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Logitech Laptop Cooling Solutions Review

Logitech laptop cooling solutions reviewed. Includes the popular N700.

Logitech Laptop Cooler Reviews

By Mark B.logitech laptop cooling solutions

In the world of laptop computer accessories, Logitech is a major player, offering a wide variety of cool laptop gadgets to accompany your brand new laptop investment.
One of their most popular laptop accessories is their assortment of laptop cooling pads, which in our opinion is one of their strongest products in their laptop accessory lineup. 

We've been testing Logitech laptop cooling solutions for some time now and they've landed on our list of best laptop coolers pretty consistently.

Logitech laptop cooling pad options include basic laptop stands perfect for those on a budget, ultra portable laptop stands ideal for those looking for ultimate portability, or full featured cooling pads offering robust laptop cooling fans and a set of built-in speakers, the ideal candidate for those looking for maximum performance.

We are impressed with the entire Logitech laptop cooling solution lineup for there is an option for everyone's budget and needs, and one of our top pick cooler pads offered by Logitech is their Speaker Lapdesk N700.

Sure the Lapdesk N700 is one of the most pricey laptop cooling pads offered by Logitech, however it is about as full-featured and stylish as any laptop cooler will come.

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 highlights include a solid set of stereo speakers, a fantastic heat-shielding design, a whisper quiet laptop cooling fan, a single USB interface, and a comfortable mesh padded bottom among other great features.

The Lapdesk N700's built-in stereo speakers offer one of the best audio experiences we've heard via a laptop cooling pad speaker set. They not only sound great compared to the paltry speakers built into your average laptop, but being built into the cooling unit there is no messy speaker wires or cumbersome speakers dangling from your laptop, making it a treat to move your laptop around from room to room. The N700 also gives you convenient volume controls for easy audio adjustments.

The speakers are powered by a single USB connection, which we might add also powers the Lapdesk N700's built in cooling fan. Plug in this single USB connection and enjoy awesome sound and cooling performance for your laptop, it's that easy.

Speaking of cooling performance, the Logitech N700 will keep your laptop running much cooler than your laptop's built-in fan alone. During extended use and using a powerful entertainment laptop for testing, the N700 laptop cooling pad kept the laptop much cooler than when using the same laptop on our laps without the laptop podium.

As an added bonus, this Logitech laptop cooling solutions built-in cooling fan also runs whisper quiet compared to many other coolers on the market, and with the flip of an on/off switch, you can even turn off the fan if desired.
Comfort is another strong point of the N700. The padded base is soft and comfy enough to use for extended laptop sessions. I put my friend Matt up to the test for I am not a huge fan of watching movies on my laptop, and after watching a nearly two hour flick Matt had zero complaints. He mentioned that the Lapdesk kept his lap much cooler than what he was used to, and he was also surprised that this was the case being that he used the laptop for nearly two hours. He also noted that the N700 allowed him to sit in a more comfortable position.

Overall the N700 is definitely a top pick if you are looking for one of the best laptop coolers around, though expect to pay a small price premium over other Logitech cooling podiums. On the other hand, this small premium is worth the price of admission if you want a top notch and full-featured laptop cooler.

Cost Effective Logitech Laptop Cooling Solutions 
logitech laptop cooling pads
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Now if the N700 is a bit outside your price range or it offers features you don't want or need, we highly recommend you take a look at the Logitech Cooling Pad N100 or one of the other Lapdesk models offered by Logitech including the N315, N500 or N550. 

These laptop coolers run for roughly the same price, about half the cost of the N700.
Each of these coolers also offer a specific feature set and all are built with the same standard of quality as the N700. Logitech definitely doesn't skimp with quality, another reason why we've been huge fans of their products for some time now.
The Logitech laptop cooling solution N100 is perfect for those looking for a no frills laptop cooler. It does a great job of keeping heat away from your lap, and it includes a USB powered fan that keeps your laptop running cooler.  The N100 isn't quite as comfy as the N700 and it doesn't include the extra bells and whistles like built-in stereo speakers,  however it is without a doubt a fantastic low cost notebook cooler that we highly recommend.

Now if portability is your gig, look no further than the Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315. This laptop cooling solution is a passive (has no fan) cooler so it doesn't offer the cooling capabilities of the active (has a fan) laptop cooler models, however it is an ideal compliment for an ultra portable or lightweight laptop being that it is thin and lightweight. You can easily slip it in a laptop bag or sleeve that is 15.6-inches or larger.

One of our favorite features with the N315 is that it includes a handy retractable mouse pad. In fact, we would have loved to see this feature in the awesome N700 cooler. Using an external mouse is far more comfortable than using the laptops trackpad, especially during extended use.

The Logitech N500 laptop podium is another fantastic fan-less laptop cooler, so once again it doesn't offer the cooling performance of other models in their lineup, however the N500 is designed for ultimate comfort. If you're looking to save some money and comfort is high on your list, look no further than the N500.

The Logitech N500 like other Logitech laptop cooling solutions offers a heat-shielding design to keep the heat away from your body, and similar to the N700 it offers a soft, air-mesh fabric for added comfort in addition to a similar angled riser design to improve neck and leg comfort when in the seated position. The Logitech N500 definitely feels a lot like the N700 during use.

If you're looking for a low-cost, comfortable cooling podium for your laptop, the Logitech N500 is a great buy. If you tend to use your laptop in the seating position, the N500's angled design and soft mess fabric bottom is similar to the N700 and quite frankly just as comfortable. And if you don't want or need the built in speakers or cooling fan of the N700, the N500 is perfect since its comfort levels once again are quite similar to the more expensive N700.  

Logitech Laptop Cooling Solutions - Our Final Thoughts

n550 logitech laptop cooling solution
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The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 is another great model in Logitech's laptop cooling pad lineup.

The N550 is designed strictly for laptops and netbooks up to a maximum of 14.1-inches, so if you're laptop is bigger than 14.1-inches and you want a similar feature set, the N700 is going to be more up your alley.

Like the N700, the N550 also offers a nice pair of built-in speakers, making it especially ideal for all you portable laptop users being that small laptops typically offer small sound. The Logitech N550 laptop cooler also offers a angled riser and soft air-mesh fabric for body and viewing comfort.

In conclusion we definitely feel just about any Logitech laptop cooler will be a fantastic companion to you and your new laptop. Their diverse, competitively priced laptop cooling solution lineup is second to none, and the quality of their products is top notch.

Below we've included product links to some of the best priced Logitech laptop cooling solutions on the Internet and you'll also find links to other popular laptop coolers including another one of our personal favorites, the Cooler master Notepal series.

As a long time Amazon customer we can't help but highly recommend them to you. They have one of the best selections of notebook coolers, and their prices, customer service, and shipping is above most if not all the competition.

As a final note, if you have any questions about any of the laptop coolers in this review, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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