2016 Pink Laptops Buying Guide

Cool Cheap Custom Pink Notebooks

We kick you off on your journey for the perfect pink laptops.

Pink laptops have been grabbing the attention of woman and many men across the world for some time now.

In fact, pink has become one of the most widely sought out laptop color options today, especially with women.

I mean come on, who doesn’t want to sport one of those cool pink notebooks that Reese Witherspoon blasted on the big screen in the popular movie Legally Blonde?

Ok, so I’m personally not a pink colored laptop fan myself, but I do know more than a fair share of people who’d love to get their hands on one. I must admit however, when I first saw one in public years ago I couldn’t help but notice it.

Expect to make a very bold fashion statement when you do get your hands on a pink laptop.

I can pretty much guarantee you will at the least get passing glances when you use your brand new pink notebook in a public location such as on the college campus or at your favorite Starbucks coffee shop.

So… are you ready express your laptop colors?

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As you are most certainly aware, customizing the tech products we buy today is simply becoming a way of life for many, especially all you younger tech savvy folks.

Common pink laptop favorites include colored cell phones, iPods of course, digital cameras, and yes let’s not forget laptops.

Tons of big name laptop manufacturers including Sony, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, Asus, MSI, Clevo, and LG all offer pink laptops these days.

Expect this list to grow as time goes on as well for most laptop makers are jumping on the colored laptop bandwagon faster than ever.  We are really looking forward to the day when Apple MacBook laptops are sold in numerous color flavors standard.

Can’t wait?  No problem, picking up a cool custom colored Apple laptop now is reality. Continue reading if you want to find out how.

We are going to dedicate this entire webpage to these uber-fancy pink laptops that woman and men of all ages are snatching up in droves.  This laptop website simply wouldn’t be complete without a page dedicated to these pink laptop beauties.

So if you’re ready to shine your unique self to the world with a brand new shiny hot pink notebook, keep reading for we are going to kick you off on a pink notebook adventure of a lifetime.

Sony Pink Laptops

sony vaio pink laptopSony offers a large selection of pink laptops.  Sony EB-Series laptops are very popular and we love the hibiscus pink finish for its elegant and classy.
Add Sony’s superb style to the mix and you have yourself a top notch laptop.

Beyond color and fancy design however, Sony VAIO EB-Series laptops also include a useful HDMI output connector, and a next-gen Blue-Ray HD player can be customized.

If you aren’t aware HDMI is the high-definition digital video/audio connection standard, and Blue-Ray is the new HD video standard that is slowly taking

over standard DVD. In a Sony VAIO EB-Series laptop equipped with both technologies, it literally is a powerful mobile movie center.

Sony Laptops – Watch All Your Favorite Hi-Def Movies On The Go

With one of these pink notebooks you will literally have a portable next generation Blue-Ray player.  Plugging these babies into a brand spanking new high-def LCD or plasma TV via HDMI will be a snap.  Sweet!

Sony VAIO EB-Series laptops are surely going to make a fashion statement if you are looking to do so.  Their Lifestyle PC collection pink customization option is fantastic and we personally love it.

Next we have the Sony VAIO P-series laptops.  In our opinion they are an ultra-portable dream machine and among the best netbooks offered on the market.

Besides being under a staggering 1.3-pounds, the offer pretty good battery life at around 4.5 hours. These pink laptop little beauties can be customized in hot pink and crocodile pink, both as elegant as the laptop itself.

We highly recommend Sony for all your pink laptop desires.

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Dell Pink Laptops

dell pink laptop picturesDell Inspiron laptops currently come in tons of color options including pink.

Their Flamingo pink and Lotus pink color selection offered in various Dell Inspiron models is vibrant and it will surely stand out over much of the competition.

On top of sporting a hot shade of pink, Inspiron laptops go above and beyond exterior styling by offer a ton of configuration options.

You can configure Dell Inspiron laptops with the latest processors from Intel, tons of memory, and much more.  They Inspiron line in our opinion is one of the best laptop lines out there.

You’re also going to love the Dell Mini netbook laptops for they are super small, ultraportable, cheap on the pocketbook, and best of all they come in some great color choices including a few awesome shades of pink.

Popular pink netbook models include the Mini 9, Mini 10, and Mini 10V.  Check them out!

We are big fans of Dell Inspiron pink laptops and Dell Mini Netbooks and we highly recommend you check them out when shopping around for a pinkie.

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Asus Pink laptops

asus pink laptopTechnology manufacturer Asus markets the super small, cool, and pink Eee PC laptop line.  We’d honestly call them laptop cuties if we weren’t such macho tech geeks.

Ok, so we are slightly kidding about being macho tech geeks, but these little pink guys definiitley deserve some worthy attention.

If you are looking for a pinkie that is cheap on the pocket book and small they may be just the ticket for you.

We feel they will also be a great gift idea for younger tech adventurers or an I love you forever my dear Valentine.

We highly recommend you take a look at Asus and their Eee pink notebooks during your pink notebook search.

Acer Pink laptops

acer aspire pink laptopsAcer laptops come in an assortment of pinks and features to match their elegant exterior styling. Acer laptops are of a great build quality and there are a lot of configurations available.

One of our favorites is the Acer Aspire Pink netbook.  They are a great choice for students and business travelers who love to travel light.  And of course theirs no better way to travel light then to do so with some top notch style and flair. We think Acer did a great job with their pink color selection and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Typical Acer pink netbooks even weigh in less than 3 pounds and they are packed with features galore. Despite the fact that they are such little laptops they include bright displays, multiple USB 2.0 ports, built in webcams, digital flash memory card readers and so much more.  We think you will be impressed for these little guys are what we like to call pink cuties.

