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Laptop Computer Accessories

We take a look at some popular laptop computer accessories.

Popular Laptop Computer Accessories

Not all laptop computer accessories are superfluous add-ons. 

In fact, there are a ton of related products that can immensely improve a laptop user's mobile computing experience. 

But with a multitude of these in the market, choosing can be quite overwhelming. 

This is why we have come up with a list of ones that are really handy to have.



Wireless Mouse

A rundown of laptop computer accessories will not be complete without a mention of the wireless mice. Sure, laptops have touchpads to replace computer mice function. However, using the former can be rather frustrating. Cursors jumping erratically due to slight movements atop touchpads are fairly common. So opt to get your very own wireless USB mouse so that you can finally deactivate that touchpad function on your laptop! There are mini and regular sizes of these devices, and even ergonomically designed wireless mice widely available. Mice with trackballs are worth a look as well. As what the name suggests, these have balls atop the mice. So the tracking all takes place above instead of below the mice. These are ideal for use in cramped spaces, as physically moving the device is no longer necessary. And since wireless mice are standalone devices, then they do not take up battery power at all.


Are you fond of making impromptu videos from your laptop? Or are you always online voice chatting through Skype? Or perhaps you have discovered the wonders of voice recognition software programs? Then you must have a pair of headsets wherever you go! Headsets are not just laptop computer accessories but are highly functional as well. And if not requiring use of the microphone, then you can simply roll it up. This way, you get to listen to music or watch your favorite videos without the mouthpiece poking right under your chin.  

External Keyboards

If what you have is a smallish laptop, then typing on it is probably a chore. Sure, you can always take a rest from time to time to reduce strain on your hands and wrists. Doing so, however, can take up a lot of time, and won't serve you well if you have a project you have to finish ASAP. To address this problem, opt to obtain an external keyboard. These are widely available through laptop computer accessories shops and typically come in USB, PS/2, or combo connections. There are Bluetooth- and infrared-enabled keyboards as well. And what's best, there are a whole lot of models to choose from. You can always choose the standard rigid keyboard, or opt for one with an ergonomic design. The roll-up keyboard is worth checking out as well. Its flexible construction allows for rolling the whole keyboard assembly so storing and carrying are made easy.

External Drives

Your assortment of laptop computer accessories will not be complete without an external hard disk drive. This device serves a number of really important functions. For one, you get to have a separate storage system for all of your digital files. This way, the hard drive in your laptop is freed up of space for a more optimum performance every time. Storing of sensitive personal files in the laptop is eliminated as well, so that these do not end up used unscrupulously should your laptop get lost or stolen.  

Portable Desks and Stands

Frequently bringing home work? If you do, then chances are you work while on your bed. While you can always place pillows on your lap so as to have a base for your laptop, this is not a good practice. Firstly, it is not stable. Secondly, heat emanating from the laptop's base will get trapped in the pillow encouraging overheating. Thirdly, such a typing position could put a strain both on your neck and back. Plus, the mouse will be awkwardly positioned on top of the bed, causing tension on your hands and wrists. Fortunately, there are a number of laptop computer accessories that address these very same scenarios.  Ergonomically designed portable laptop desks and stands can be readily adjusted for typing ease and to get the laptop screen as close to eye level as possible. Provision of rubber pads to eliminate laptop slipping is present as well. Most are made with ventilation slots to promote release of access heat from the laptop too. And since these are of lightweight materials, then you can easily lug one around in your bag wherever you go.
Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are a must-have as well. While laptops have integrated fan systems, these are sometimes not enough to keep the device's temperature in check. More often than not, the fans kick in with that annoying whirring sound in a desperate attempt to cool down a laptop that has been in use for extended periods. Cooling pads come in an array of designs and models, and there are even those that double as desks or stands. Cooling pads that connect through the USB hub are widely popular. But if you would like to preserve the laptop battery's power, then you can always get a standalone battery-powered system from any laptop computer accessories store.

Laptop Security Systems

Laptop theft is a fairly common occurrence. It happens in airports, schools, even in small- and moderate-sized workplaces. This is why securing the laptop, and more importantly its contents, is of paramount importance.  Cable locks are by far the cheapest of these laptop computer accessories, and they work much like the locking system typically used for bicycles. The plate system is an effective guard against stealing as well. The laptop's base is locked onto a steel plate, and both are then subsequently bolted secure onto the work station.  Laptop safes are a good idea too. These are specially designed boxes that are of high grade metal that resist drilling. What's best, they can be conveniently put into a wall, cabinet or other types of furniture in your dorm or apartment. Lastly, installation of a recovery software program is worth considering too. This functions as a tracking system for the laptop so that its location can be traced when it gets lost or stolen.

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