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Pink Sony Laptop Computers

A brief look at popular pink Sony laptop, netbook, and notebook computers.

sony pink crocodile faux laptopIntroduction - Pink Sony Laptop Computers

Sony VAIO pink laptops are the perfect compact-sized companion to enhance your personal style while you're on the move. Perfect for personal play, the school grind, or demanding business needs.  

Many of the smaller pink Sony laptop computers are amazingly light, around 1.4 pounds give or take, and the Sony VAIO Lifestyle models can be purchased in a glossy pink color to highlight their outstanding portability with excellent style and appeal.

Pink Sony VAIO laptops also feature an impressive array of screen options. A super sleek 8-inch high resolution ultra-wide LED backlit screen on the VAIO P-Series is able to display clear and crisp graphics. The screen is wide enough too so you will not be required to scroll side to side during the day to day grind. With a built-in GPS navigation system in many pink Sony laptops, your pink Sony VAIO is also able to offer you seamless wireless capability in your local coffee corner, favorite lunch spot, home, or in the workplace.

If you are looking for an advanced computing and communicating machine with light weight and compact size you're going to love the Sony VAIO P-Series pink laptops.  They are going to be fantastic while you travel for pleasure as well as business because of their compact size and light weight design.

Super Small Pink Sony Laptop Computers & More

sony vaio pink laptop computer

Hands down, the Sony VAIO P-Series pink notebooks are an excellent mini laptop with great functionality, style, and appeal. The built-in wireless WAN 3G Mobile Broadband access offered by many pink Sony VAIO Lifestyle laptops will keep you connected to the Internet so that you can integrate with your colleagues or clients on the go, or chat with your family members and friends on the move. Configurations can be had with not only Wi-FI but Bluetooth technology as well.

If you desire to shop online, download music, or perform research during travel, pink Sony laptops such as the P-Series are also perfect companions for you're not going to break your back lugging them around being that they are super light and compact.It's not all about functionality with Sony but a merging of style and function and the VAIO P-Series line are trendy machines so you're going to travel not only comfortably, but in style too!

Software wise, pink Sony laptop P-series models can be snatched up with Microsoft's latest Windows 7 operating system with all essential software programs including Microsoft Office, and numerous Sony pre-installed applications. Hardware features at the time of this writing include an Intel 1.33 GHz processor with at least a 60 GB or larger hard drive, protected by a built-in shock protection system. With 2 GB or more of RAM, pink Sony VAIO mini laptops are fast and ready for multi-tasking chores. Other features include memory stick slots, built-in webcam, and microphone and SD Card slots among other great features.

As you see, the Sony VAIO P series Lifestyle pink Laptops are amazingly light and very thin with a compact design that spills style to boot.  No thicker than your cellular phone, offering four hours of working battery time. Pink Sony VAIO laptops really do offer you everything you may desire from a laptop, and in addition you will also be able to arrange all your documents with just a press of button on the wide screen display. The pink Sony VAIO P-series laptop is one of the lightest laptop computers that also express great style wherever your computing adventurers take you.

Tiny Pink Sony Laptop Computers - Big On Style

pink sony laptop

As far as industry trends are concerned, the design standards of Sony VAIO laptops are highly popular. Sony is truly the Apple Macintosh of the PC world.

If you are looking for a trendy pink Sony laptop that can offer high quality features, the only name that strikes a chord in the mind of many PC goers is Sony, and we have to agree.

Fashionable VAIO laptops are just about everything you can hope from in a laptop or netbook, but if you compare pink Sony laptop computers with the hugely popular Dell Inspiron or HP Pavilion line, Sony pink laptops are typically on the higher end of the price scale.  Sure paying a premium in today's economy isn't in the mind of many consumers, though a pink Sony laptop really is going to offer that unique style and appeal that is second to none.

Apart from the awesome pink Sony VAIO P-series Lifestyle laptops, there are more models of Sony VAIO notebooks available in your favorite pink colors and designs.  Popular models include the Sony VAIO CR, NR, SR and TZ series. All series of Sony VAIO laptops offer highly fashionable pink laptops as an option. 

