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Pink Dell Netbooks

A quick look at hugely popular mini pink Dell netbooks!

pink dell netbooksFun Colored Pink Dell Netbooks

By Colleen C.

If you're looking for the best-selling pink Dell netbooks, the Inspiron Minis are the ones to start with. The Mini 10 (1018) is mobile and lightweight, and it'll go everywhere you go.

It's so easy to connect to the Internet or check your email. You can be entertained and keep in touch while you travel or commute.

The Mini 10 (1018) was introduced initially in August of 2010, and it's a very lightweight member of the pink Dell netbooks lineup. It gives you almost seven hours of battery life, so you can get more work - or play - done. And the weight - under three pounds - makes it easy to take along. You can store photos, movies and music with an optional larger hard drive, and the keyboard is a handy 92% of full size.

Your Mini 1018 has a very slim profile, and a light weight, for easy work in tight spaces.  And just because it's smaller doesn't mean it's less productive than other pink Dell netbooks. It still has lots of the features you most desire. Batterylife 2 will keep you off the grid longer, and Intel processing will keep you busy, and there's plenty of storage space, too. 

You can edit videos, listen to music, watch movies or upload to the Internet, and start sharing your life with friends and family from wherever you go. The WLED display features an aspect ratio of 16:9, so it's like watching a big-screen TV in a smaller size. The stunningly bright colors will bring all your entertainment media to life.

The pink Dell Inspiron 1018 Mini 10 was built not just for today, but tomorrow as well. The WiFi connection will keep you connected with everyone, and the optional Bluetooth keeps your hands free for computing. The lightweight design of the 1018 also has a microphone and a webcam built-in, so you can easily video chat while traveling light. The Mini 10 (1018) is a great companion in your travels, and gives you elegance and processing power, like all Dell notebooks are known for.

You'll find typing easy on the 92% full size keyboard, which gives you the "feel" of a larger laptop or desktop keyboard. The touchpad has very discrete buttons, which keep you from having to sacrifice productivity or comfort.

pink dell inspiron mini netbooksYou can expect the most premium  of features in the design of the Dell Mini 10 (1018), with its soft curves, high gloss finish and rounded edges. Wireless-N will let you browse the web faster than the standard type found on most laptops, which is Wireless-G.

Consumers have reported positive experiences with pink Dell netbooks like the 1018. Many feel it's the best netbook they've ever used. The webcam takes clear pictures, and the speed is phenomenal. They like the size, if they're on the go, and they enjoy the fit and feel of the keyboard design and the palm rest. They have mentioned how much they like the glossy top, and they like the clear view of the display. 

The pink Dell Mini 10 (1012) gives you almost ten battery life hours, so you can go wherever you want, without worrying about losing touch with everyone. It has a widescreen display that's easy on your eyes, and you can choose the operating system that will work the best for you. You can connect with WiFi, and attach peripherals with the three USB ports. It's among the favorites of pink Dell netbooks.

You'll also notice the great HD video capabilities you'll get with the Mini 10 Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator2 for media. There is even an option for a GPS that stays location-aware. You can play your DVD's and CD's with the optional external disk drive. 

The pink Dell Mini 10 (1012) helps you to stay connected with everyone in your world, with Bluetooth or Ethernet connections. You can also choose an optional mobile broadband. You can organize your family's chores and schedules, and share your media with the Cozi family organizer. This is available on several systems. The Mini 10 is very small and allows you to travel lightly, while still keeping up with your video chats, blogs, IM's and email.

The widescreen 10.1-Inch display on the Mini 10 makes it among the favorite of Dell notebooks. It shows you websites you visit without you having to scroll left or right. The aspect ratio is an impressive 16:9, which makes your viewing vivid. On select systems, you can enjoy all your movies with an HD screen that's powered by Broadcom Crystal media accelerator 4. You can even get netbooks with surround sound! Live digital TV and HDTV where it is available are just a click away on select Mini 10 systems. You can watch your favorite channels and even pause a live TV show for up to thirty minutes.

pink dell inspiron mini netbooks

There are great color options for the Dell Mini 10, and you can choose from Promise Pink, Passion Purple, Jade Green, Ice Blue, Obsidian Black and even (PRODUCT)RED (TM) that donates a portion of your cost to eliminate AIDS in Africa.

When you purchase a Promise Pink netbook, a portion is donated to breast cancer research.

The Mini 10 pink Dell netbooks were developed from the beginning to be a traveling companion for you, and it'll help you stay connected, regardless of where you go.

And you can be portable without missing out on battery life, too. You can use the Mini 10 for up to nine and a half hours on one charge on some systems, and the weight of the netbook is still only 3.1 pounds or close to that. The newest design keeps the 6-cell battery all inside, so it won't be in the way.

Dell offers you an online backup service that will give you data protection by backing up your information online to a safe and remote site. This option makes it easy to be secure and flexible. After you set the system up, it will back-up data automatically, to protect you against hardware, software or catastrophic failure. All of these are great reasons why people keep buying pink Dell netbooks year after year.

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