Lightest Laptop Computers

Thin & Light Laptop Computers

A look at some of the smallest and lightest laptop computers.

For the best mobile experience, a lightweight laptop that doesn’t compromise on processing power, features, or battery life is a winning combination.

Thankfully, the thinnest and lightest laptops available today are more powerful and battery efficient than they’ve ever been thanks to advancements in processor technologies, so finding a quality lightweight laptop is much easier and affordable than it was in the past.

However, if you want to find the best laptop for the money, there are additional specifications besides the processor that you’re definitely going to want to pay special attention to when shopping for the lightest laptop or laptop.

For example, we’ve seen dual-core laptops that were priced only a wee bit more than a single-core laptop. We’ve also seen laptops and laptops that were similar, though one had more features (ex. one had both Bluetooth and a better screen) despite only a marginal increase in price.

In our opinion, the best lightest laptop for the money are the ones that balance size and weight, with the features and specifications that you need to be productive.

Thankfully, finding the perfect light laptop is going to be a pretty easy process for you since just about every laptop manufacturer including Dell, Sony, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus among others have set their focus small and released slew of lightweight laptops.

Best of all, they’ve done so by not just focusing on making their laptops light, but balancing portability with top notch technologies and outstanding styling, all at very affordable prices.

Here’s a look at popular thin and light laptops and laptops, and a brief overview of some key differences between ultra-portable laptops and laptops.

The Lightest Laptop – Laptops or Ultra-Portable Ultrabooks

sony vaio smallest and lightest laptopToday’s mini laptops and especially bite-sized laptop computers often weigh no more than 3 pounds.

In fact, some ultra-portable laptops and mini laptops weigh even less!

If you’ve explored lightweight laptops for awhile, you would have come across laptops classified as ultra-portables.

These are also among the lightest in laptops, with powerful features, and sexy and sleek designs. Ultra-portable laptops tend to range a bit higher in price than the typical laptop or laptop, so prepare yourself to pay a bit more. But if you’re looking for the utmost in portability and performance, paying a little more will be in your best interest.

When shopping for the lightest laptop, be sure to remember the needs you have for a computer first and foremost, for you don’t want to buy one that is under powered for your needs. You’re not only going to want to look for a light weight laptop, but one that offers solid specifications and a long battery runtime.

Many of the lightest laptops only weigh about three pounds, and many of the newer laptop style laptops are often the smallest and lightest laptops on the market, and they are also a fraction of the cost of so called ultra-portable laptops.

Laptops are lower priced laptops that surprisingly offer a lot of processing power in a small package.  Laptops are actually very similar to the typical ultra-portable. You could theoretically put them in the same classification for both are technically ultra-portable, but laptops offer cheaper components and less features at a lower price.

But even the cheapest laptops have wireless systems including the latest WiFi standards and optional Bluetooth, large hard drives, efficient Intel processors, and the latest  memory technologies.  Laptops are also powerful enough to run most if not all of your favorite applications, and they do so at a very affordable price of course.

The ultra-portable lightest laptops on the other hand may run you $1,000 or so but you can get some models for lower prices, but as the price goes down, you’ll often find models that are heavier and/or have fewer features, but this isn’t always the case.

You’ll also be pleased to find that the lighter laptops now have a longer battery life and the latest technologies out of the box at much lower prices, sometimes at a price not much more than a so called high-end laptop.

Popular Thin & Light Laptop Computers

sony vaio lightest laptopHere is a brief look at some hugely popular thin and light laptop computers, as voted by some of our loyal readers.

The Apple MacBook Air has been highly hyped, since before its release. And whether you are favorably inclined toward Mac’s or not, you’ll definitely want to consider this one. Among a list of attractions, the MacBook Air receives solid performance reviews across the board, and it is one of the lightest and thinnest laptops you may have seen, plus it is without a doubt one cool looking laptop.

apple macbook air lightest laptopSure the Apple MacBook Air is a bit on the pricey side when you compare it to some of the thinnest and lightest laptop computers offered by PC manufactures, but even so, the MacBook Air still is a great value for the dollar, especially when you consider the MacBook Air has Apple’s legendary build quality, the rock solid Mac OSX operating system, and an outstanding list of pre-installed Apple i-software applications.

Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 and 1018 laptops are hugely popular thin and light laptops.  Both sell for less than $500 dollars and they are packed with a nice feature set.

Both the Mini 1012 and 1038 come with 10.1 inch screens, weigh less than 3 pounds, and offer an awesome 9.5 hours of rated battery life to keep you on the move.

dell inspiron mini 1018 light pink colored netbooksThe Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 is technically the bigger brother of the two being that it is packed with more features, though the Inspiron Mini 1018 at only $300 is a better deal in our opinion, compared to the $450 asking price of the Inspiron Mini 1012.

But either way, if you need more features and power, definitely compare and contrast the different features offered by both models.

Both the Mini 1012 and 1018 are also offered in many industry favorite colors, so if style is your thing, an Inspiron Mini laptop may just be the ticket.

Dell color options include Obsidian Black, Product Red, Ice Blue, Promise Pink, Jade Green, and passion Purple.  You can also customize them with 200+ designs via Dell’s design studio if their color options don’t appeal to you.

Overall Dell Inspiron Mini laptops are not only some of the lightest laptop computers on the market at the moment, they are also among the coolest looking and feature riche laptops.

sony vaio lightest laptopsThe Sony VIAO P Series is a top-selling model that’s one of the smallest and lightest laptops you can purchase.  It has a decent feature set too, and of course Sony’s outstanding style.

