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Pink HP Laptops

A brief look at popular pink HP laptops, netbooks, and notebooks.

pink hp laptops mini chicPink HP Laptop Computers

The HP brand has always meant quality and proper design, and now it means colorful possibilities, too. With colors including pink, you can show off your style as well as your tech-savvy side. HP calls the color of its most popular pink HP laptops Pink Chic, and it certainly is that. 

Some HP laptops are made at only a one inch thickness, and the lightest in weight are 2.33 pounds. They fit handily in briefcases, purses and backpacks, and are great for adults and children alike. 

The keyboards are among the largest in the industry, since they are at a 92% size as related to full size keyboards. Even the smaller 10.1" diagonal widescreens have a display that can reduce the strain on your eyes. 

These pink HP laptops are powered by the latest version of the Intel Atom processor, and the Imprint Finish gives your laptop a high-gloss finish and a polished look. You can personalize your laptop with lovely pink sleeves and even add a pink wireless mouse to make the model your own.

Super Small Pink HP Laptops

pink hp laptops and netbooks

One of our favorite pink HP laptops is the HP Mini 210 series.

HP Mini 210 series netbooks are built from the ground up for extreme mobility.

HP Mini 210 netbooks offer best of breed industry components including the latest Intel Atom N475 or dual-core Intel Atom N550 processors, DDR3 memory, blazing fast 7200RPM hard drives, and beautiful 10.1 inch screens.

hp mini pink plaid netbookOther features include the latest wireless (Wi-Fi N) standard, and a built-in webcam with integrated digital microphone. Bluetooth technology on the other hand is optional and a GPS or mobile broadband module can also be had if desired.

One of our favorite features of the Mini 210 is the optional High Definition HP BrightView Infinity LED display. If movies and entertainment are your thing, upgrade the standard 10.1 inch LED display to the HD 10.1 inch LED display and you'll get true 720P HD resolutions at 1366x768 pixels. Movies will come to life with vivid realism.

But best of all, the HP Mini 210 is rated up to an outstanding 10.75 hours of battery life via a 6 cell battery. This makes the HP Mini 210 a fantastic traveling companion. You can watch all your favorite HD movies without fear of running out of juice. We recently got our hands on a Mini 210 and we were impressed how long the battery lasted.

hot pink hp laptopsThe HP Mini 210 is a fantastic pink HP laptop that is also perfect for school. Besides giving you the battery life you need for all day computing on campus, HP Mini 210 netbooks are sleek, slim, and light, so lugging them around for extended periods of time won't be a chore. HP Mini 210 netbooks are actually only .9 inches thick, and 3.1 pounds. Very nice!

And what would a laptop be if it didn't have the style to match an outstanding feature set? A boring laptop that is. Thankfully HP knows how to cater to consumers and so offers the HP Mini 210 in multiple brilliant color choices including the popular luminous rose pink. We have to admit, the pink shade HP chose for the Mini 210 makes it one of the more stylish pink HP laptops out there.

Overall the HP Mini 210 pink netbook is a great little computing machine. Solid dual-core performance, stellar battery life, a compact size with low weight, and an optional High Definition LED back-lit display are among its best features.

Our only gripe with the HP Mini 210 is the lack of Bluetooth standard and the missing HDMI port which is happily found on many other netbooks on the market. Nevertheless, we highly recommend you check out the HP Mini 210 if you're looking for a solid mini pink HP laptop.

More Pink HP Laptops - The Original HP Pinkie

pink hp laptops mini chic


While older than the HP Mini 210, HP's Mini 110 series of pink laptops are also very nice. And because they are slightly older, you can pick one up from many online vendors for even cheaper.

This model has the 10.1" SD LED display for easy viewing, with an anti-glare surface. This helps your screen show plainly, even in areas that are brightly lit, or outside in the sunlight. This makes it a great pink HP laptop, perfect to take anywhere you go.

Mini 110 pink HP laptops start out with 1GB of RAM along with a 160 GB hard drive. You'll find it handy for browsing, emailing, playing games, looking at pictures, and listening to music. This laptop has integrated WiFi so that you can surf the net on the go. Whether you use a pink neoprene sleeve for protection, or use a pink carrying case, the color stands out and shows off your feminine side.

