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laptop computer ratings First stop, laptop ratings 101.

What motivation lies behind laptop computer ratings?

Why is a reviewers opinion vastly different from another even though the same product is being reviewed? Are reviews by smaller computer websites as credible as the big tech websites such as CNet, PCmag, ZDnet, etc?

Maybe you want to know if the opinion of only one reviewer can be trusted before making a laptop purchase, or if a second opinon is the best bet?

These questions are only a sliver of the laptop ratings questions we receive, but knowing the answer to these questions is often enough to make the difference between you buying a lemon computer or a laptop jewel. We've chosen these questions specifically because we want to see you buy your perfect laptop.

As a first stop we know many of you researching a new laptop computer often surf directly to a big name tech website looking for laptop ratings, right? 

While a big player is a fine and dandy first stop, don't run directly over to the local retailer or your favorite E-tailer and spend your hard earned cash on a laptop just yet. 

We agree a big tech resource is a great source for information, remember that it is in fact still only one source.

One opinion however credible should never be your only source to base a purchasing decision on. When researching a new laptop absolutely never expect one review to answer all your questions regardless of its credibility. 

This advice is golden when shopping for a laptop, so we advise you keep this insight handy and be sure to expose yourself to multiple laptop ratings before forking out the dough.

Smart shopper or not so smart shopper?

In today's online world many laptop buyers use what we refer to as smart shopping skills, while others use what we like to simply call semi-smart shopping skills, and the rest well we like to refer to them as gambling shoppers.

Smart shoppers are those who do extensive research from not only multiple big name laptop ratings sources but also smaller players like us here. 

Smart shoppers also typically use other sources such as word of mouth and websites such as epinions.com where actual people like yourself also speak about their own personal experience with a product.

Semi-smart buyers are typically those who use only one source for advice, and typically a big name tech website is their advisor of choice. Because a semi-smart buyer is already on the right track by doing research in the first place, usually bumping their smart shopping skills up a notch by mixing and matching their big name laptop ratings site with a smaller site like us here at Laptop-Computer-Comparison, and also actual laptop owners opinions is enough for them to graduate to a full fledged smart buyer.

While many semi-smart buyers have made satisfying computer purchases based off the opinion of only one fairly credible review source, we honestly feel these so called satisfying purchases were still maybe eighty percent brain and twenty percent luck. As we said earlier, no matter how credible the source, do not trust the advice of them and them only. This small percentage of brain unused can honestly make or break a good deal often.

Everyone else who does not do any research at all but jumps into a laptop computer or other purchase is only asking for trouble. No matter who you are, remember that you have the World Wide Web at your fingertips to extensively research everything from laptops, to cars, to movies, or even ant farms if desired. Use the tools and you will make all the rules when it comes to being in control of your purchase.

So what motivation lies behind laptop ratings, anyway?

This is a very good question, and in our opinion the motivation behind laptop ratings really depend on the origin of the review itself.

Some reviews for example originate from individuals who are paid to review products. 

Since this person's job day in and day out is to review laptops and other products, their reviews in our opinion can feel like they were written by a robot.

A good example of this type of review is the typical review found on big name tech website.

We also personally feel reviews originating from these so called paycheck reviewers are not quite as useful as people often believe. 

We also feel that the reviewers passion for the product isn't always as strong as someone who isn't a reviewer by profession. Of course this is only our opinion and we do not discredit any reviewer's claimed passion or credibility behind the products they review.

Another type of reviewer is someone who doesn't get paid to review products, like us here at Laptop-Computer-Comparison.com. Our motive behind laptop ratings is all passion, like a hobby though with the seriousness of a job. We take pride with giving honest straight up advice from passionate experience originating from our individual personalities.

The final type of reviewers are everyday people like yourself. The most credible laptop ratings often originate from everyday consumers,for you guys are the actual owners with first hand real world experience. Word of mouth from friends, family, and colleagues often are the best review source. Still remember that one source isn't the only source but definitely do not overlook a real world opinion.

The Final Take

In conclusion your best bet on your quest for the perfect laptop is to always compare the opinions of big tech review sites, small tech review sites like us here, and everyday people like yourself. And remember do not trust the opinion of just one source no matter how credible that source may seem.

If you take our advice we honestly feel you will be on the correct path to a laptop that will give you years of solid use. While opinions vary and motives behind reviewers often vary, if you put on your smart shopping cap and do your research before you buy, you become an official smart shopper. Congratulations!

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