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Refurbished Apple Laptops

Buying tips for refurbished Apple laptops and iPads.

refurbished apple laptop computersBuying Apple Refurbished Laptops

MacBooks and iPads are among the most popular machines for portable computing, and buying refurbished apple laptops can save you a lot on your initial purchase. Manufacturer's refurbished models are built to the specs they were when new, and they normally come with a limited warranty, as well.

The MacBook Pro is one model that is a good deal for an Apple certified refurbished MacBook. It's nearly identical to the new models, and all the hardware components and features are the same as they are on a new computer. This refurbished model features a speedy processor and a comfortable sized keyboard, as well as an LCD display.

The refurbished MacBook Pro is a good choice for an entry-level Apple computer. It's one of the newer Unibody models, and comes with enclosures made of sturdy aluminum. It's not at the top of the list as far as hardware specifications, in terms of system memory and hard drive capacity, but it's a solid computer that will save you money over a new model. It can handle nearly any application you'd like to run on it.

Finding The Perfect Refurbished Apple Laptop Computers

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Refurbished Apple laptops, when Apple certified, are considerably cheaper than their new counterparts, and they have an Apple One Year Limited Warranty. All refurbished models also include the original manuals, accessories, software and factory cables. 

When you purchase an Apple certified MacBook, this is different than buying a second-hand MacBook. Apple certified models are sold by Apple, and you can only buy them through the Apple Store. They are usually from canceled orders or returned models. Other merchants sell used and refurbished Apple laptops, but only Apple certified models have the models tested and restored to original factory specifications. 

Apple is now selling iPads with hardware refurbished, for a discount over their regular price, at the Apple Store. This is in an attempt to keep up with the demand for the iPad, which is a popular computer. You can usually find refurbished only Wi-Fi iPads online, although you can purchase all capacities of these iPads. It will usually take one to three days to get your iPad to you. The prices vary, depending on the amount of storage you want. The iPads, like other refurbished Apple laptops, have a one year Apple warranty and you can also purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan for an additional cost. The supply of refurbished iPads at Apple's online store is usually limited, so you may have to check back for a few days to find what you want.

Since the launching of the iPad, Apple hasn't offered any touchscreen tablets for sale refurbished. If you're ordering a new model, you may have a wait time, but they are catching up with their orders now. It actually is sometimes easier to find refurbished Apple laptops than to find some of the same models new. You cannot yet get a refurbished 3-G capable iPad from the Apple Store online.

Refurbished Apple iPads & More

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The refurbished MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz from Apple is another model you can save money on, and you can find these listed in the refurbished Apple laptops section of the Apple Store online. You're not losing anything as far as warranty or quality, either, since they are certified by Apple, and they also come with a one year warranty. The pre-owned and now refurbished Apple computers have undergone their strict process of factory refurbishing, before they are offered for sale. 

Some pre-owned Apple computers may have been returned to Apple because of faulty technical components, but these problems are isolated and corrected before they are offered for sale. Each comes with a warranty, to show that it will live up to Apple's quality standards.

The refurbishing process at Apple includes thorough testing of the unit, and the replacement of any defective parts. These computers are also cleaned and returned fully to factory specs before they are repackaged. They are then assigned a new part number for refurbished models, and a new serial number, before they are relisted for sale. These computers will only be found under the refurbished Apple laptops section of the Apple Store online. 

A refurbished Apple computer can cost from ten to thirty percent less than the same unit would cost if it was brand new. Depending on what model you are looking for, this may mean saving hundreds of dollars. In addition, all the refurbished computers sold through the Apple Store have the same one year warranty that new MacBooks and iPads come with. If you get your refurbished computer and it does not work to your satisfaction, you can return it with no problems.

Buy Apple Refurbished Laptops With AppleCare Plans 

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When you buy refurbished Apple laptops, they are all eligible for the AppleCare Plan, which extends your coverage of warranty for up to three years. Before these refurbished computers are offered for sale, they have gone through the Apple Quality Assurance process, one time when they were new, and again as refurbished models. Because of this double-checking, you have little chance of having technical problems with refurbished Apple laptops you purchase. In fact, the chance of technical issues is lower than with new models, since everything has been checked twice. 

When Apple refurbishes MacBooks, they pre-install the operating software that originally shipped with that model of computer, and include all new accessories. There may be slight cosmetic blemishes or flaws on refurbished MacBooks or iPads, and any special memory or upgrades you want may have to be purchased individually. Refurbished models are usually at least one month older than new models, but other than these, there aren't many reasons not to buy refurbished Apple laptops.

You can also purchased a used Apple laptop on some sites like eBay, and these will be cheaper than a refurbished unit, but you won't get the same warranty, and if you buy a privately remanufactured Apple computer, you'll find that many other refurbishing plants don't have the technical skill that Apple does, in refurbishing a computer. 

You're not alone in considering a refurbished Apply MacBook or iPad for your computing needs, since they give you a great deal for the money, and you still get a warrantied, quality computer.


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