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pink apple laptopsPink Apple Laptops

By Colleen C.

It always makes the news when Apple brings out new products, and their newest additions to the line have done nothing less. 

Although pink Apple laptops aren't available from the Apple store, you can buy all kinds of pink covers, to make them uniquely your own.

You probably didn't feel that Apple could outdo their last generation MacBook, but the new models have an aluminum and glass look that is more thin, light and powerful than the last. The MacBook and MacBook Pro offer similar designs and engineering, and the lines between the two models are blurring. Originally, one model was more consumer-based, and the Pro was just that, for professionals.

The newer MacBook models have made significant strides when it comes to design. They have a body made from all aluminum, rather than the older plastic that was offered in the consumer line, before. You can buy covers for either model, making them custom pink Apple laptops. Both the MacBook and the Pro give you a screen of bezeled glass, and the black keyboards that reflect their latest designs, also seen in the iPhone. 

The exterior of the newer Apple laptops has tapered edges that make it look more thin than it is. It opens and closes without mechanical parts. The more expensive models have keys that are backlit with LED lights. This is an impressive first for MacBooks.

Apple also touts the newer manufacturing process they use as an engineering and technological breakthrough. They use one slab of aluminum for each MacBook and Pro, and this creates a laptop chassis and body that are stiff, and inflexible. Thus, they are able to use fewer screws, pieces and parts to assemble each laptop. They are so sleek and clean in design that you'll be more than tempted to purchase skins that will make them pink Apple laptops.

It's refreshing to see that the MacBook and Pro both offer the same kinds of features now. Apple may see a drop in sales of the Pro, since most of its features can also now be found in the regular line of MacBooks. Not only are these laptops of a higher quality level, but they are also quite environmentally friendly.

pink apple laptops

The newer MacBooks are lighter and thinner than they were before, with a thickness of less than one inch. Each laptop weighs four and a half pounds, which is a pound and a half lighter than the older models. 

The unibody construction helps to distribute the weight more evenly, as well. As far as dimensions, the newer machines are closely identical to the models in the last generation.

All the Apple laptops now have the chiclet style keyboard. The black keys are a good contrast to the aluminum shell, and will look even more striking when you use skins to make pink Apple laptops. The black keys do show off fingerprints quite a bit. But that won't look as dirty as the old white keys did. The keyboard is full-sized and solid, and many have said it is a pleasure to work with. The keys are flat, and a bit spaced out, and the spring action and key travel are just right.

The LCD screen is 13.3" and LED backlit, encased under bezeled black glass, and it is truly stunning to look at. The new MacBooks have a glossy finish that makes viewing outdoors a bit difficult, but otherwise, they are very work-able. Indoor viewing is easier. The display actually looks a lot like the previous Apples, but the new backlighting makes the display more even across the entire surface of the screen. The display is brighter, too, especially on the MacBook Pro models.

Once again, Apple leads the way by offering you no buttons. Period. The glass trackpad has multi-touch technology, where the trackpad serves as all the buttons in one. You still hear clicks, to know what you are activating, and the trackpad, once you're used to it, is intuitive and has a glossy, smooth feel. Multi-touch four-finger scrolling is very handy, once you get used to it. Your friends will be green with envy when they see you're into pink Apple laptops.

Apple has neatly and shrewdly moved its ports onto the left hand side of the MacBook and Pro. The right side holds the one optical drive. This gives the Apple laptop an organized, clean look, with no wires coming out the sides. Apple did do away with standard FireWire, unless you opt for the more expensive Pro models. They apparently feel that the FireWire is losing its favor to USB. This is one of the few downfalls of the newer models. Certainly they are still well worth the money spent as far as computing ability.

hot pink apple ipad cases

Apples have almost always been attractive, and they look even better with covers that turn them into pink Apple laptops. The display ports save you space from the mini-DVI ports and larger DVI ports. They aren't readily adaptable to connect to an external monitor, unless you purchase a display port adapter kit.

If you're the average computer buyer, the MacBook will give you enough ports for basic usage and no more. There isn't any card reader for digital cards built-in. The MacBook Pro is a bit limited as far as the card reader goes, but it's usually more than enough.

There used to be some difficulty in upgrading your basic Apple laptops. There were lots of tiny screws, and this made it even harder to install covers and skins, only to have to access areas beneath them to get to the hard drive.

The new laptops are different, and it's clear that Apple did their homework. On the redesigned MacBook and Pro, you will find the "insides" easy to open, when upgrading. There are two simple plates that give you easy access to the compartment for the hard drive and the RAM slots.

With covers on your new MacBooks, your pink Apple laptops have a removable battery that is easily changed out when you need a new one. They are flashier to look at and easier to use. Apple has done it again.

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