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Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Mounts

Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Mounts Reviewed - Buy Samsung Galaxy Vehicle Mounts

Samsung Galaxy Tab Vehicle Mount Reviews

By Colleen C.

samsung galaxy tab car mounts

Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Mounts Reviewed

Samsung Galaxy Tab Vehicle Mount Kit Review

samsung galaxy tab car mount kitThe Samsung branded Galaxy Tab car mount kit comes with a car charger, a dash pad, and a suction holder which allow you to use your Tab while you're on the go. 

The suction holder makes it easy to mount, and it holds your Tab securely even if you're using a GPS navigation app. It also adjusts from portrait to landscape modes, so you can type or watch videos.

The Galaxy Tab car mount gives you all the comforts of your Tab at home, while you're on the road. Even in high end vehicles, it looks stylish. People have even mistaken it for a factory-installed unit, so you know it's there to stay, when you mount it.

This is a unit you will definitely want to have, and it stands out among many other Samsung Galaxy Tab car mounts because of its durability, and the fact that it's so easy to use. You can actually use it on a desk, as well as in your vehicle. It will hold your Tab more securely than the standard base, while making the Tab easier to use in a more hands-free mode.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab car mount attaches to any surface easily, and it stays where you put it. It holds your Tab firmly, and you won't have to worry about bumps, scratches or scrapes, even in traffic. 

Overall the Samsung Galaxy car mount kit is a great buy if your looking for a durable and easy to use car mount for your new Samsung tablet.

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Arkon Resource Car Vent Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Mount Review

arkon resource samsung galaxy tab car mountsThe Arkon Resource car vent mount will hold your Galaxy Tab unit right where you want it, when you're on the go. 

Unlike some other Samsung Galaxy Tab car mounts, this vent-mounted unit is easy to install, and provides various positions for your Tab.

You can use travel apps, hands-free voice or navigation apps while you're in your vehicle, and these units fit most vehicles that have horizontal vents. 

The flexible eight inch goose neck is spring loaded and it works very well on the Tab. So easy to mount and position, you'll wonder why you didn't always take your Tab with you on the road.

Your Tab can go wherever you go with the Arkon car vent mount. It's compact for a unit of its size, and it's portable, so you can switch it out if you're driving a different car. You can tilt it to any angle you might need, and you can read as easily as you can type, as long as you keep your eyes on the road when you're driving, of course.

The Tab will be kept stable and secure in the Arkon car mount, and it has a great fit, so there is no jostling around while you drive. 

Most users who have reviewed this product have said that they would buy it again in the future. We personally have to agree with the majority because it is a pretty nice, easy to use vehicle mount for your Samsung Galaxy tablet.  

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SlipGrip Car Holder For The Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

slipgrip samsung galaxy tab vehicle mountThe SlipGrip Car Holder For The Samsung Galaxy Tab is another solid vehicle mount for your tablet. 

It fits your Tab even if you have a protective case on it, and it will swivel a full 360 degrees so that you can easily view the screen of your Tab. 

There are no springs, or any other mechanical parts that will need to be adjusted. The design has a pending patent, and is totally suited for your Tab, even if you have an Otterbox on it.

The design of this car mount will fit your Tab to a "T". It gives you many advantages over generic  Samsung Galaxy Tab car mounts. It's handy not to have to remove your case. It even has a hole for your camera.

This car mount is quite easy to use, just slip in your Tab and give it a slight push. The mount will hold your Tab very snugly. When you're ready to take the Tab out, just push on the curved tap to remove it.

You can find all kinds of car mounts for tablets on the market, but there aren't very many that will precisely fit your Samsung Galaxy Tab. You'll also want a holder that doesn't get in your way while you're driving, but which keeps your Tab close at hand when you want it. The SlipGrip does both of these. It comes highly recommended by owners.

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Digital Samsung Original Car Mount & Car Charger Review

digital samsung original car mountThe Digital Samsung Original Car Mount & Car Charger is made especially for your Galaxy Tab. It has a handy power connection, so that you can charge your Tab while you're on the road. You can mount it either on your windshield or your dashboard.

The Digital Car Mount & Charger has a neck that is fully adjustable for portrait and landscape orientation, perfect for everything from typing to viewing videos. 

The cradle is fitted, to protect your Tab even if you're not on the smoothest of roads. The neck gives you a choice of angles, so you can do whatever you want with your Tab.  You can tilt it up or down with ease.

Stay on course with the navigation app using your Digital Samsung Galaxy Tab car mount. When your Tab is mounted it will not only keep you alerted to traffic problems and guide you to your destination, but you can also entertain your passengers with a movie if you already know your destination, while you keep your eyes on the road of course. 

Now if you're on the road a lot, you will want a car mount that will keep your Tab secure, because it is especially important to have a secure, vibration free mount for your Samsung Galaxy Tab if you plan on using the GPS app.  There's nothing more annoying than a vibrating screen when you're also trying to concentrate on the road.

But even if you don't have a smooth riding vehicle or you happen to be driving on crappy roads, the mounts suction cup is of good quality so it holds the mount very securely, regardless of the type of road you're on. 

Overall the Digital branded Samsung Original Car Mount & Car Charger is solid mount and charger bundle for your Tab. If you're looking for a sturdy, easy-to-use suction cup type vehicle mount for your Samsung Galaxy Tab, we recommend you check it out. 

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