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Portable Laptop Printer Buyers Guide

Portable laptop printer purchasing tips and recommendations.

  • Ultra portable laptop printer from Canon or HP that includes a battery and Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Any HP, Canon, or other branded portable printer with the option to use a battery if ever needed.

portable laptop printer laptop printers picture HP CanonPortable Laptop Printer - Mobile Needs

If you're in need of printing on the go you definitely will want to take a look at the various portable printers on the market. 

Most are extremely portable weighing no more than about three pounds and some also include their own battery so a wall outlet isn't even necessary.

In our opinion a portable printer is a necessity for every traveling business professional.  They will also be a great companion for photographers and all other professionals with mobile printing needs.  

In today's demanding mobile computing world there are plenty of manufacturers who make portable laptop printers so you will have options.  In fact, our best advice is to shop around and read plenty of reviews so you ultimately find one that fits all your current and potential future needs. 

Battery Powered Portable Laptop Printers

We highly recommend you look for a portable laptop printer that has the option to run off a battery similar to your laptop.  

Of course you may be able to save a bit of cash by purchasing a portable printer that doesn't include the battery but we advise you look for one that gives you the option to run off a battery anyway. 

Remember, even if you don't need that capability to run off a battery now you may at some point in the future. 

So during your printer comparison shopping definitely just take look at the various add-on/accessory options just in case.  You may be surprised that it won't actually cost you much more for a printer that at least gives you the option to purchase a battery later on if needed.

Other things to look for in a portable printer are wireless technologies for wire free printing. Many portable printers will include wireless technologies including the newer hi-tech Bluetooth wireless technology or even the outdated infrared technology.  In today's tech world however many in fact come with both and so will satisfy the wireless printing needs of pretty much anyone. 

Of course if your laptop has Bluetooth like many business class notebooks do, definitely pick up a portable laptop printer with Bluetooth capability, especially if you are a traveling business professional.  Bluetooth will literally allow you to print all the way across your hotel room while performing last minute business projects on the comfort of the bed before heading out to face another hectic day. 

As far as portable printing technologies are concerned, your choice is going to be limited to an Inkjet printer.  You simply won't find a portable laser printer because the tech behind the laser printer consumes way too much power.

The lack of a portable laser printer however isn't much of a problem to be honest, for personally we have been very impressed by the spectacular print quality from various mobile printers that we've used.

So on another note, printing is also going to be slower than a full-sized or laser printer of course, but the quality of inkjet portable printers is actually pretty darn spectacular as we just mentioned, especially from HP and Canons current crop of portables. 

We're willing to bet there is a portable printer out there perfect for your mobile needs.

As you see there isn't really too much to portable printers, just shop around and perform plenty of research before you buy and you should be pretty much ready to rock and roll. 

Remember to always plan for any potential future needs by looking at the various options/ad-ons such as a battery option, etc, and also look at wireless technologies if you see yourself benefiting from wireless printing.  That's really all there is to it folks so best of luck.

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