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Purple Leather iPad Cases

Read reviews and find great deals on purple leather iPad cases.

purple leather ipad casesCool Purple Leather iPad Cases 

By Colleen C.

Purple Leather Apple iPad Cases Reviewed

DermaPad Purple Leather iPad Case Review

dermapad purple ipad leather caseCheck out the DermaPad Purple iPad Case. It will protect your precious iPad from scratches, dust, and other potential hazards, all while cradling it in luxurious purple leather.

The exterior is made from good quality genuine leather, and it has a special coating that creates a fancy and glossy look. This gives your iPad case elegant style and a look of high-end quality.

The side flap makes this case resemble a book cover, so it will hold your iPad securely. DermaPad purple leather iPad cases offer you more than just good looks.

All the connectors and buttons, like your sleep/awake button, volume buttons and audio jack, can easily be accessed without taking the iPad out of the case. Just open the flap and you're good to go. The sensors and speaker are uncovered, too, so you can enjoy your music.

The DermaPad iPad case has a frame with a wide opening, which gives you easy tapping or typing, and maximum visibility. The flap will open 180 degrees, so that you can use the iPad on a desk or in your hand. There is also a handy stand so that you can view presentations or watch movies. 

DermaPad iPad cases are durable and great looking. Don't let the low price fool you! Happy buyers will tell you that this is a lot of case for the money.

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BundleMonster Purple Synthetic Leather iPad Flip Case Review

bundlemonster synthetic purple ipad leather caseThe BundleMonster synthetic Leather Flip Case for the Apple iPad has many uses, all in one clever package. 

The purple synthetic leather exterior is very durable and it is a green product as well. In today's world you just can't beat an eco-friendly product, right?

And despite the synthetic leather being eco-friendly in nature, the quality of the case doesn't sacrifice one bit, and the purple color and texture stands out over much of the competition.

These purple leather iPad cases are also made especially for Apple's iPad so they'll keep it free from scratches, and protect it from other damage including bumps and shocks.

The interior is very soft, to keep your screen clean.  Your iPad will slip easily into the case, and will stay where it is, for protection. The magnetic flap features an auto-secure design that makes it easy to use and still secure. You can also access any of the functions of your iPad without removing your case. The kickstand will prop your iPad up so that you can read or watch movies in comfort.

You'll love the look of leather without the cost or the use of nature's materials. The magnetic closure is so handy to use, and so sturdy when you want the case to stay closed. The leather look is inspired by the look and feel of real leather, giving you bold, good looks and great protection. The case is very form-fitting, and you'll be glad you bought it.

You'll find that the Leather flip case and cover fit your iPad perfectly, and the purple color will blow your friends away. You can spend more on a case, but why? This case offers great protection and good looks for a fraction of the price of genuine leather cases.

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HHI Flip Purple Leather iPad Case Review

hhi flip case purple leather ipadThe HHI iPad Flip Leather Case with Multi-Function Stand is another solid leather case for your iPad. 

It allows you to protect your iPad in style, with the handy tablet flip case. 

The case features leatherette all the way around, and it includes a stand so that you can position your iPad for typing or watching videos.

The flip function of the HHI flip purple leather iPad cases help them to close and open with secure studs, and the heavy duty exterior flap has five business card or credit card slots and a large pocket for paperwork and receipts. 

The heavy duty flap can even be bent so that it will support different positions. They come with built-in straps that will keep your iPad from sliding out of the case.

Your mobile lifestyle demands that you have an iPad case that offers protection and good looks, and is ready to go at a moment's notice. The HHI case gives you all that and more. It will keep your screen free from scuffs and scratches, and you can set it at the right height for viewing videos or working.

The design of the HHI flip purple leather iPad cases will allow you to charge your iPad even if the case is closed, and the case offers maximum protection. This case is resistant to impacts like bumps and shocks, and gives you access to all the buttons and ports you need. You'll be happy to discover what current owners of this case already know - it's a great case at a great price.

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Vizu Apple iPad Skin Silicone & Leather Case Combo for the iPad Review

purple leather ipad combo casesTake a look at the Vizu Apple iPad skin silicone & leather case combo for iPad. 

The bundle comes with a sleeve and skin, or leather and hard rubber case, and a screen protector, too. This bundle gives your iPad the best protection you can get, while still giving you easy access to all the features and buttons you need. 

It even comes with a one year warranty. There are other cases that have the same good looks, but this design blows them all away.

The rubber sleeve or skin is quite similar to cases you've seen for iPhones and iPod Touch's. It is light in weight and fits snugly. 

The LCD screen protector gives your iPad protection from scuffs and scratches. The neoprene case will comfortably fit your iPad with a silicone shell on,  and the outside has a zipper pocket that you can fit your stand, cleaning cloths and stylus in. It also has bands inside at the corners, to hold your iPad securely.

Although the Apple purple leather iPad cases come in other colors, too, purple is by far the favorite. The neoprene case, screen protector and silicone skin will be just what you've been looking for, to keep your iPad safe and clean. 

The bundle is well-made, and the accessories will cost you more if you buy them separately. You'll be glad you checked this case out.

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BundleMonster Genuine Purple Leather iPad Cases With Opening Cover Jackets

Bundle Monster Genuine Leather Opening Case Cover for apple ipadHere is the BundleMonster Genuine Leather Opening Case Cover Jacket, designed specifically for the Apple iPad. 

It's made with genuine leather of a high quality, which gives your iPad great protection against knocks and bumps. 

Your iPad will be safe and secure inside, held firmly by four leather straps. The outside closes with a magnetic clasp. 

The case also has handy compartments for business cards, receipts and paperwork. It weighs only eleven ounces, yet still offers proper protection.

This is one of the better-looking purple leather iPad cases, and the color is very purple. It has enough extra storage to double as a wallet, too. You can slip your screen cloth between the business cards and your screen, to avoid scratches. This case has lots of style and no excess bulk.

The Genuine Leather Opening Case is a wonderful companion to take along when you travel. It has a professional look to it, and it protects your iPad very well. You can actually store a lot of miscellaneous items in the interior pockets, which is especially handy for you when you're on the go. 

It's also a great case to carry when you're traveling, and your iPad will entertain you on plane flights in style. Owners of this case are in love with it, and you will be, too.

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