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Motorola Xoom Tablet Review

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motorola xoom tabletMotorola Xoom Tablet Review

By Erin K.

Motorola Xoom Review
motorola xoom tablet
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As many of you may know, there has always been a lot of hype around the Apple iPad, and you may be scratching your head wondering if there is even anything out there in the same league.

We're happy to inform you there is, and it's called the Motorola Xoom tablet. Because of the iPads success, just about every manufacturer including Motorola is producing a tablet style device now. Big name players including Samsung and other industry leaders have also jumped on the band wagon in full force.

Motorola's brainchild of course is the Xoom. The Xoom is a full featured ultra potable lightweight tablet multi-media device running on Google's powerful Android operating system platform.

Each tablet manufacturer has thrown in their own unique little bits based on their proprietary technology and given it all to the consumer in one single, easy to use pad that does just about everything that the user wants. This includes the super functional  Motorola Xoom tablet, for Motorola has truly designed an outstanding device that is  perfect for organizing your digital world and keeping you in touch with your social circle.

As it goes with consumer competitiveness, it goes without saying that it was only a matter of time before something came along that could stand up to the sheer awesomeness of the iPad. The Motorola Xoom tablet does it with ease and a bit of style to boot.

They have partnered up with Google to develop a tablet that can run on the latest Android platform 3.0, also known as Honeycomb. Initially there was talk of a serious processor being required as a minimum to run the software, but it turns out that the one that the Xoom comes with is more than ample to do the job.

The processor is a Tegra 2 1GHz Dual-core that is coupled with a full gig of RAM and Graphics accelerator. Considering how the rest of the market has gone for the single core processor, this is quite a jump and really works wonders for the processing that it is going to do. The screen boasts an impressive 10.1 inch display, which is larger than the original iPad, and it is a full HD widescreen display that offers a 1280x800 pixel resolution as opposed to the 1024x768 on the iPad. Reports have said that pixel density is slightly lower with certain applications but it still manages just fine with games and other multi-media.
android motorola xoom tablet
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The Motorola Xoom tablet device comes with a standard 32 Gigabytes of memory to store all your applications, but unfortunately that is not upgradable as yet. Motorola expects to release an upgrade with a SD slot, so that you can plug in an additional memory card that will expand it by up to 64 gigs depending on the availability of the cards.

The Motorola Xoom tablet has a built in 5 megapixel camera at the back, to take some super sharp snap shots as and when you need them, and you can make use of the 2 megapixel webcam in front, should you wish to make video calls or require the use of a webcam. It's particularly helpful when Skyping all your friends or even making video calls to a client.

The first Xoom tablet did not have a simcard slot, so it couldn't connect directly to a cellular network, but you could still use the Wi-Fi if you happen to be in a hotspot. If you can't find any signal nearby, you still have the option of using the USB connection to hook your phone up and go from there. The phone simply acts as a modem, and the data is charged to your cellphone account.

The upgraded Xoom released later in the year would have a simcard slot so that you could connect to your favorite data carrier and make use of the tablet directly via the cellular networks as well. And for those cellular networks who don't use simcards such as Verizon, expect a custom Xoom compatible with their cellular network technology.

The USB also of course allows you to synchronize the tablet to a PC, so you can upload and download images, games, video and movie clips, as well as software that you might want to use on the device. There is also the option for Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the Motorola Xoom tablet and continue working unhampered on your e-mails or typing out full length documents.

The Motorola Xoom tablet is compatible with Adobe Flash 10, so your flash applications will run smoothly and unhitched. Browsing the Internet will be a breeze for you, as you won't get any lag on the loading, even if the site is completely flash based. It has a light, responsive touch screen with the neat pinch to zoom feature where you can slide two fingers together and it will make the selected area much bigger.

It does seem that the device is planned for landscape use, but portrait still works well despite the size of the device. One might consider being careful with it when it is up like that, as you could end up doing something you regret.

motorola xoom tablet
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The applications available for the Motorola Xoom tablet are virtually endless. There are a huge number of Android app developers out there and they are growing by the day.

Also, consumer demand for new applications is  everexpanding so software developers have no choice but to ramp up prodcuing great apps.

The Xooms home screen can be fully customized and you add or remove whatever applications you need the most.
You still have access to all the regular programs for mail and instant messaging. There is also the office application that you can run, that have similar capabilities to Microsoft office, and there is a Quickoffice viewer which lets you view all the MS docs that you might have stored or transferred from your home or work PC.

The device supports most of the formats for video and audio, with full video and audio capture capabilities as well. The imaging is in HD resolution and will definitely keep you entertained for hours. The formats that are standard for all the other manufacturers will play on the Xoom as well, so you won't find yourself sitting with compatibility issues once you have downloaded a video file for example.

The battery life of the Xoom as compared to the iPad, does not last as long. It last about 8.5 hours which is just shy of the big competitor, it is slightly bigger than the iPad so it would seem more cumbersome, but what it lacks in compactness, it certainly makes up for in power and functionality.

The overall consensus is that the Motorola Xoom tablet is a force to be reckoned with in the tablet market, and if you have the extra money to pay for it, and you're not onboard the Apple iPad hype train, we highly recommend you consider the Motorola Xoom as your next tablet because in our opinion it is one of the best Android tablets available.

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