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Pink HP Mini Laptops

A look at popular pink HP Mini laptops.

pink hp mini laptops and netbooksPink HP Mini Laptops

By Colleen C..

The Mini 210 is one of the top-selling pink HP Mini laptops today.

They are not expensive, as far as HP prices go; in fact, their prices are very comparable with other manufacturers' offerings in the same size range.

The 210 comes with an Intel Atom processor, and enough storage and speed to get the job done. You'll welcome the Windows 7 Operating System Starter Edition. It comes with a Bluetooth, a WiFi and a webcam. You can get some flashy colors, too, which make them more customized.

The Mini 210 has a sleek design that shows a lot of improvement over the previous models in the same low price range. It's quite thin, coming in at only 1.1 inches, and it has a satiny-feel without any hard edges. The housing is basically plastic, but it is well-designed, and the small 3-cell battery that fits so well inside also gives you four hours of life.  The 210 weighs about three pounds, and feels sturdy. It's a better looking netbook than this model used to have, with a design based loosely on the HP Envy.

One of the best new things about the 210 and other pink HP Mini laptops is the ease with which you can remove the bottom cover, to access the inside components. Nearly all the casing colors are very cool to the eyes. The metallic colors are even flashier.

The keyboards for the Mini 210's are as good as you expect from HP, which is very good. It gives the 10.1" system an excellent typing experience. You can type easily on the 210, even if you haven't used netbooks much before. The layout is so close to standard that even long typing sessions are not difficult. The shift keys are full-sized, and the only downside is that the arrow keys are smaller than usual. The reviewers didn't have a major issue with them, but they did mention it.

The Mini 210 more closely resembles the Mini 5102 than it does the Mini 110. The island-style keys are reminiscent of the 5102, but it has rounder, softer edges, and the chassis reminds most people of the HP Envy's. The Crystal lid is shiny without looking too glossy or picking up a lot of fingerprints. If you're looking at a 3-cell battery-equipped model, it looks elegant and unified, but when you add the 6-cell battery, it just out from underneath, and raises the netbook up almost an inch.

pink hp mini laptops and netbooks

The 210 pink HP Mini laptops have a gentle slope downward, which allows for easy typing, but sometimes limits the viewing range of its display. The bezel is glossy, and surrounds the glass display, which kicks back reflections at times. The deck has a more matte appearance, other than the key spaces.

Similar to the Mini 5012, the keyboard on the Mini 210 has a matte, rubber-like coating that gives you a pleasant and tactile feel. The keyboard is roomy for such a small netbook, and most people can reach their normal typing speed fairly quickly. 

The touchpad and integrated touch buttons took a bit longer to get used to, but overall, they did not detract from the reviewers, who felt that the netbook is very adequate for its price range.

The 210 series of pink HP Mini laptops has a button less clickpad, borrowed from their own HP Envy, which was an idea originally inspired by the Apple MacBook. The clickpad works very well and this is a positive addition to the lower-priced netbook, but it's still a far cry from the MacBook. If you just need to use the clickpad for normal use, it will probably be fine, but if you're looking for precision, it may not be the type of clickpad you're looking for.

There's an LED near the clickpad that will shine when you turn the trackpad off. The working of the two together isn't clear unless you read the manual - you have to double-tap one corner to re-enable the touchpad.

You'll like the looks of the BrightView Infinity display. It's a widescreen, which is a great improvement over the standard of netbook displays. It has crisp colors and acceptable angles of viewing. The glossy finish gives you a high quality in images, when you look straight at the display, but it causes some issues with smudges and glare. The sound quality is better than you'd expect with a netbook, and it's evident that HP has been working on it.

The performance of the 210 pink HP Mini laptops is standard for the size, which is not wonderful, but not awful, either. You can upgrade to get more RAM, which is what many people do. When you work with a 1GB model, the computer tends to lag when you're doing intensive work (or play), and it won't play a movie reliably. But YouTube videos play back fine, and it's not like people buy netbooks for movies.

pink hp mini laptops

You can buy the HP with a Broadcom HD accelerator, which is worth the money if you want to watch videos a lot. Installing and uninstalling the programs for the pink HP Mini laptops was somewhat slow, which is one of just a few problems of the models. These issues are similar to those that other netbooks have, and choosing the correct components will make a difference in your daily usage.

The mini 210 battery life is limited if you only get a three-cell battery, and you can increase this to a six-cell battery for a small amount more. That is a worthwhile investment for the increase in battery life  on the go. Most of the basic tasks you do will be intensive as far as battery life goes, so the time away from an outlet gets eaten away fairly quickly.

Overall, most of the people who have reviewed pink HP Mini laptops like where the company is headed with them. They did experience some issues, not with initial exterior looks, but with the scuffs that got on the outside when they were using them. They enjoyed the easy portability, and they have said that the extended battery life should be a worthwhile purchase. It was discovered that for only about $100 in upgrades, the video playback problems and poor performance can be avoided.

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