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Laptop Speakers Buying Guide

Portable Laptop Speakers Guide - Purchasing Tips, Online Shopping & More.

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Laptop Computer Speakers Guide

Today pretty much any laptop is normally equipped with an adequate pair of built-in stereo speakers.

Of course, if you want a much better listening experience, a solid pair of portable laptop speakers is a godsend.

The majority of you buying a typical consumer or business laptop will find that the built-in set of laptop speakers are pretty good and usually perfect for your needs.

However, this isn't always the case because a laptops built-in stereo speakers will often fall flat when you crank up your favorite movie, track, presentation, or game.

Of course, a kicking sound system isn't exactly a laptops forte so we aren't too critical of a laptops sound quality to begin with and in fact we're just thankful that laptops at least come with something.

But for all you audiophiles and folks that want a better listening experience, a solid set of portable laptop speakers will give you that extra boost of audio clarity in a lightweight portable package.

It is worth noting however that some laptops do come with fantastic built-in audio systems, and some even with built-in subwoofers for extra bass if you can believe it.

In fact, we've recently tinkered with an HP ENVY Beats Edition laptop with a sound system by Beats Audio. We have to admit, we were impressed by the laptops audio quality on multiple levels including sound and overall impression.

Most laptops however don't offer quality sound systems like those in a Beats Audio Edition HP laptop, but let's be thankful that the average laptop at least offers adequate sound quality via built-in stereo speakers. At the end of the day though, a solid set of portable laptops speakers is often your best bet, or even a set of headphones for that matter.

Portable Laptop Speakers
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If you simply are not impressed at all with the stock sound quality offered by your laptop, the best option for you may be to go the external laptop speaker route. 

Any laptop has a stereo headphone output jack so you can accommodate speakers or headphones easily, though USB portable laptop speakers sold on the market run directly from the power feed on your laptops USB port. This makes USB speakers very versatile for you don't have to be near a power outlet, plus there is less to carry around as well.

If you are going to be lugging around your laptop and the built-in speakers aren't sufficient, the option we often recommend is to purchase external USB Portable Laptop Computer Speakers. A good set of USB portable laptop computer speakers are an easy, instant audio upgrade for your laptop.

Portable USB speakers are small and lightweight, and as we've mentioned they don't have to be plugged into a wall socket so a bulky AC adapter isn't necessary.  This makes them easy to stuff in your laptop bag when going mobile or traveling. 

One thing to note with USB speakers is that your laptops battery is going to be feeding the speakers power, so there will be a light impact on overall laptop battery run time, however at the end of the day the tradeoff is well worth the audio improvement gains.  

For those of you who will be purchasing a desktop replacement or other laptop that will be used primarily at home where mobility isn't important, a full-fledged external speaker system will be a better buy instead of a small pair of USB laptop speakers. 

A full-fledged speaker system will hands down give you the best audio listening experience for your laptop, something a pair of built-in or USB laptop computer speakers simply can't match.

Final Take

hp usb portable laptop speakers
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While there isn't a whole lot of  flexibility when it comes to the built-in laptop speakers even in our modern technical age, there is at least on a positive note other options for you such as one of the many fantastic portable USB laptop computer speakers available or even a solid set of headphones.

If you are shopping around for a laptop online or off and sound quality is a concern to you, we often recommend you make a run to your local retailer to try out some of the built-in laptop speakers there. At least this will give you a general idea of what to expect from the various laptops.

But for the majority, we still recommend a quality pair of portable USB speakers or high quality headphones since most laptops don't exactly offer the best sound quality. 

And if you need privacy, a solid set of headphones is your best bet. There are a slew of USB headphones available, as well as wireless ones, including those using the latest wireless Bluetooth technology.  

So in a nutshell folks, don't expect anything too outstanding from stock laptop speakers, unless you happen to purchase a laptop with a high-end sound system. 

But definitely be happy that at least today's laptops have better sound than laptops of the past.

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