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portable laptop speakersPortable Laptop Speakers Reviewed

By Roger C.

5 Popular Portable Laptop Computer Speakers Reviewed

Logitech Z305 USB Portable Laptop Computer Speakers Review
logitech usb portable laptop speakers
Logitech Z305 USB laptop speakers give you 360 degrees of sound, immersing you in a listening experience unlike many competing portable laptop speakers.

If your stock laptop speakers just aren't powerful enough for you taste, the Logitech Z305 USB laptop speakers will be a godsend. They will provide you with a much richer listening experience, especially when using them at higher volume.  

The travel case and clip-on design of the Logitech speakers make it quite easy for you to carry your speakers along wherever your laptop goes.

The speakers clip-on design will keep the speakers off your desk, and you can even use them when your laptop is - well, on your lap. The controls for sound are also simple, with on and off and volume buttons conveniently located on the speakers.

The simplicity and quality of the speakers give you great sound quality without the bulkiness that plagues many other speakers. One USB connection gives you power and audio so you don't need any power cords, and the cable also stores inside the USB storage area so it's out of the way when you don't need it.

Overall Logitech Z305 USB laptop speakers are well-designed, and they offer great sound reproduction in combination with a solid feature set to boot. 

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JLab USB Portable Laptop Speakers Review

jlab portable laptop speakersIf you're looking for top quality portable laptop speakers, look no further than JLab B-Flex USB Laptop Speakers. 

They are ultra stylish and compact, and they generate a very nice quality of sound, even when using simple USB power. No wires, no batteries - these speakers were designed for performance and portability.

B-Flex speakers use two amplifiers and two full range micro drivers to give you powerful volume and clear sound. Just plug them into a USB port, flex the cable to the angle you want, and enjoy the rich sound. You'll enjoy listening to Internet Radio or MP3's, and they will also enhance the sound of your DVD's, games and YouTube videos.

Thousands of people use B-Flex speakers for educational and business purposes, and they will enhance your board meetings, or sales or training sessions. They are simple plug and play for both PCs and Macs. They work in Linux, too.

If you want great sound in a small package, the B-Flex speakers are worth checking out. Despite being very small, you'd never believe just how much sound they produce until you actually experience them firsthand. 

Hook them up to your favorite laptop computer and you'll hear sound that is a whole lot better than what you get with most standard laptop speakers. Buyers and eager listeners give them two thumbs up.

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HP USB Mini Portable Laptop Speakers Review

hp usb mini laptop speakersHP USB Mini Speakers give you technology as easy as plug & play. The sound technology is called "clearer sound", and you'll find out why when you try them out. 

You just might not believe the sound is actually coming from these small plastic speakers after you fire up your favorite song or movie.

You won't hear any of the static, crackling, or background noise that you sometimes encounter with other portable laptop speakers. The stereo sound is surprisingly quite rich, and you'll magically hear sound quality improve at each range.

The HP USB Mini Speakers are quite tiny so you can easily take them wherever you take your laptop, and they even show up models like GE and others in portability.  But like we mentioned, don't let the small size fool you, for the HP USB Mini Speakers produce great sound.

If you take a trip, be sure to take along your HP portable laptop speakers, so you can better enjoy your music, movies and videos. Consumers are really excited about these speakers, and they come highly recommended.

Overall our take on the HP USB Mini Speakers is that they will give you much more sound than you would expect from speakers this small. Even when you play your music with the volume up high, they exceed the quality of many more expensive speakers.

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Altec lansing iML237USB ORBIT Portable Laptop Speakers Review

altec lansing portable laptop speakersThe Altec Lansing iML237USB ORBIT ultra portable laptop speaker is another fantastic portable sound device for your laptop.

The speaker offers a solid sound boost to your laptops audio, increasing sound quality above and beyond your laptops stock speakers.

The first thing you will notice about the speaker is its build quality. It is designed tough and sturdy, and being that it is made from aluminum and composite materials, the iML237USB should last you a long time. It's definitely built to handle the rigors of travel and everyday use. 

The Altec Lansing iML237USB ORBIT portable laptop speaker is also powered by USB so expensive batteries or cumbersome power cords aren't necessary. When you're not using the speaker simply wrap the USB cord around the back and everything tucks snugly in the speakers stylish carrying case.

Overall the speaker includes everything you need to replace your laptops paltry sound. Unraveling the USB cord and plugging it into the side of your laptop is all it takes to reap the benefits of sound that is much louder and clearer than your PC laptop or MacBook stock speakers.

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Grandmax Tweakers Portable Laptop Speakers Review

grandmax portable laptop speakersGrandmax Tweakers Speakers have an acoustic chamber that pops up when you twist it open. You'll get clear sound from the amplifier, which is frequency-tuned. The lithium battery is built in, and charges from a USB charge adapter.

Tweakers have a retractable audio plug that connects to your laptop, as well as to iPhones and iPods. A handy magnetic base holds the two speakers together for the ultimate in mobility.

These handy speakers are just the thing if you want the tiny size they offer, since they are small and they roll up into a very workable size. Everything you need is built into the speakers, and the cabling rolls handily into the unit. They provide ample volume, and their built in battery just needs a charge from a USB port to keep it going strong.

The high quality stuff sack keeps the Tweakers right on hand when you need them, and makes them portable. The bottoms are magnetic, so they stay together easily. 

The handy USB adapter connects to a USB port to power the speakers, and they take very little time to recharge. You'll be glad you purchased the Tweakers for your laptop, and you may even recommend them to your friends and family afterwards.

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