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Small Laptop Computers

Choosing The Perfect Small Laptop Computers

small colored laptop computersSmall Laptop Computers

By Amit S.

Laptops are naturally the smaller version of bigger desktop personal computers and the trend has been to go smaller and smaller towards mini-laptops such as netbooks or even smaller notebook computers.

In the future don't be surprised when one day you will find that highly efficient laptops so small that they fit in your palm are the norm. Smartphone's anyone!

Of course there may be an issue in that there may not be enough facilities that may offer the entire spectrum of functionality of the laptop such as a full size keyboard and a large display for example, until such facilities are developed that is.  Maybe some type of projection image or holographic display will be the technology of choice. Time will tell! 

What we do have now however to satisfy our high-tech cravings are super small laptop computers such as the hugely popular netbook or highly efficient Smartphone such as the iPhone, or even the super cool tablet style iPad.
These small laptop computers are great aid to be used to promote education among other things. They are lightweight, compact and cheaper so they can be used by middle, high, and college students everywhere.  With improved functionalities, they can easily be used for all the basic purposes by professionals during their day to day office grind.
Almost all of the major laptop and personal computer manufacturers including HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, IBM etc are trying to grab as much of the education market and travelling consumers who are looking for easiest ways to remain connected with internet and to perform the basic computing tasks including word processing, emailing, internet browsing and researching.
The two kinds of Small Laptop Computers:

With improved technology, two types of small laptops are available in the market: Netbook and Small laptop.

The major difference between the two types of smaller laptops available in market is the fact that netbooks offers basic functions of the computers such as document assembling, emailing, internet chatting, video conferencing, word processing and web browsing. These netbooks are meant to offer high quality features for people looking to aid their students with an educational media or for those people who look for efficient computing devices that are light weight and easy to carry during their work tours so that they may remain connected with their colleagues, team members, family members and friends during their tours.
Standard small laptops are a lot more than a simple netbook, they try to offer everything a full-fledged laptop or desktop will offer. These small laptop computers are meant to offer excellent multimedia functions along with larger hard drive to store more data including HD videos and movies.
The affordability of netbooks and small notebook computers:

The netbooks are meant to be cheaper with the motivation to provide each school going kid and college going teenager with an excellent computer device that will help them in their studies and learning process. Standard small laptops on the other hand are based on to offer smaller multimedia platforms for entertainment and hence they are a bit costlier. Before choosing a laptop, decide about the budget you can easily allocate for a new laptop which, although will be compact and smaller, yet it will offer every function you will need for your necessary works and entertainment.
Size of Screen and Visual Effects:

The smallest size of a standard small notebook computer available is around 7 inches. In order to have the best experience while working with a small laptop, the bigger the screen the better. Very small screens may create tension in your eyes and that is why size is important. Furthermore, the smaller the size of the screen will be, the easier the small notebook computer will be to carry around during traveling tours. You should also notice if the small laptop computer of your choice is featuring shock resistance technologies or not. In order to attain better quality visual effects, consider upon the graphics card included in the configuration of the small laptop computer.

Available operating system with small notebook computers:

You can reduce the cost of a small laptop to make it more affordable by choosing to use Linux which is free operating system. Yet, Windows are more common and they are considered as more user-friendly especially because each of us is so used to work with Windows operating systems. Most of the small laptop computers and netbooks are available with Windows XP or Windows Vista or the latest Windows 7.

The size of the Hard drive with Small Notebook Computers:

Choosing for smaller hard drive will surely reduce price. If you are looking for netbook featuring basic functions such as web browsing, emailing, word processing and other similar tasks including video conferencing and instant messenger chatting, a hard drive with 40 GB space is enough. If you want to have standard small laptop computer with multi-media functions and Blue Ray discs and HD DVD playing options, you may need bigger hard drive space.
Random Access Memory of Small Notebook Computers:

The size of RAM will decide the superior functioning and easiness in working with your small notebook computers. For a netbook with provision of basic functions, a RAM of 1 GB to 2 GB is enough. If you are looking for a small laptop computer with multi-media functions and entertainment and gaming options, look for small laptops with expandable RAM up to 8 GB maximum limit.

Processor of Small Notebook Computers:

Processor is the brain of any computer. Both AMD and Intel provide excellent processors compatible with the requirements of faster small notebook computers. There are many processors are available in market that have been specially designed to work with netbooks and standard small laptop computers. If you are looking for a small laptop offering you all facilities with multi-media and gaming options, choose for the netbooks with Intel mobile processors.

Audio/Video devices, Webcams and CD/DVD drive:

The netbooks that are meant to offer basic computing functions including web browsing, emailing, and word processing facilities doesn't necessarily need audio/video ports. Yet, with proper audio ports, you can use headphones and mic to make voice conference possible. Inbuilt webcams will help you in voice conferencing. CD/DVD drive is often missing in netbooks. However, if you are looking for standard small laptops, they should necessarily have a SD card reader, Multi-media card reader, graphics accelerator, audio/video ports, USB ports with the help of which you may connect external DVD/RW drive and HDMI ports.
A small laptop computer with all the aforementioned features is certainly a compact magic box that is efficient to offer you just about all the facilities one can have with a full-fledged laptop or desktop personal computer.

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