Since Acer Aspire pink notebooks have integrated 54g wireless that’s compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g networks the Aspire One netbooks will keep you connected on the go wherever that may be.  Acer Aspire netbooks offer what Acer calls SignalUp technology which leads to better antenna efficiency too so your connection stays strong.

And of course Acer Aspire pink netbooks feature the latest in super mobile Intel processor technologies.  Acer Aspire netbooks feature the Intel Atom line of processors so battery life is pretty good across the board and they won’t burn a hole in your lap either.

The Acer Aspire pink netbooks are a great overall netbook in a stylish and totally affordable package.

Fujitsu Pink laptops

pink fujitsu lifeBookFujitsu’s release of a limited pink edition Fujitsu LifeBook P7230 notebook in 2007 was the first time I personally laid eyes on a pink notebook.

I remember thinking to myself, “Why would anyone want a pink laptop?”

My thoughts were obviously stemming from the fact that I am a man who likes cars, contact sports, and tinkering with technology.  Looking back now I think, duh!

Put many girls interestesd in technology in my shoes back then and I’m willing to bet their eyes would have grown in excitement.

As of this writing however I haven’t seen any new pink laptops offered by Fujitsu, but we can guarantee we will see them in the near future.  If on a laptop quest we recommend you check out Fujitsu’s website just in case they have one at the time.

Last we checked some of their models such as the LifeBook A1110 do however offer cool swappable snap-on lids, and we’ve heard their pink butterfly snap-on lid is very nice.

Samsung Pink Laptops

samsung pink laptopSamsung offers a slew of solid pink laptops including the Samsung Q40, Samsung NC10, and Samsung N150 pink among others. This list is growing too at an alarming rate for Samsung has jumped on the pink laptop bandwagon in full force.

Samsung pink laptops are well-equipped and elegantly designed, delivering you solid looks at a great value. Samsung pink notebooks are light in weight and they come packed with industry favorite features. Samsung notebooks will also fit into most laptop bags without a problem and they are light enough to not weigh you down when on the move during the day to day grind and when traveling.

Samsung pink notebooks also offer more than a simple pink exterior.  Samsung has chosen a very nice shade of pink and in some models added sleek silvery aluminum and brushed metal accents to give the laptops an upscale look. You will also find a Samsung raised logo that adds a nice overall touch to their trendy designs.

Samsung also went with a minimalist approach with button layout on their models to compliment an already fantastic exterior. Glance above the keyboard on Samsung notebooks and you will find a subtle power button, wireless on/off button, and volume/mute controls conveniently located.

When looking beyond exterior appearance alone, Samsung laptops come with various specifications and some Samsung pink laptop offer some hot new mobile technologies.

Select Samsung pink notebooks include the very cool Intel Wireless Display Technology which allows the laptop to wirelessly stream HD content to an Intel Wireless Display compatible HDTV. Many Samsung laptops also come with what they call Optimus technology which further helps the laptops battery to run for an extended period of time on a single battery charge.

Overall Samsung pink laptops are well designed, packed with great features, and very competitively priced. We highly recommend you check out Samsung if you are in the market for a new pink notebook.

MSI Pink Laptops

msi pink laptop picturesIf your looking for a pink notebook that is lightweight, very portable, and full of features you may want to check out MSI’s A Series notebooks or the MSI Wind U100-427 pink laptop.

When we first layed eyes on the tiny PR210 YA Edition laptop in pink we were impressed with its styling and array of features.

The MSI Wind U100 netbook also is a pretty neat looking mini laptop.  It’s not quite as full featured as some other models offered on the market but nevertheless it is worth checking out if your browsing around for pink netbooks.

Styling was very elegant just as MSI claims and when you add features such as an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output, fingerprint reader, built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam, and even an optional built-in digital TV receiver you have the foundation for a great fasionable but high-tech notebook.

As of this writing they offer the PR200 YA Edition, PR210 YA Edition, and the S271 YA Edition in pink.  But keep a definite eye out for more MSI pink laptops for this trend is far from over.

All in all, we definitely recommend you also check out MSI when shopping around for a new pink notebook.

Pink Apple Mac Laptops

pink apple mac laptopsAre you looking for Pink Apple Mac laptops?  Are you on the side of the cool guy or the so called PC in the Apple commercials?

Ok, the second question is pretty pointless, but a pink apple Mac laptop would be pretty sweet, huh?  I think so and we know many of you do too.

As of now not every laptop brand offers a pink laptop including Apple.  This may change of course overtime, but even if each manufacturer did offer a pink notebook it may not always come in the shade of pink that you are looking for.

So what’s the solution?  You could tear apart your new Apple laptop or other model and paint it yourself.  Ok, not something the average person would ever attempt in a million years.

One solution, turn to Colorware.  They are a company who actually specializes in providing the service of custom painting new Apple Mac laptops into shiny new Pink Apple Mac Laptops. In fact, they will paint it in any color of your choice pretty much.  Sweet!

Their service is not just for Apple laptops too, though there are only a limited number of laptops that they do accept for color customization.   We recommend you check out their website for additional details including specific models, pricing, etc. Colorwarepc.com

As of this writing Colorware will custom paint a MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook pro into a sweet custom pink apple Mac laptop.  Awesome!

On a final note we’d like to point out that we haven’t personally seen a Colorware paintjob in person but have on the other hand spoke to numerous happy Colorware customers.  All have given high praises for Colorware’s custom pink laptops.

So based on all the feedback we received we feel they are a company worth checking out especially if you just gotta stand out from the rest with a sweet custom pink Mac laptop.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for pink notebooks, pink Apple Mac laptops, pink netbook cases, or pink notebook accessories, there are going to be options galore for you! Flaunting your style has never been easier in our colorful digital world. 🙂

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