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Finding The Perfect Pink Laptop Computer

toshiba pink laptop computerPink Laptop Computer

By Colleen C.

If you want your laptop to stand out from all the rest, there is one sure way to do that, and that is to buy a pink laptop computer. But color isn't the only factor to consider, of course. You'll want a computer that functions like you need it to. 

ASUS has what experts call their first foray heading into the category of business laptops this year. It will give you lots of perks, including a fingerprint or facial login, and a water resistant keyboard. The technology used can support three external monitors, And for roughly $1200, the system has enough power for even hard-core multi-taskers. This is a 14 inch laptop, so there are some buyers who will consider a smaller unit before this. 

Upon first inspection of the ASUS pink laptop computer, you will note that it is utilitarian and solid. It is not very thin, or very light in weight - it weighs 5 and 1/2 pounds - but the scratch resistant panels and a solid metal interior make this quite a sturdy notebook. It's a good bet that not many male professionals will be using this model in the color pink, but female executives may find that choice imaginative.

The DNA of the ASUS laptop is quite apparent, from the view of aesthetics, and also from the various features, including a single button that will disable your touchpad, which is quite useful for people who may accidentally touch the pad when typing. The fingerprint reader is handy for security, and this model even has a slot for a business card on the bottom.

samsung pink laptop computersSamsung also delivers a pink laptop computer with many extras. It is well-equipped and elegantly designed, to deliver you good looks and value, too. This laptop weighs about 5 pounds and has wireless display technology. The Optimus technology also allows this model to run for a decent amount of time on one battery charge.

The Samsung pink laptop is not your basic laptop. There is a wave along its sides when the lid is closed, and the keyboard sits in the shallow well created by the wave, when you open the laptop. The tapered edges and round corners make this model sleek and stylish.

The lid of the Samsung laptop gives you an impression of metal, but the coating is plastic, and the pink color attracts smudges to a degree. Under the lid you will find a glossy plastic bezel, surrounding the display. The pattern is pretty cool, but many people who have tried this laptop feel that the bezel could be smaller. A pink laptop computer in any of these brands will give you a laptop that stands out from the rest, and one that shows off your individuality.

This Samsung laptop is more than a pretty face. The silvery aluminum and its brushed metal look make this laptop feel upscale. The pink coloring makes it feel more unique. You will find a logo, raised in the aluminum, that lets everyone know that Samsung created this laptop. This notebook will fit into most laptop bags without a problem, and it's not heavy enough to weigh you down.

Unlike some other notebooks that are carved from one block of metal, this Samsung model has an underside made from black plastic, which is gives it a smooth overall appearance. If you glance above the keyboard, you will find the power button, a wireless power button and volume/mute controls. The minimalist look works well for this model.

dell pink laptop computers

When Dell first released its V13 pink lap top computer, people were struck by its stylish and sleek chassis. However, it was not very durable and its speed was too slow. They have improved the model with its successor, which also looks stylish, but which is faster and more durable. The battery life is not particularly impressive, but if you want a stylish laptop and you don't need a long battery charge to work with, this model may work for you.

The Dell V130 now measures 13 inches, and only weighs about 3 � pounds. It is made to be used for business purposes, but even so, it is very stylish. The underside and lid are made from brushed aluminum, which hides fingerprints well. This model also feels sturdy, with reinforced hinges.

The new ThinkPad is so fast that it leaves other laptops in the dust. It has a processor that is top of the line, and its technology allows applications to open quickly. This pink laptop computer has a solid-state drive and a great keyboard. It's hard to believe it could be a fashion statement too, but it is. 

This ThinkPad does not weigh much, considering its horsepower. It only weighs just under 4 pounds, but when you use it, it feels very durable. The lid on the chassis is made with a strong, reinforced bottom and ABS plastic. This model even has a roll cage, which will protect your internal components from any damage. The ridged touchpad and angular sides give it a classy look.

sony vaio pink netbooksSome laptops are made for entertainment, and others are made for travel. The Sony VAIO is a pink laptop computer that is built for entertainment. The screen has a high-resolution in a size that's easy to see, The NVIDIA graphics and Blu-ray drive give you lots to love. This notebook was built for users who don't stay in one place much, and it still offers a great deal of computing power for its size.

Looking at its design, the Sony VAIO appears conservative. The chassis has a smooth lid, with the Sony and VAIO logo's written in metallic silver. This model weighs in at almost six and a half pounds, and it feels quite sturdy. This VAIO laptop is not really made to be lugged around much, but it is still lighter in weight than some of the other models of its type, like the HP Envy 17, which weighs in at almost 7 � pounds.

If you're spending four to five hundred dollars on a laptop, you want to select a special one. Samsung has a pink laptop computer with a very chic design, a high-res display, and a speedy processor. It's an excellent choice for business or pleasure, although the battery life is not the longest you can find.

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