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Buying An Apple Refurbished iPad

Buying information and tips for Apple refurbished iPad tablets.

Buying A Refurbished Apple iPad

refurbished apple ipad

 Best Amazon.com iPad Deals

In March 2010, Apple launched the awesome iPad, a tablet computer with a gorgeous 9.7 inch touch screen display, a high-performance processor, and a host of other amazing technologies. The tablet market has never been the same since then!

It has the ability to connect to the Internet through both Wi-Fi connection and/or cellular phone networks, so you can surf the web, play games, watch movies, read books, and listen to music with style and ease just about anywhere. The battery life is even estimated at 10 hours, so all day computing is a reality!

Aside from its functionality, the iPad also scores high points with its elegant style.   Let's just say the Apple iPad does everything, and it does it well!

It's no wonder the iPad was a hit, but unfortunately it wasn't and still isn't exactly an affordable option for everyone. This is where a used or refurbished iPad comes into play. 

In mid-September 2010, Apple started selling iPads that were refurbished through their own online store, soon after, top online retailers including Amazon.com and others started selling used and refurbished iPads as well.

And now that the product has matured, the market for used or refurbished Apple iPad tablets is quite literally booming, so buying a quality used or refurbished Apple iPad at a much lower price is even easier. 

In this article we're going to take a look at what you get when you buy a refurbished iPad, important so you know what you're getting into, and then we are going to show you some popular options for purchasing one. Let's take a look!

Tips, Recommendations, And Refurbished Apple iPad Questions 

Top Refurbished Apple iPad Questions

Does a refurbished Apple iPad offer the same features as when it was new?

Yes. A refurbished iPad gives you the same functionality and features that the iPad offered when it was first sold brand new.

What exactly is a refurbished product? 

When a product is refurbished it usually means the product was previously sold to a customer, and then returned for some reason or another.

The product could have been scratched on the surface, may have been missing a part, or even contained a malfunctioning part and/or feature, etc.

Whatever the reason, the manufacturer will repair or make the necessary adjustment to the product, whether it is mechanical or aesthetical, re-package it, and finally sell it as a refurb.

Should I be concerned that it may have been used by another consumer? 

The bottom line here is that when you buy any refurbished product, it usually means it has been used by another customer. 

You could be the second, or even the third or fourth owner, so if you are not comfortable with the thought that someone potentially used the device, we suggest you do not buy a refurbished iPad but rather buy a new one.

On the other hand, a refurbished tablet is repaired to factory condition before being branded as refurbished, so we feel there is no reason to not save the money by buying one.

We've purchased refurbished products many times over and we've never been disappointed, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Do I have warranty options when purchasing a refurbished product?

Typically you do have options, though this isn't always the case. Some refurbished products come with a lifetime warranty, others have three years warranty, and some even have no warranty. 

Warranty options on a refurbished iPad or other product really depend on the manufacturer or company selling the product. For example, refurbished Apple iPads sold direct from the Apple store come with a one year warranty. 

Before you buy a refurbished iPad, we highly recommend you read the warranty terms and conditions if one is offered so you know what services are covered by it, etc.

And if a refurbished product doesn't offer a warranty, our personal recommendation is to  look elsewhere.

Favorite Places To Buy A Refurbished Apple iPad

refurbished apple ipads

Amazon.com iPad Tablet Deals

Popular options for buying a refurbished Apple iPad: 

  • Buy it direct from the Apple store. 
  • Buy it from an online retailer like Amazon.com. 
  • Buy it from a buy-out retailer.

Direct From Apple  

Buying a refurbished iPad direct from the manufacturer is a popular option.   According to the Apple Store, you will save a minimum of $50 when you buy any refurbished iPad from them.

All refurbished models available on the Apple Store come with a 1-year warranty and a brand new battery and outer shell.  They also offer free shipping. These freebies make buying a refurbished iPad direct form Apple a popular option. 

The following products listed below are some of the popular Apple iPad tablet options available on Apple store at the time we wrote this article. The list is ever expanding too so definitely keep an eye on the Apple store for current Apple iPad deals.

  • Apple iPad, 64GB WiFi + 3G
  • Apple iPad, 32GB WiFi
  • Apple iPad, 32GB WiFi + 3G
  • Apple iPad, 16GB WiFi + 3G
  • Apple iPad, 64GB WiFi
  • Apple iPad, 16GB WiFi 

From Online Retailers Like Amazon.com

Refurbished Apple iPads available on Amazon.com are plentiful. In fact, Amazon actually has one of the largest inventories outside of Apple for new and used Apple iPad Tablets. 

The Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16 GB, Wi-Fi), Apple iPad MB294LL/A tablet (64GB, Wi-Fi), and Apple iPad Tablet (32Gb, Wi-Fi) currently offered at Amazon.com can be bought for a stellar price. 

As an Amazon affiliate partner we've provided links througout this page to popular new, used, and refurbished Apple iPad deals direct from Amazon.  Click on any link to read user reviews, product details, or purchase an iPad at a great price.

From Buy-Out Retailers 

These are sellers who buy over stock of products from manufacturers and resell them at a lower cost. As the iPad is a relatively new product, you may not find many refurbished Apple iPad tablets at this time, but definitely keep an on buy-out retailers for you may  find a fantastic deal from one.

Final Thoughts

Buying a refurbished iPad direct from Apple's online store, through their stores and authorized retailers, a large online retailer like Amazon.com, or one of the many buy-out retailers are all great options if you're looking to save money.

Below you will find our hand picked Amazon shopping recommendations and showcase of popular Apple laptop deals including Apple refurbished laptops and refurbished Apple iPads.

Online Shopping Specials

Refurbished Apple iPad Tablets, New iPad Tablets, Used iPad Tablets, iPad Accessories & More

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