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Portable Apple iPad Stand Reviews

Portable Apple ipad stand reviews. Buy the best portable iPad stand.

best portable apple ipad standsBuy The Best Portable Apple iPad Stand

By Leanne B.

Top 5 Portable iPad Stands Reviewed

Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad Review
arkon fold up portable apple ipad stand
Now that you've invested in a new iPad, why not invest in a great stand that you can use on the go or at home?  Using your iPad comfortably is a snap with the Arkon Portable Fold-up Stand. 

This portable Apple iPad stand is one of the most travel-friendly iPad stands on the market. 

It allows you to position your device in a variety of different angles that allow you to view your iPad in portrait or landscape mode. 

With a sturdy easel-like stand, this portable iPad stand allows you to use your iPad hands-free when you're viewing picture slideshows, reading books, or reading recipes while cooking, or if you're watching a movie.  The stand is non-skid so it keeps your device very secure on flat surfaces, including airplane seat trays. 

Another great thing about this portable iPad stand is that it is very easy to bring with you.  Whether you're packing for vacation or just slipping it in your backpack for school, it folds up very small so it doesn't take up much room and can even fit in most pockets. 

This Arkon stand can also be used with or without a sleeve or case.  And no worries if you are a Galaxy Tab or Blackberry Play Book user, this portable Apple iPad stand work for those devices as well.

Overall, this is a good investment if you're looking for an affordable stand to use all of your iPad features while you're out and about.

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Twelve South Compass Portable iPad Viewing Stand Review

twelve south compass portable apple ipad standIf you are in the market for a portable iPad stand and are able to afford this top of the line stand, we highly recommend the Twelve South Compass Portable iPad Viewing Stand.

This portable Apple iPad stand not only functions superbly, but it also looks really sleek and smart.  

It is made from strong powder-coated steel. The 3-leg, easel like design does a great job displaying the iPad in portrait or landscape mode for reading books, watching movies, playing games, etc., all hands-free.

The simple mechanism that sets this portable iPad stand apart from others is a secondary leg that flips out from the back of the stand that allows you to comfortably lay your iPad down at just the right angle for keyboard typing mode, allowing you to keep your wrists, back, and neck comfortable.  

Many users have even said that typing on their iPad using this secondary leg is even more comfortable than typing on their laptops because of the unique angle that it allows you to put your iPad in.  

This is definitely the stand for you if you're looking for something to do homework on for school, type emails, or memos for the office, etc.

As for portability, the Compass portable Apple iPad stand is only about 7" long and no more than 1" wide when folded.  This can easily fit into your purse, briefcase, bookbag, backpack, or even your pocket!  

If you purchase this device, you will not be disappointed.  Why not get the most out of your iPad investment with this portable iPad stand?

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Gibson Adjustable Handheld Apple iPad Stand Review

gibson adjustable portable apple ipad standRemember those stands that your grandmother used to display all her precious plates?  

Well, perhaps that is where Gibson got its idea for their Adjustable Handheld Apple iPad Stand.  

This stand works great as a portable iPad stand, but believe it or not, this stand also doubles as a display for plates, tiles, artwork, framed pictures, the Kindle, other e-readers, and other handheld devices.  For the purpose of this article, we're going to focus on what a great stand this is for the Apple iPad.

This portable iPad stand is made of two layers of strong acrylic with a vinyl coated steel wire back that holds your iPad at different angles for use.  

At only 4 3/4" high by 5 3/8" long and 3 7/8" wide, this product is highly portable.  It's lightweight, compact, and slips easily into a purse, backpack, suitcase, etc.  

This portable iPad stand can be customized to numerous angles for every possible purpose, whether want to relax and watch a movie or whether you are busy catching up on emails.  And for an affordable price, you can't beat this buy.

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Brainydeal Kickstand Stand Adjustable Handheld Electronics

brainydeal portable apple ipad standAnother portable Apple iPad stand available for consumers is the Brainydeal Kickstand Adjustable Handheld Electronic Holder.  

If you're not afraid to spend a bit more and are looking for exceptional portability and versatility, look no further.

The Brainydeal Kickstand is an excellent stand, especially when it comes to size and portability.  This stand is a mere 8 oz, which is just one half a pound, not any heavier than a wallet loaded with change.  

It folds into a compact carrying case that comes with the stand and has a tiny footprint when in use.

The adjustable viewing angles of this portable Apple iPad stand allow you to work in portrait or landscape mode at the push of a button.  While similar to similar to other stands, this case is unique because it is a single piece design.  

Some cases require assembly, particularly when it comes to switching between viewing modes, but with he Brainydeal Kickstand, you can avoid assembly hassles.  The protective rubber on the stand protects your iPad too.

If you have netbooks, or other similar devices, and are looking to buy a semi-universal stand, we definitely encourage you to consider the Brainydeal Kickstand.

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Belkin F5L080tt Flip Blade for Apple iPad Review

belkin flip blade portable apple ipad standBelkin has been around for years and is one of the most reputable providers of electronics and devices for electronics.  It's no surprise that Belkin is in the business of manufacturing devices for the latest technology available to consumers today, including portable Apple iPad stands.

The Belkin Flip Blade is an affordable product for folks in the market for a quality and versatile iPad stand that they can use at home or when on the go for work, school, or pleasure.

This durable portable iPad stand allows you to use your iPad anywhere (except underwater of course).  It transforms from a neat little portable package to a secure and dependable stand at the simple push of a button.  

It conveniently allows you to use/view your iPad in portrait or landscape view all the while keeping it secure on a tabletop. While the base is extremely durable and looks like a heavy paperweight, it is actually compact enough at 3" x 1" x 6.2" that it weighs an almost insignificant 5.9 ounces.  

Toss it in your purse, backpack, or carry-on while traveling and don't worry about having to shuffle things around to make space.

The Belkin Flip Blade portable iPad case works with just about every iPad case on the market too, so don't worry about taking your iPad out of it's case to use this stand.  The stand also allows you to charge your iPad when being used in all modes, except the potrait viewing mode.

So, if you're looking for a great portable Apple iPad stand backed by years of quality manufacturing, consider getting yourself a Belkin Flip Blade today.

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