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Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Laptop Review

We review the flexible and rugged Lenovo ThinkPad X200 

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Review 

ibm lenovo thinkpad x200 picturesThe Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad X200 is pretty much a newer version of the ultraportable 12.1" Thinkpad X61.  It like most ThinkPad notebooks is a very capable laptop computer that offers good all around performance and features.  

In fact it offers better performance then the ThinkPad X300 but for a more comfortable price. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad X200 is tailored for the business user though because of its rugged nature it will also make a great durable little tech companion to home users alike. 

Being 12.1" the X200 won't weigh your laptop briefcase down either and well despite it's size it also contains a powerful backbone.  

While the X200 is smaller than other ThinkPads it packs plenty of horsepower to churn through you day to day business grind without issue.  It's Intel Core 2 Duo processor ripped through various business applications including Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Project among others.

Powerful ThinkPad X200 Laptops

We were impressed also that despite powerful features the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 got solid battery life, even better then the older ThinkPad X61 all without burning our lap in the process. 

What's also great about the X200 is that you have the option to configure up to 4GB of working memory, and the newer, faster, and more powerful solid state hard drive (SSD) for storage.  As you see the 12.1" X200 is a mighty little mouse. 

Moving from the inside back out the X200 is a very durable portable laptop.  It includes an alloy case and frame and standard ThinkPad durability elsewhere.  Like usual with ThinkPad laptops steel hinges add durability, and the X200 includes spill drains on the keyboard to potentially funnel out your afternoon mochochino in the event of an unfortunate accident. 

Of course like other ThinkPads, upgrading your computer is a snap also thanks to easy access panels to key components such as the hard drive and memory.  Swapping out other components such as the keyboard is a snap too via labeled screws on the bottom of the laptop case. 

Expansion ports on the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 include basic amenities such as 3 USB ports, a monitor VGA output, Ethernet jack, ExpressCard expansion slot, and modem port depending on the configuring you choose.  Nothing extremely fancy such as HDMI output, though because of the X200's business nature you're not really going to find these type of special features. 

What we also liked with the ThinkPad X200 was its inclusion of a slightly brighter screen over the older X61.  While it's great that we get a brighter screen with the X200, it still isn't as bright as we would have hoped for, especially noticeable during outdoor use or where there is a lot of sun glare.  Of course the brighter screen is a welcomed addition and we aren't really complaining here.


Overall the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 is a great do all business laptop offering great performance in a small package along with standard ThinkPad ruggedness. 

Load one of these babies up with one of the faster Intel Core 2 Duo processors offered and 4GB of RAM and the X200 will rip through business chores.  

On top of its performance you can even potentially get up to a whopping 10 hours of battery life on an optional 9 Cell battery.  Wow! What can we say; the IBM ThinkPad X200 is a great business class notebook.  

Of course every great thing still has some room for criticism.  On the top of our list is the lack of a built-in optical drive.  While it would be a nice addition, we can't really expect this in a laptop which such a compact frame so in this situation dreamers will be dreamers.   Also we would like to see a touchpad instead of just a eraser style TouchPoint pointer stick but once again its compact nature doesn't leave a large amount of room to spare. 

Putting these minor gripes aside we highly recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 for all your small or large scale business needs.  If you've used a ThinkPad before, then the X200 is going to continue to wow you with its flexible performance and outstanding durability. 

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