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Pink iPad Covers

Buy Pretty Pink iPad Covers - A Look At Popular Pink Covers For The Apple iPad

Pink Apple iPad Covers 

By Colleen C.

pink ipad covers

5 Popular Pink iPad Covers Reviewed

CaseCrown Genuine Leather Vertical Flip iPad Cover

CaseCrown Genuine Leather Vertical Flip pink iPad Cover
The CaseCrown Genuine Leather Vertical Flip iPad Cover Case is especially made for your iPad. You can easily slide the iPad into the cover, and it will keep it secure for you.

CaseCrown pink Apple iPad covers are made with genuine, premium leather, and the buckle button is reinforced for extra security. The handy slots and elastic band will hang onto papers, business cards and accessories.

The main thing to look for in an iPad cover is a snug fit, and the CaseCrown iPad cover offers you that. It will protect your iPad from bumps and scratches, and still leave all the buttons exposed for easy use.

The CaseCrown Genuine leather pink iPad cover can also be set up to view your iPad in portrait or landscape mode, perfect for browsing the Internet or watching your favorite movies.

Ladies love pink, and this case is a favorite among women. It has a rich leather "feel" to it, and the openings are right where they should be, for speakers and ports. You'll need to unlatch the case to charge your iPad, but the four corners do have handy openings.

Buyers who have purchased this case are in large part very happy with the CaseCrown iPad cover. The casing around your iPad is large enough that it's easy to slide the device in, but not so large that it slips around when it's covered. Owners give this unit two enthusiastic thumbs up.  

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Protective Synthetic Leather Pink iPad Covers

protective synthetic leather pink ipad coverPurchase a Protective Leather iPad Case that is made from synthetic leather, for eco-friendly buyers.  These are custom made just for your Apple iPad, and they will keep your screen free from scuffs and scratches. The synthetic leather outer case is durable, and protects the iPad from dust, damage and shocks or bumps.

These pink iPad covers have a slip-in design that makes sure your iPad slides right in, and stays where you want it, for protection. The magnetic flap auto-secures, to make it not just easy to use, but also secure.

The design is unique, and allows you to access all the iPad functions without needing to have the cover removed. 

The cover also comes with a handy metal kickstand, perfect for propping your iPad up for watching movies or reading eBooks in comfort.

The Protective Leather iPad case also has a handy place for business cards. You can hook or clip your stylus or pen inside the cover if you use your iPad at meetings.

If you are looking for a great deal on an Apple case or cover, you will be surprised at what you can get for a low cost. You'll find the price very reasonable for this cover as you compare the prices on other pink iPad covers, and it ships fast from Amazon.com. We've provide links to the best deals below.

Overall this case has a slew of nice features. Among highlights, we like the black ridged side that sits flat on a table or your lap, the metal kickstand, and we like the fact that the stand fits your iPad snugly for that added piece of mind. All these features coupled with good looks make the cover a big winner.  Highly recommended!

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iLuv Leather Pink iPad Cover

iLuv pink leather cover for ipadThe iLuv Pink Leather cover is the perfect leather companion for keeping your iPad safe from dings and scratches. 

The iLuv Pink Leather cover offers solid specifications including a built-in elastic band on the interior to store a pen, and a flippable cover that acts as a stand for video viewing. The case is also very lightweight at less 13 ounces.

The outer leather cover gives your iPad plenty of protection overall, and the iPad glass top is further protected on the inside with softer padded materials for that added layer of protection. 

You can also apply a silicon sleeve to your iPad for it will still fit in the iLuv leather case cover. This will give you yet another extra layer of protection.

You'll love the feel of the case, the inside is so soft, and the color is bright pink. You may be worried that the pink cover will get stained or faded, but it really doesn't for the quality is top notch.

You can slip the iLuv cover case in your purse or briefcase, and your iPad will be right there when you need it. It works like a book with its two handy positions, and you can stick Velcro inside for an even safer fit.

Possibly the best thing about the iLuv leather case is that it doesn't diminish the iPad's beauty, by making it clunky, or by covering up the already elegant device. 

Overall owners of the iLuv case heartily recommend it, and we can't help but agree!

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Gilsson Apple iPad Pink Leather Stand Case And Cover

gilsson leather pink ipad coversThe iPad Pink Leather Stand Case and Cover by Gilsson not only offers a elegant & classy design, but you also gain the comfort of protection for your iPad in addition to some solid features.

The case offers premium soft PU leather, and wrap around protection for your iPad with memory foam padding for the ultimate in protection. The closing flap also holds the cover closed tightely over your iPad for extra safety.

Gilsson iPad Leather Stand pink iPad covers on the outside are dust-proof and soft, making them an excellent choice for your iPad in terms of protection from not only the elements, but bumps and drops as well. 

On the inside, the case offers a perfect fit for your iPad, like sliding it into a glove. Skilled designers worked hard to make sure the iPad pink leather case stand fit the iPad snuggly, and the craftsmanship is quality all the way too.  

You'll also love the stand feature, which allows you to prop the screen up in multiple positions for better viewing, and there are other nice touches such as a pen holder, business card slots, and a pocket for notes.

If you're looking for a cover that is special, look no further. This classy pink case will fill your need for security and looks, both. The pink color is elegant, and the feel is nice and soft. This cover also has an excellent price and outstanding features.

This is one of the favorites in the pink iPad covers category, since it's sturdy and sharp looking. The edges will take a beating and still protect your iPad, and you'll be smiling at all the compliments you get when you carry your pink iPad cover. 

Owners have raved about this simple but sturdy case; they love its looks and its protection.

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CrazyOnDigital Leather Pink iPad Cover

crazyondigital leather pink ipad coversCheck out the CrazyOnDigital Pink Leather Case for your Apple iPad. It's a case and cover in one, with a pink textured leather exterior, and soft, matching microfiber padding inside. 

The CrazyOnDigital Pink Leather Case will provide excellent protection for your iPad from bumps and scratches during the day to day grind.

This cover has flexible straps on the corners, which will secure your iPad very securely. These straps are also as sturdy as they look. 

The leather quality of CrazyonDigital's pink iPad covers is excellent. You'll love the supple leather feeling in your hands. The interior of microfiber is also functional as well as attractive. The case is light in weight and looks business-professional. You'll want it protecting your iPad, when you're on the go.

You can add a silicone skin to your iPad and it will still fit in this pink leather cover, since the silicone will grip the cover well. The front flap of this cover will fold back easily so it won't get in your way.

This is the cover for you if you want a secure fit and the ultimate in protection. The elastic straps really do keep your iPad from slipping, and you can open and close it just like a book. When you leave it closed, it gives ample protection, and the pink color will make it the topic of conversation when you're carrying it. 

Overall the CrazyOnDigital Pink Leather Case is a fantastic value for your money. Many existing owners of the cover have had nothing but good praise for it. Highly recommended!

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