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2015 Buying A Laptop Blu Ray Burner

Laptop Blu Ray Burner Overview & 2015 Purchasing Recommendations.

laptop blu ray burnerIntroducing 2015 Laptop Blu Ray Burner Laptops

Blu-ray is a truly exciting technology for the mobile computing market.  Of course up until more recently not too many laptop buyers were looking for high level optical drives and instead were opting for cheaper options such as standard CD or DVD writers. There were various factors for this trend, but one of the major factors was the higher price premium you'd pay for laptops with Blu ray burners.

With the higher price premium for Blu-ray equipped laptops and Blu-ray media, are they truly the better standard over DVD at this time, especially when you figure the average consumer isn't going to use their laptop computer for highly technical jobs such as that of a digital media producer or digital content creator? We definitely think so, for there are a number of consumers who are going to benefit from Blu-ray technology now and well into the future.

And no matter how you look at it, there is no doubt Blu-ray technology is superior to the DVD standard, for with 25 GB per layer capacity, Blu-ray disc capacity has been vastly increased from the basic capacity of a standard DVD which hovers at only 4.7 GB per layer. Of course increased storage capacity is only the tip of the iceberg, for the technology brings a number of other key benefits to the table. Not to mention Blu-ray equipped laptops are rapidly falling in price so now is a great time to pick one up and reap the benefits of these next generation storage capacities.

2015 Beneficial Blu-Ray Burning Laptops  

external laptop blu ray burner

Let's take a look at some of the major benefits of Blu-ray technology. 

We believe snatching a laptop Blu ray burner with your next laptop purchase is going to allow you to enjoy many features that the technology brings to the table, and at the same time we feel you'll be future proofing your investment as well.

With the price of external hard drives and flash media at an ultimate low, a Blu-ray burner even at 25GB capacity per disc may not exactly be best backup solution for day to day use, but as an archival backup medium, Blu-ray discs are a fantastic backup option. We also anticipate Blu-ray will be around well into the future. For comparisons sake, look at the shelf life of DVD technology to this day.

Do you have precious family photos or videos that you'd like to archive digitally? No problem with Blu-ray technology! Burn them to a high capacity Blu-ray disc, pop them in a protective sleeve, and store them in your attic or a secure location.  And when Blu-ray starts to phase out many years from now, simply transfer it to the new technology standard at the time. If fact, if you currently have archived DVD backups of your digital memories and important data, now would be a great time to start porting them over to Blu-ray.

Of course you're also going to benefit from a laptop Blu ray burner if you dabble in HD video in either 720p or 1080p resolutions.  Standard DVD fails beyond 480p for storage capacity is exhausted when working beyond standard definition 480p.

HD digital camcorders are at their lowest prices ever and especially common place today, and if capturing and storing your family memories in high quality HD is your thing, a laptop Blu ray burner is going to be a godsend.  Blu ray burners are a fantastic option to offload all your precious HD videos, and if this is the case you will definitely want to pick up a laptop with a Blue-ray burner.  

Other Key Benefits To Purchasing A Laptop Blu Ray Burner

internal laptop blu ray burner

One of the most obvious and key benefits of a Blu-ray equipped laptop is that a blue ray disc holds a similar advantage that a standard DVD holds over common CDs, in that they trounce the paltry 700MB capacity of a CD-R. A standard single layer blue ray disc with 25 GB capacity offers around five times more content to be burned, transferred, or recorded than a standard DVD. And compared to a CD, Blu-ray technology offers you a staggering thirty five times more capacity. Now that is impressive!

Now what if one doesn't need to transfer HD content, or they don't need the high capacity storage of a Blu-ray disc at the moment? Well, a laptop Blu Ray burner can also read and write standard CD and DVD media, so by purchasing a laptop with a Blu-ray drive now, they can continue to use DVD media, though if industry or personal trends force DVD to the wayside, having a Blu-ray burner provides an easy transition into Blu-ray media.

Another major benefit to laptop Blu ray burners is that you will have the ability to output HD Blu-ray movies through an HDMI port, an included connection option available on many current laptop computers. 

This ability to output HD content to a HDTV is a prime reason why a laptop with a blue-ray burner cannot be ignored.  This is especially true if you've built up a large collection of your favorite Blu-ray movies already. Your laptop will literally be a portable Blu-ray player that you can take anywhere and hook up to just about every Plasma or LCD HDTV out there.  

Sure there are many laptops with a laptop DVD burner drive that also offer you HDMI output capability, though you're not going to be driving HD movie resolutions to your favorite High-Definition LCD or Plasma TV with only a laptop DVD burner.  

Another fantastic benefit to the technology is that it is going to be around some time into the future, and eventually standard Blu-ray disc prices are going to be substantially lower and the prices for dual layer media are going to fall too.  This means reasonably priced storage capacity at a whopping 50GB.

Laptop Blue Ray Technology Now And Into The Future

buffalo blue ray burner

Blue-ray technology is an obvious revolution which we can expect to see as the leading optical drive for all laptops at reasonable prices in the future. 

In fact, it may not take too much time at all for Blu-ray to completely replace CD and DVD altogether.

Laptops with Blue ray burners are rapidly establishing their space in the mobile market.  In fact, Blu-ray equipped laptops are getting lower and lower in price every day, and there are many laptops equipped with Blue ray drives at the moment. 

Popular manufacturers offering laptop Blu ray burners include: Sony, Dell, HP, IBM, Acer, Gateway, Alienware, and many more.

We like to think of a true next-generation laptop as one that includes a laptop Blu ray burner.  After all, a next generation laptop should be equipped with next gen technologies. 

Now even if one doesn't need to use or transfer such a high magnitude of digital content at the moment, we still highly recommend a blue-ray burner because it will surely future proof your laptop investment.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed this brief article on laptop Blu ray burners. We hope now that you at the least have a better idea to what Blu-Ray technology offers.  When it comes to laptops, we feel picking one up with a next-gen Blu-Ray drive is a fantastic purchasing decision.

Of course if you don't opt for a laptop with a built-in laptop Blu-Ray burner, or you currently have a laptop and would like the technology, you may want to check out one of the many external USB Blu-ray drive options available on the market.   

At the time of this writing there are a ton of external Blu-Ray drives available.  Some of our favorite manufacturers of external Blue Ray drives include Buffalo Technology, Asus, Lacie, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Plextor, and I/O Magic.

Below you will find our handpicked Amazon shopping recommendations and showcase of popular products including laptop Blu ray burners.

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