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Laptop Buying Tips

Quick laptop buying tips to help you purchase a great laptop.

Tips For Purchasing The Best Laptop Computer

By Roger C.

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Before forking out the cash for a new laptop, it is best to closely examine your needs to help you shop for and ultimately purchase the best one.

Are you primarily going to use the laptop for home office business related applications such as Microsoft Office 2009, Microsoft Works, Google Docs, Openoffice.org, etc.?

Are you going to browse the Internet for research, play on your favorite social websites or check email? 

Are you going to fire up a state of the art 3D video game to overload your brain with its eye popping 3D effects and realism or immerse yourself in a WOW style massive multiplayer online role-playing game? 

Maybe you're looking for a do all day to day laptop to use for a little of everything including school, work, play, and business?

It's no wonder there are a slew of different laptops on the market designed for different reasons. As you see, there are a lot of different ways you can use your laptop computer, and so it is best to start by examining your needs.

Once you've determined how you plan on using your new laptop, proceed below to read additional laptop buying tips including some great general recommendations for laptop specifications and more.

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Laptop Buying Tips To Help You Buy The Best Laptop

Home office users are going to have a lot of flexibility with their laptop purchases since they won't need as powerful of a system.  Typical home office laptops are used for tasks such as Word processing and web browsing, both activities that don't require a state of the art laptop to perform well.

But if you want to learn the nitty gritty details regarding what to look for in a home office laptop, check out our comprehensive Laptop Buying Guide.  

For you business guys and gals, don't forget to pay attention to our Laptop Wireless Internet Connections guide while going through our laptop buying guide, for wireless usage in the business and home environment as you may already know is ever advancing.  

Business and home office users also pay attention to our Laptop Screens Guide, for when you primarily work with text, it is crucial to get the right screen resolution and size for it can make or break your laptop purchase and eyes, seriously!!!!  Check that guide out especially if you spend hours in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Designers, photo editors, and other digital content creation users, we also recommend you look for a powerful multi core Intel or AMD Laptop Processor, 4GB or more of memory, and a large capacity hard drive, just like gamer folks.  Top of the line components will not only increase your rendering times, but your productivity as well.

Gamers you should most definitely check out our Gaming Laptops and Gaming Guide for some awesome gaming laptop purchasing advice and more. In a nutshell, gamers we recommend you go for nothing less than a top of the line multi core processor from either Intel or AMD, vast amounts of system memory, and a fast large capacity hard drive. You will need it! 

If you are going to be gaming on the go, a nice 17-inch or 15.4-inch display is going to be a great option if you're looking for a stellar viewing experience. But expect Battery Runtimes while gaming to be pretty low, for most gaming laptops drain the juice big time while gaming.  When we say game on the go, we usually mean taking your laptop with you, setting it on a table, plugging it in, and then firing up your favorite game. 

Remember check out our Laptop Buying Guide, and while doing so, don't forget to take a close look at our Laptop Hard Drive guide for we can pretty much guarantee this crucial laptop component is going to fill up faster than your best days at the gas station.

Conclusion - Laptop Buying Tips

Well we hope this brief overview helps you purchase the perfect laptop.  To top off this article and our laptop buying guides you may want to check out the Customize Laptop page for some more laptop buying tips. 

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