The HP Mini 110-1026NR is available in various colors, including Pink Chic. It comes with Windows 7 and an Intel Atom Microprocessor. Add that to a 1GB DDR2 System memory and the Intel Video Graphics Accelerator, and you have a laptop that's easy to use with enough memory to store photos, music and videos. 

The 10.1" screen has an anti-glare surface, and this favorite among pink HP laptops also comes with 802.11 Wireless connectivity. It features a web cam, a longer life battery and HD Audio stereo speakers. The microphone is integrated, and the keyboard is 92% of full size, for ease of use. You'll find the external ports handy to use, for SD cards, memory sticks, Multimedia cards or xD picture cards. There are three 2.0 USB ports, and a combo jack with microphone-in and headphone-out.

A pink cooling stand with fans will keep your laptop running cool, and protect it from overheating, all the while it says "style" to everyone who sees it.

Tiny Pink HP Laptops - Big On Style

hp small pink netbook chicThe HP new Mini 110-1023NR in Pink Chic is a fashion accessory and a helpful work horse both. It features Wireless connectivity, and a built-in microphone and webcam. The 160GB hard drive does everything you want it to, and the three 2.0 USB ports are handy and easily accessed.

You can order this pink HP laptops model with Windows XP home operating system, and it works even harder if you grab a pink case and wireless mouse, too. You may opt for pink mice that are standard size, or sized smaller, just for use with laptops. The wireless mice work better than old-fashioned roller-ball mice for use with laptops.

pink hp laptops miniAnother of the more popular pink HP laptops is the HP Mini 110-1119NR model, with its three-cell battery for longer use. It also comes with an AC adapter, and the Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor. The display is easy to read with a non-glare surface, with a 1024 x 600 resolution. The 802.11 wireless LAN gives you excellent connectivity, and the USB ports are connectible to xD Picture cards. Some of these laptops can be purchased with a pink precision wireless laser tracking mouse, too.

Check out the HP Garden Dreams Pavilion laptop with purple and pink flowers! Show your style while you work with this fully equipped model. The flowers will add color and warmth to your computing time. The floral design is "painted" with the softest of watercolor touches. This brilliant color palate brings Spring to your computing. You still get the technology you expect from HP.

garden dreams pink hp laptopsThe Garden Dreams pink HP laptops model has a 14.5 inch BrightView LED display, and it's quite portable, so it goes wherever you go. The Garden Dreams Pavilion laptop has an AMD VISION Dual-Core processor, lots of memory and a hard drive with plenty of space. You can take on all your tasks and look stylish while you do it. The True Vision web cam offers a microphone built-in, and the Pavilion has full wireless capabilities. HP MediaSmart software gives you access to your music, photo and video files. In addition to 3 USB ports, it offers an HDMI port so that you're connected whenever you like with your HDTV. The full range of features you expect is there, of course, in a beautiful and compact package.

Trendy HP Pink Laptops - Make A Style Statement

hp preppy pink netbook computer

Another one of the HP Garden Dreams Pavilion line is the DV5-2129sm laptop, which makes technology and art affordable. The top of the line in pink HP laptops gives you VISION technology with the AMD P540 processor. With its available 4GB system memory, it can handle anything you need to get done. It gives you enough power to handle all your applications, regardless of how power-hungry they may be. You can also do lots of multimedia work. 

The 500GB hard drive on the Pavilion comes with HP Hard Drive Protection, and you can store up to 300,000 photos, 140,000 songs or 260+ hours of High Def video. It even has an available 8X double-layer SuperMulti DVD burner. The Garden Dreams Pavilion laptop lets you watch DVD's on the go, and gives you the ability to read and write both CDs and DVD's, even in multiple formats. 

You can opt to include a wireless keyboard with pink HP laptops, since laptop keyboards may tend to be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you spend long hours typing. An external keyboard is as easy to carry along as your laptop, in a case that's designed to fit both.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief look at pink HP laptops.  Below you will find our hand picked shopping recomendations and showcase of popular laptop models including pink laptops, red laptops, purple laptops, green laptops, and other colored laptops.

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