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The Smallest Laptop Computer

Are you looking for the lightest, thinnest, or smallest laptop computer?

smallest laptop computer lightest laptopSmallest Laptop Computer

If you're shopping for laptops, you can find them in smaller sizes now than ever before, and they still offer most of the features of their full-sized cousins. 

Smaller is better as far as ease of handling while you're traveling or going from one meeting to the next, so you'll want to find the smallest laptop computer that will work for your purposes. Check out the various models offered, to determine the most features and functions you get for the money.

You can find mini notebooks now with skins that can be customized, and these models offer lightweight alternatives to hauling a large laptop with you. Some of the smaller models weigh two pounds or less. 

Most small laptops today are suitable for basic computer users. They may run Windows 7, Vista or XP, which are operating systems that pretty much everyone is familiar with. Of course, the smaller Apple notebooks like the 13 inch MacBook work on the Mac operating system. The smallest laptop computer may run Linux or other systems that aren't as well-known, or as comfortable to work with.

Super Small Laptop Computers

smallest asus eee netbook laptop

One of the most popular small laptops is the Asus EEE PC, and it's a favorite with consumers, especially because it has over nine hours of usage time and is uber small. 

It also can be purchased with the super effiecient and light on resources Linux operating system, which is customizable and speedy.  

But Windows users who are hesitant to try a new operating system will want to buy their Asus EEE with Windows or have have a friend who is tech-savvy set it up in a dual boot configuration. 

At one time, the MacBook Air was far and away the thinnest, smallest laptop computer. And the newer 13 inch MacBook has aluminum construction, and its LED backlit glass screen covers the entire surface.

One of the newer laptops to boast of its size and thickness is the Sony Vaio X505. Its body is made from carbon fiber, with a 10.5 inch screen. It weighs only 1.7 pounds. The downside is the battery life, which is only 1.5 hours. In addition, the memory is not sufficient to run a major application. The technology is marvelous, but for a hard user, it's not practical. 

Acer Aspire is a popular laptop, and the release of sapphire blue and pink models were instant hits. Along with the printed red floral Tam HP mini, these add feminine flair to the idea of the smallest laptop computer. These laptops both feature the Intel 1.6 GHz Atom processors and 1GB of RAM, but particularly, the HP model has a smaller hard drive and half the battery power. 

The MSI Wind laptop is preloaded with Windows XP, and most of the keys on the keyboard are full sized, which makes it easier for busy business people. Only the peripheral keys are smaller. It reportedly takes a bit of getting used to, although it's easier to use than some others in the smallest laptop computer category. The Wind has more USB ports as compared to most mini laptops, too. In addition, it has an Ethernet port and a card reader.

Tiny Laptops - Big On Features

smallest laptop computer

It's not enough that small laptops simply be small - they have to pack the options and features that users expect, and then some. 

They must be light in weight, of course, to be in the running, but it's also an asset to have web cams and USB technology, so that users can utilize an external mouse, CD ROM drive or a full sized keyboard.

Without a doubt, battery life is one of the most important things buyers look for in even the smallest laptop computer choices. Some buyers look for superlative 3D performance, while others want to use their laptop mainly for surfing the Internet and answering emails. 

Still others, like business professionals, need as many features packed into the smallest models available.

The Apple MacBook Unibody is a small device, and quite lightweight. This model is unrelated to the white MacBook, as the Unibody has an aluminum case.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is becoming a favorite with many buyers. It is stylish-looking and sleek in its lines. Many colors are available, including white, black, pink, blue and red. 

People who have reviewed smaller laptops reveal that size is a major concern for them. This is their logic when choosing a laptop that is small enough to virtually fit into the netbook category. Besides looking at size, each individual user needs whatever features will support the work he or she does.

If you are in business, a laptop is almost a necessity, if you travel at all, even if it's only between meetings. You'll want to take into account not just the size and the operating system, but also the CPU power, connectivity options, and any other aspects that make the laptop a more attractive choice. Price is normally a concern, too. When the first smaller laptops came out, the prices were sometimes a bit prohibitive, but as technology catches up with smaller models, these laptops have become more competitive in price.

small hp mini laptop netbook computer
You will always have the operating system in mind when you check out even the smallest laptop computer models, too. If you are accustomed to a particular operating system, it might be more time-consuming than you'd want, to use a small laptop with an operating system different than the one you use on your office or home laptop or PC. 

Pick a small laptop that is compatible with the hardware and software you need regularly, and one that will run the programs you need for your business or personal use.

Check reviews of other consumers, both personal and business, depending on what you need your small laptop to do. Ask people within and outside your company, to see if they have a model that works particularly well or if they have tried some brands that did not work for their purposes. 

As far as CPU is concerned, you'll need the processor and RAM that will fit the demands you make on your laptop. Make sure that your new laptop will be able to handle Power Point presentations, spreadsheets, and the like. Select the smallest laptop computer that will both keep you light when you're packing, and also let you do as much work or play  as you want to do.

Final Thoughts & Advice

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at the smallest laptop computers.  Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular laptop models including small laptops, light laptops, thin laptops, mini laptops, colored laptops, and more.

Happy Purchasing folks!

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