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Colored Netbook Computers Buying Guide

The hottest colored netbook computers from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Sony, & more.

Super Small Yet Bold On Color 

acer pink colored netbooks computersWhat can we say other than colored netbook computers are super awesome?  Well ok there's much more to say.

In fact netbooks are also super portable, packed with features, and light on your budget.  But best of all they come in a ton of fabulous color choices to boot. If you haven't seen a netbook yet, you're in for a big surprise.

These fast trend setters are what we like to call the iPod of laptops.  Like the iPod netbooks in our opinion rule the roost in style, appeal, and pure coolness. We definitely anticipate netbooks growing at an alarming rate over the next few years and this means more cool tech toys for everyone.  On the coolness scale we must say netbooks are a big ten.

What's truly great about netbooks are that they are priced just right, serve their intended purpose very well, and they are again trendy as hell.  Many netbooks get awesome battery life too which is a key selling point for us. In fact one of our favorite netbooks, the Asus Eee PC 1000HE can achieve 9+ hours.  Impressive! 

Many netbooks also are very durable and some have built in GPS, or 3G wireless Internet anywhere cards giving you the ability to surf the web just about all day anywhere.  But this is only fraction of what netbooks offer.  If you want more details see our Best Netbook Article.

Extreme Mobility For Under $500

inspiron mini colored netbooks

As you see we are a big fan of netbook computers. 

In our opinion colored netbooks are one of the coolest things to hit the tech world in a while. 

We like the fact that netbooks are the perfect mini laptop for travelers and they also make an awesome gift or a perfect starter laptop for a young tech adventurer.    

But we can't stress enough that all this extreme mobility typically costs less than $500.

Netbook Tidbit

asus eee pc blue colored netbooksSince the release of super small Asus, Acer, and other mini laptops, netbooks started to claim their place in the mobile market very fast.  If case you aren't aware, a netbook is pretty much a term for super small, sub $500 mini laptops. 

While netbooks have actually been around longer than many realize, we see netbooks really starting to take off after the Asus Eee PC's success. 

When many people think of the first netbook Asus Corporation often comes to mind though many laptop purists would say it was Acer who released the first netbook with their Revo nettop.  And yet others would argue some other manufacturer released the first netbook.

Well it seems that just about every other manufacturer rolled out netbooks of their own shortly after the Eee PC's success and there's no denying the Asus Eee PC is a great product so we personally have no problem giving Asus the credit for rolling out the first netbook, ok maybe the first successful netbook. 

What really matters is the fact that extreme mobility is within the reach of just about anyone's budget. The fact that netbooks are a fraction of the cost of yesterday's mini laptops is simply awesome. 

Will we one day see a throw away PC?  That's a story for another day, so let's move forward and take a look at some super cool colored netbooks, after all that's why you've landed on this page, right? Enjoy!

The World Of Colored Netbooks

Asus Colored Netbook Computers

dell colored laptops pictures

Asus markets the fabulous Eee PC netbooks in a slew of sweet colors.

This includes ruby red, royal & sapphire blue, green, pearl white, black, purple, brown, silver, graphite, champagne, and the awesome and super popular rose pink netbook to name a few.  This list is growing on a day by day basis too so definitely keep an eye on these babies.

The majority of Asus netbook computers are great little netbooks that offer a ton in the way of features for a great price.  Asus makes Eee PC's with various screen sizes such as 7.1, 8.9, 10.1, 10.2, and 11.6 inches at the time of this writing. 

asus white colored netbook computersBecause of the rate of grown for tech products expect more screen sizes to come about in the near future so definitely keep your eyes peeled.  As you can see though Asus makes an Eee PC that will fit just about anyone's needs now.

Most Eee PC's also get great battery life and some models such as the Asus Eee PC 1000HE and 1101HA claim they can achieve up to a 9.5+ hours which is at this moment one of the most impressive runtimes we've seen in a netbook. 

And to our surprise during the first time we got to tinker with the 1000HE we've came pretty close to achieving this and hit 8.6 hours with the Eee pretty much sitting on the desk.  We've heard of others achieving over 10 hours even.  All day mobile computing is reality folks!  

asus eee pc blue colored netbook computersBut do keep in mind these insane run times were achieved with little CPU activity so we'd expect more like 4.8 to 6 hours but even these times must be take with a grain of salt for battery life totally depends on the usage and environment even.

Of course the list doesn't stop here for Asus netbook computers also have a ton of features.

Some features include built in webcams, bright and efficient LED backlit LCD's, a plethora of hard drive offerings including traditional and newer solid state drives, built in B, G and even N wireless on some models, and more. 

Pretty stacked little guys aren't they?

As you can see we are big fans of the Asus Eee PC line of netbooks, and so we must admit Asus colored netbooks are up there among our top favorite netbooks. We highly recommend you check them out!

Acer Aspire Colored Netbook Computers

acer aspire one colored netbook computersAcer netbooks are full featured mini laptops that are perfect for those looking for ultimate portability. 

If you like traveling, or if you are constantly on the run then Ascer Aspire netbooks are going to be the perfect digital companion for you.

Designed perfect for busy business professionals, students and travelers, Acer Aspire One netbooks offer various Windows operating systems, plenty of wireless connectivity options, built-in webcams, and large hard drives among other great features. 

