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Portable Digital Projectors

Popular portable digital projectors reviewed. Buy the best digital laptop projector.

Portable Projector Reviews

By Colleen C.

portable digital projectors

5 Popular Portable Digital Projectors Reviewed

Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector Review
Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Portable Digital Projector
The Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector is a perfectly sized portable projector that offers a slew of solid features.

The PK301 unit projects images that are widescreen and up to 120-inches diagonally. An LED light source will last you more than 20,000 hours, and it gives you excellent color.

You'll find a selection of I/O ports, which include HDMI, VGA and USB. This allows you to easily connect most digital and analog devices. Other highlights include the ability to increase memory up to 16GB using a MicroSD card slot.

The battery pack offers extended power, and the USB adapter projects videos and images from various sources like USB and mini HDMI. The Optoma gives you a big impact while remaining very portable. The unit is palm-sized , and still features widescreen WVGA resolution. You can share graphics, photos and videos, whether you happen to be on the road or at home. The VGA connectivity and microSD card slot allow for unlimited playback of your content.

The design of the Optoma pocket projector is rechargeable, lightweight and palm sized. As long as you don't have an excess of ambient light, the pictures will have more clarity. It works especially well in smaller rooms with fewer people, and connects easily to laptops, netbooks or MacBooks. You can use it for videos and PowerPoint, and it sets up and is ready to go very easily. Try it and you'll be hooked with its big power in a small package.

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Epson PowerLite Presenter Portable Projector Review

Epson PowerLite Presenter Portable Digital ProjectorThe Epson PowerLite Presenter Portable digital projector also has a DVD player, so it gives you all you need for the most eye-catching multimedia presentations. Your images will appear larger than life, with a built-in WXGA resolution of 16:10, making it ideal for your widescreen laptop.

The Epson is one of the more popular portable digital projectors on the market. With its easy setup, you can project images from your PC or laptop with a simple USB connection. It supports many different types of entertainment devices, and possesses cutting edge connectivity. With its PC-free slideshow option, you can share your images and presentations with a USB hard drive or thumb drive.

If you've never set up a portable digital projector before, you may be understandably anxious, but you can put those feelings behind you. Even though the price is right, you won't experience quality issues. Don't be afraid to set it up and use it with a room that's full of people. Playing video, you'll see clear pictures and good quality sound.

PowerPoint presentations can be exported from slide shows as jpeg photos, which will make them clearer. A flash drive will hold all the images you need. Long term quality and ease of use have made these portable digital projectors big winners and popular recommendations.

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3M Digital Pocket Projector Review

3M Pocket portable digital projectorTry a 3M Pocket Projector and you may find yourself hooked. 

You can project images from eight to fifty inches, and the stereo speakers are integrated, giving you a self-contained device that's perfect for your presentations.

3M portable digital projectors can project moving or still images of widely varying sizes. They use the  technology of Liquid Crystal on Silicon  for excellent image quality. They also contain an LED light source that has a 20,000 hour life. They are eco-friendly and rarely need replacement bulbs.

If you buy a 3M portable digital projector to use at meetings and seminars, you'll be delighted with its performance. The images lack just a bit of clarity and strength in especially large rooms, but in most cases, the ambient light shouldn't be a problem. It works very well for smaller classrooms, too.

3M projectors connect easily to netbooks, laptops and MacBooks, and you won't need extra software or hassles like that. It is, essentially as advertised, plug and play. It works as well for videos as for PowerPoint presentations, and is perfect for easy, quick setups. You can take them down easily, too.

The 3M portable digital projectors have an LED lamp, so they don't get hot, and they are so much easier to take along than the old ten pound LCD projector you might use now. They come highly recommended from people who already own them.

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Vivitek D510 Portable DLP Projector Review

vivitek dlp portable digital projectorThe Vivitek D510 Portable DLP Projector is made by Vivitar, a name widely known in the world of photography. The Vivitek D510 offers excellent resolution, and a bright 2600 lumens rating that makes it perfect for numerous lighting conditions. 

BrilliantColor and DLP technologies give it detailed, sharp image quality. Vivitek D510 portable digital projectors also come 3D and closed caption ready, and have an easy on and off feature. They have proven themselves in classrooms, and they are lightweight and small. They work well with Macbooks, laptops and PC's, and they don't require an overly long cool-down period before you can stow them away.

The Vivitek D510 projector does its job, unless you need one for very large rooms. Owners have told reviewers that the range is about 30 feet, and it works well in medium to small meeting and classrooms. You'll find the unit easy to move from one place to another, since it is compact, and easy to carry.

Vivitar makes reliable and affordable portable digital projectors, which is not a surprise, given how long the company has worked in this field. They are easy for you to use, and they show off high quality images in small and medium rooms. User recommendations are very positive, and most owners rate this projector two thumbs up.

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InFocus IN102 Portable Digital Projector Review

InFocus IN102 Portable DLP ProjectorTake an InFocus IN102 portable digital projector to your next meeting or class, and wow your associates or students with the impressive features and functions. 

The IN102 is also an affordable projector and very reliable. It is easy for you to use and it gives you high quality images with its true-to-life DLP color technology.  It is also 3D ready.

The 2500 lumen brightness of the InFocus portable digital projectors gives you top quality visuals, even in rooms with a high level of ambient light. The implementation of InFocus' BrilliantColor ™ offers realistic and rich colors to your presentations.
InFocus projectors are lightweight and small, which gives you ready portability from one building or room to another. They only weigh about five pounds, and they come with convenient carrying cases.

If you have used InFocus products in your professional life, you may be surprised to find that they have an offering that is so small and light in weight. When you do your research and compare the InFocus portable projector to other similar products, you'll find everything you need in portable projecting. It comes well-packed and is easy for you to hook up. It's also easy to use, and you'll share the opinions of other owners who love this portable digital projector.

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