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At Laptop Computer Comparison.com we receive a wide range of questions from laptop owners just like you.

This page is a resource of selectively picked questions which we feel may answer some of your own.

While we don't have the resources or time to respond to every question, we will always try our very best to answer as many of your questions as possible.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with a question anytime for we would love to be of assistance.

This page is dedicated to you, and everyone of our loyal readers, please enjoy!


Problem Connecting Laptop To LCD TV

Jessica S. Wrote:

Hi, I am trying to hook my laptop up to my new LCD TV using the PC connection and I get an invalid signal message on the TV. I have my computer resolution set at 800x600 but it does not work no matter what resolution I try. I don't know a whole lot about computers but I do know the basics and how to change the display resolution is what a friend recommended I try. Nothing works though. Please help.

Laptop Computer Comparison.com:

Hi Jessica, we actually see this and similar questions fairly often. More than likely you need to switch the output on your laptops display. This is typically done by holding down the key located by the left control button labeled "FN" while simultaneously hitting a corresponding F1-F12 button depending on your laptop. Many laptops use the F8 key to change the output.

First make sure your TV is currently on the PC input and then go ahead and hold down the FN key and then press the F8 or specific key to your laptop until you see the display pop up on the TV.

Based off the information you provide we feel our solution more than likely is your fix. Good luck, please let us know if this works for you. If not we would be happy to help you out further so please don't hesitate to shoot a question our way.

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My Laptop Is Running Hot

Matthew J. Wrote:

My laptop gets really hot when I am using it and I'm not sure why because it is a brand new Toshiba laptop with and Intel Core Duo processor. The salesman at Best Buy told me that Intel laptops run faster and cooler than previous laptops. I'm worried something might be wrong and I am wondering if I should try to exchange it before it's too late. What do you think I should do?

Laptop Computer Comparison.com:

Hi Matt, here's some useful information to ponder over.

Laptops in general regardless of the processor used can get fairly warm, sometimes even hot, especially during summer months. Air is almost constantly expelled from the vents of the laptop and it is pretty normal for this air to feel very warm. In fact, this is a good sign that the laptop cooling mechanisms are working.

Laptops have little rubber or plastic feet on the bottom that are designed to give the laptop a small cushion of air underneath so the ventilation system draws air in properly.

Often many users operate their laptops on a shaggy carpet or bed comforter causing the vents to be blocked. This is not good for the overall longevity of the laptop and will often get it very hot.

If you truly feel your laptop heat issue is abnormal we advise you go with your inner voice and bring it into Best Buy and have their Geek Squad department look at it immediately. They will look at it for free too because you are within return policy limits.

Also, if heat bothers you while the laptop is on your lap there are specially designed laptop podiums that fit between your legs and the bottom of the laptop. Amazon.com has a wide selection of these available. They also sell these at Best Buy and Circuit City among other retail outlets.

Good luck, please let us know how things work out for you.

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What Laptop Brand Should I Buy

Roger C. Wrote:

I'm looking for a new laptop and am wondering if you recommend a specific brand over another? One of my friends told me to get a Sony but another said Dell is the way to go. I like the look of the Sony laptops but Dell laptops seem so much cheaper. Does this mean the Dell's quality is less? It would be nice to save a bit of money though.

Laptop Computer Comparison.com:

Well Roger, we honestly don't recommend one brand of laptop over another for we feel the build quality in laptops today is pretty solid across the board. Our best advice is to look for a laptop that will fit your unique lifestyle, regardless of brand name. There is much more to consider before purchasing a laptop besides brand and we have numerous resources here to start you off in the right direction.

Definitely check out our reviews and laptop computer comparison guide to get a good feel of what's out there. Even if you've read our other resources already it never hurts to refresh yourself, and our Best Laptops and Laptop Ratings pages offer very useful advice.

Best of luck Roger!

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Help! Kelly Clarkson Is Stuck In My CD Drive

Mary K. Wrote:

My old Compaq laptop finally quit on me and it won't turn on anymore. One of my favorite Kelly Clarkson CD's is stuck in the drive. Is there a way to get the CD out without damaging it?

Laptop Computer Comparison.com:

You're in luck. There is an easy solution for you Mary. First get a paperclip or similar object and straighten it out, then locate the small pinhole on the drive door, finally push the paperclip in the hole slowly and the drive will manually eject. Good luck.

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Should I Get More Memory For Windows Vista?

Jeff B. Wrote:

I found a good deal on a new laptop with Windows Vista that has 2 gigabytes of memory but one of my friends said it will run slow and that I should get more. I read your guide and I think 2 will be enough. What do you guys think?

Laptop Computer Comparison.com:

Most importantly Jeff it depends on your intended use, but we recommend at least 2GB for any Vista computer.

If you are into advanced games or multimedia you will most definitely want to get more. For entry level gaming/multimedia systems 2GB is often enough in our opinion.

Definitely reread our laptop memory guide for you may have missed some valuable advice.

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