooks made by Sony, you'll find an Intel Atom processor, which is standard for this class. The netbooks were comfortable when reviewers streamed content from iPlayer, and it looked great when on-screen. The reviewers would have liked to see more memory or a way of upgrading the memory that Sony netbooks come with.

Sony also likes to include software with their netbooks, and the newer models have Arcsoft programming for the webcam, and a DVD player. The screen is better than the average netbook that consumers have found Sony models to be. If your main concern is the best in image quality, Sony netbooks are a good option for you.  

sony vaio pink netbooks
Even though Sony went for a long time calling their netbook-sized computers pocket PC's and other names, they were still basically netbooks. Their model with an 8 inch screen has an impressive display and 2 gigs of RAM. Even in the smaller size, the keyboard is quite useable, since it has been re-engineered specifically for the smaller size netbooks. You can easily use the keyboard with two hands, which makes it handy for business people and students, who want convenience along with ease of use.

Sony netbooks have some features that make it even easier to use. The boot up time is very speedy, taking you right into a Cross Media Bar based on Linux. You can access nearly everything from that point, including photos, music, email and Internet access. The arrangement of Windows on the utility button is able to quickly arrange all of your open windows in a side by side format. You won't need to alt-tab anymore to bring up all of your active windows. The earphones work to cancel noise, so you can concentrate on what you're doing.

Everywhere you go, you'll see all kinds of electronic devices. Many people use them each day, for certain tasks - or games. The few people who don't already own a netbook have been said to be looking for one, unless they need the size of a true laptop.

Sony netbooks are now known everywhere, regardless of what they choose to call them. Their mini notebooks are among the best reviewed in the industry. They have a high quality commitment and they are powerful, for their size. Their mini notebooks, or netbooks, work like smaller laptops, while being much lighter in weight.

Netbooks are currently being bought in big numbers, because their size makes them so portable, and they still perform well. Business people and students alike will find Sony netbooks to be among the best models you can find. Once you become accustomed to the smaller sized keyboards and the handy trackpads, you'll be sold on how handy these little computers are, to have with you when you travel or commute to or from work.

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