Like other netbooks, Acer Aspire One netbook computers are also ultra compact and ultra lightweight. Most Acer Aspire one netbook computers even weigh in less than 3 pounds.

acer aspire one pink netbook computersIn fact even the larger Acer Aspire 11.6 inch netbooks weigh in at less than three pounds and some 8.6 inch models weigh in as a feather light 2.3 pounds. Nice! 

Battery life is also pretty good across the entire line of Acer netbooks, and some Acer Aspire one netbooks such as the Aspire One 715h series even claim to reach up to 8.0 hours of battery life using a 6 cell battery. Battery runtime depends on configuration and usage of course but that's pretty impressive.

Acer Aspire one netbooks also come in a slew of screen sizes.  Acer Aspire One netbooks at the time of this writing can be configured with full color displays up to 11.6 inches so there is a size for just about anyone.

And of course Acer Aspire One netbooks come in an array of exterior color options so if you are big on style you're going to be in for a big treat.

We're happy to say Acer Aspire One netbooks are offered in some top industry favorite colors including:  Seashell white, onyx & diamond black, sapphire blue, golden brown, ruby red, and even an elegant rose pink which many women will love.

acer aspire one pink netbook computerWe're huge fans of the Acer Aspire One rose pink colored netbook and we must say we're also impressed with Acer's entire color selection.

Design wise many Acer Aspire One colored netbook computers look very similar to some other netbook makes though they have enough unique styling elements to stand apart. With great styling across the board and a quality fit and finish Acer Aspire netbooks should also last you well into the future.

Top Acer Aspire Colored Netbook Computers 

Popular 8.9 inch models include: A150-1029, A150-1359, A150-1505, A150-1555, A150-1570, A110-1588, A150-1635, A150-1690, A150-1706, A150-1786, A150-1887.

Popular 10 inch models include:  D150-1165, D150-1577, D150-1669, D150-1920, D250-1026, D250-1042, D250-1116, D250-1132, D250-1151, D250-1165, D250-1196, D250-1326, D250-1389, D250-1580, D250-1706, D250-1738, D250-1797, D250-1905, D250-1924, D250-1962, 531h-1766 and 531h-1440 models among others.

Popular 11.6 inch models include:  751h-1021, 751h-1080, 75h-1211, 751h-1259, 751h-1273, 751h-1279, 751h-1346, 751h-1351, 751h-1401, 751h-1522, 751h-1611, AO751h-1534, 751h-1893, 751h-1948.

As you can see there are a ton of configurations out there and this list is growing substantially.  Because of Acer's large selection there may honestly be the perfect one out there for your own unique wants and needs.

Acer Aspire netbook computers are up there among the top dogs of netbooks including the Asus Eee PC and so we recommend you check them out on your netbook quest.

Dell Mini Colored Netbook Computers

dell mini patterned colored netbook computer

Dell Mini netbooks are a well made netbook line that comes in a ton of configurations and colors. 

And like other netbooks the Dell Mini laptops are designed from the ground up to keep you connected while on the go.

In our opinion Dell has one of the best lineups of colored exterior choices right along the Asus netbooks. 

You can pickup a Dell Mini netbook in numerous colors including Obsidian Black, Pearl White, Ice Blue, Jade Green, Passion Purple, Bright Red, and the fashionable Promise Pink just to name a few.

Dell also fancies some cool default patterned designs too but if you want even more of a custom look just about every laptop skin manufacturer makes skins for Dell Mini laptops.  We recommend you check out the Dell Skinit website at dell.skinit.com if true customization is your thing.

Of course styling is only a fraction of what Dell Mini netbook computers can offer.

dell mini apocalypse patterned netbook computerAfter all what really matters is how the Dell Mini netbooks stack up to the rest of the competition in performance and tech features.

We're happy to say Dell netbooks are very configurable and so you won't have a hard time fine tuning your Mini to meet your needs. 

Inspiron Mini netbooks are super small with a virtually weightless design so you will be able to travel light, very light.  In fact like most netbooks the majority of Minis weigh less than 3 pounds. Sweet!

Processing performance in the Dell Mini netbooks is good and on par with other netbooks. Like most other netbooks the Dell Mini also runs on the Intel Atom processor platform so battery life is pretty good across the board.

Thanks to the Atom the Dell Mini 9 netbook for example can achieve just over 4 hours. Remember a Dell Mini 9 only weigh around 2.3 pounds too so that's pretty darn good. Pickup a larger capacity battery on some mini netbook models and you can even squeeze out more juice.

dell mini promise pink netbook computerRemember netbooks are designed to be a go anywhere check your email type of laptop and not an extreme number crunching machine. 

But for their intended purpose which may include checking email, chatting with your family and friends on your favorite IM client, updating your Face Book or Twitter status, or listening to some of your favorite tracks, well the Dell Mini netbooks won't disappoint. 

At the time of this writing Dell Mini netbook computers come in 9, 10, and 12 inch configurations but we don't doubt for a moment that new configurations will come to light in the very near future.  Since this is always the case with tech products keep an eye on the Inspiron mini just in case we haven't updated our article, for you never know what lays around the corner.

dell mini inspiron colored netbook computersIn the end we feel Dell Inspiron Mini laptops are a solid little netbook that will make a great gift, starter laptop, or secondary laptop for many of you. 

But like all things of course there will always be pros and cons so we recommend you do your research before buying a Dell or other netbook. 

In fact, for more great details we recommend you check out some of our Dell netbook reviews and other netbook articles.


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