The super small 10-inch Sony VAIO VPC-W211AX/P in pink is also very popular with consumers. The VAIO VPC-W211AX/P is a small, super light, 10-inch netbook, so it is perfect for the mobile digital lifestyle.  The light weight, power efficient Intel Atom processor in the VAIO VPC-W211AX/P gives it outstanding mobile computing performance.This pink Sony laptop gets up to a whopping 8 hours of battery life!

The VAIO VPC-W211AX/P also offers a spacious 250GB hard drive, and a HD 1366x768 pixel reslution LCD display, making it a great portable movie player as well. Overall the VAIO VPC-W211AX/P is a very beneficial mini computer for travelers and on the go digital media lovers. 

Trendy Sony Pink Laptop Designs - Fashion Statement Anyone?

sony vaio laptops in pink

Popular Models - Brief Overview:

Sony VAIO NR series pink laptops

This is the cheapest series of pink Sony laptop computers available in the Sony VAIO laptops line. The starting price of this series laptop is just $800. There are a variety of colors of Sony VAIO NR Series laptops but the best of those colors is pink. Other important features of Sony VAIO NR series pink laptops are:

•    Up to 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
•    15.4" display
•    6.3lbs
•    Up to 250 GB hard drive
•    Up to 3GB RAM
•    Starting Price: $749.99

The Sony VAIO NR series laptops are available in Cherry Blossom Pink color which is very stylish. The unique fabric-like texture of the Sony VAIO NR series and the XBRITE-ECOTM LCD technology are the significant features that increase the worth of this mobile personal computer by Sony.
Pink Sony VAIO CR Series Laptops

The Sony VAIO CR series laptops are the next high quality and lower cost netbooks that are available in pink color. The starting price of Sony VAIO CR series pink laptops is also very affordable and it is below $1000. This series of Sony VAIO laptops offers two distinct variations of color of the laptop design which is the Cosmopolitan pink and the Crocodile pink Sony VAIO CR series laptops. The other major features of Pink Sony VAIO CR series laptops are:

•    Up to 2.60 GHZ Intel� Core™ 2 Duo Processor
•    14.1 inch display
•    The total weight of pink Sony VAIO CR series laptops is 5.49 lbs
•    Hard disc space of 320 GB and a memory space of 4GB RAM
•    Keyboard is unique with individually-spaced keys
•    Starting price is $869.99

Pink Sony VAIO TZ Series Laptops

The Sony VAIO TZ Series pink laptops are highly portable laptops with a maximum weight of 2.7 lbs and an 11.1" display size. The Sony VAIO TZ series pink laptops are available in rose pink color along with a range of other colors. The specific features of Sony VAIO TZ series pink laptops are:

•    Up to 1.33 GHz Intel� Core™ 2 Duo Processor
•    11.1" LED backlit display
•    The total weight of pink Sony VAIO TZ series laptops is 2.7 lbs.
•    The Hard disc space offered is 320 GB available with 64 GB SSD
•    The memory slot is 2GB RAM
•    8.5 hour battery life
•    Starting price: $1,899.99

Pink Sony VAIO SR Series laptops

The pink Sony VAIO SR Series laptops are offered with a Centrino 2 platform. The display of Sony SR series VAIO laptop is 13,3" backlit LED and the total weight is just a little over 4 pounds. This laptop by Sony VAIO is available in glossy pink color. Other important features of pink Sony VAIO SR series laptops are:

•    2.80 GHz Intel� Core™ 2 Duo
•    13.3" LED backlit display
•    Total weight of pink Sony VAIO SR series laptop is 4.14 lbs.
•    Up to 320 GB hard drive and 4GB RAM
•    Available with Unique Switch mode
•    Starting price: $1,399.99

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at pink Sony laptop computers.  Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular laptop models including pink laptops, red laptops, purple laptops, green laptops, and other colored laptops.

Happy purchasing folks!

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