Among great features, the VAIO P Series offer you a built-in camera, newer WiFi technologies, and Bluetooth.  But while less than many other thin and light laptops, the battery in the VAIO P Series while admirable, only lasts about five hours depending on what you’re using the laptop for that is.

But the weight of the Sony VAIO P Series is truly outstanding at only 1.3 pounds so it is much smaller than your average laptop. The Sony P Series is a bit pricey when you compare it to some of the other lightest laptops offered, but if you have the money, it’s still an excellent and popular choice.

More Smallest & Lightest Laptops

smallest and lightest asus laptop netbook computerThe Asus Eee PC has long been a favorite among people who prefer a lighter laptop or laptop.

Many Asus Eee PC laptops are a great starting point for those who can’t afford more fully-equipped laptops or for those who are looking for a cheap secondary machine or gift for another. Eee PC laptops are very competitively priced and there are a slew of models in different sizes to choose from.

Many of the lower-end Asus Eee PC laptops are not only portable but very affordable. Students and those looking for a cheap mobile machine will enjoy their portability and price.

The original smallest and lightest laptop from Asus had a seven inch screen. The small screen made it hard to read text and it also meant it had a substantially smaller keyboard than what many were accustomed to.

asus eee pc lightest laptopsOf course it only weighed around two pounds and styling was attractive. It quickly became popular, even to the point of kicking off the laptop revolution. But due to its smaller size, the hard drive was also a bit small, and the resolution on the screen was rather low, so it was inevitable that more configurations were soon to follow.

Welcome to the modern Asus Eee PC line! Asus Eee PC laptops of today now offer many more configurations, and numerous screen sizes to choose from.

Overall, the Asus Eee PC is inexpensive, light weight and small, and its feature rich enough to be efficient and fast enough for many computing chores. Asus Eee PC’s also have a decent software package pre-installed, and best of all the battery on Eee PC laptops last from as low as three hours in older models, up to a staggering 14 hours on some current Eee PC laptops.

acer lightest laptopsIf you are looking for a less expensive model than some of the higher-priced laptops and laptops, check out Acer AO532h laptops.

Many models cost about 10% less than many of the competitor’s higher-priced laptops, and they still offer you the standard 10.1 inch screen, feature set, and solid construction found in other laptop computers.

Battery life is also great across the entire Acer AO532h line, and models get from 8 to 10 hours of solid battery runtime. Overall Acer makes some fantastic lightweight laptop computers and laptops.

lenovo tablet netbookThe Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Series laptops are pretty well-reviewed, and one of the top in the category of lightest laptops. The screen is standard for a laptop sized laptop at 10.1 inches, and the S10 Series come in a very compact package overall. They also offer pretty decent battery life which makes them ideal when working at a remote location.

Lenovo IdeaPad S10 laptops can also be purchased in a tablet PC format so you can get tablet capability similar to an Apple iPad, but with the full functionality of a laptop. Simply flip the screen around and lock it in place, and the IdeaPad S10 becomes an instant tablet computer.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X100e is also very popular, though more so on the business side of the mobile computing market. It is definitely tailored around the business professional’s needs.

It is another great choice if you’re looking for one of the lightest laptop computers offered on the market.  With a screen size of 11.6 inches they are slightly larger than the IdeaPad S10 series laptops.

The Toshiba Portege line of laptops also come in a slew of lightweight choices. Some of their lightest laptop models are very thin, but still have a powerful processor and other features ideal for the mobile computing user. The Toshiba Portege line are also built pretty solid, and very competitive with lightweight laptops offered by other manufacturers.

toshiba mini pink netbooksBut if you want an ultra compact and stylish Toshiba laptop, you’re going to love the Toshiba Mini NB line of laptops. Tosiba Mini NB laptops including the NB305 and NB255 are fantastically priced, and they come in a slew of cool colors making them a fun and hip mini laptop, perfect for school and play.

Both Toshiba Mini NB305 and NB205 laptops have gorgeous LED backlit widescreen 10.1-inch displays, newer and faster Intel Atom processors, a built-in webcam, plenty of memory, spacious hard drives, the latest Wi-Fi standards, a comfortable full-size chiclet style keyboard, and a full-size touchpad with multi-touch capabilities among other great features.

One of the cooler features of Toshiba Mini laptops is the USB Sleep-And-Charge port. One of the Toshiba Mini’s USB ports is configured to allow you to charge all your favorite external USB devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players even when your laptop is turned off.

The internal hard drive is also protected by an integrated 3D impact sensor that detects freefalls, shocks and even vibrations. This is fantastic feature for it can protect what matters most, your sensitive data. And since many of you buying a Toshiba Mini will most likely be taking it with you on the move daily, this feature is a nice touch.

toshiba mini blue netbookBest of all though, would have to be the outstanding battery runtime that Toshiba Mini NB laptops offer. With up to 11 hours of battery life, you have all day computing at your finger tips!

Toshiba NB laptops are also designed sleek and light, making them among the lightest laptop computers on the market. At less than 3 pounds they are so light you may even forget its in your suitcase, purse, or backpack.

Exterior styling is also top notch. The battery pack is neatly hidden under the casing of the laptop to preserve its sleek, ergonomic design. And let’s not forget that Toshiba Mini NB laptops also offer an attractive looking textured finish that comes in multiple cool color options. Some of our favorite Toshiba mini colored laptop colors are Royal Blue, Oynx Black, Frost White, Ruby Red, Java Brown, and the hugely popular Posh Pink.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the smallest and lightest laptop computers. Below you will find popular shopping recommendations and showcase of popular mobile computer models including: small laptops, small laptops, thin laptops, light laptops, mini laptops, colored laptops, colored laptops, and more.

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