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Stylish Apple iPad Leather Cases

Stylish Apple iPad Leather Cases - A Look At Popular Leather iPad Cases

Quality Leather Apple iPad Cases 

By Colleen C.

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Popular Apple iPad Leather Cases Reviewed

Acase Leather Folio Jacket

acase flip book ipad leather casesThe Acase Leather Folio Jacket is one of the most popular leather iPad cases on the market.

If you've tried many different styles of iPad cases and come away dissatisfied, this may well be the last one you buy.

It is functional and stylish, and incorporates a case and a stand together.

When you use it as a case, the Acase Leather Folio Jacket offers you protection all the way around.

The leather feels soft and supple, whether you're carrying it or sitting it in your lap. When you use it for a landscape stand, it works fantastically. All the angle positions prove themselves useful for various situations, whether you're working, or watching videos.

This iPad leather case has been compared favorably with the Apple branded iPad case, and it costs considerably less. Your iPad will slide in very easily, and then it's held with a frame and loops along the long edge. It fits in a very secure way. You don't lose any of your iPad's functionality, and it doesn't block the speaker like the Apple case can.

The Acase Leather Folio is a cushioned case, and it's a bit thicker than the Apple case, but that small amount keeps your iPad more secure, so you'll worry less about damage. You can create several different viewing angles, for whatever you happen to be doing. It's a very comfortable and sturdy case, and reviewers give it two thumbs up.

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DermaPad Leather iPad Folio Case

dermapad purple ipad leather caseThe DermaPad Leather iPad Folio Case offers you a professional look in a case that will hold your iPad safely and securely. 

DermaPad leather cases come in a slew of cool colors including black leather, blue leather, purple leather, and more.

The case features slots inside for carrying along business cards and papers, and it's perfect for traveling or for work. It molds expertly to your iPad, and highlights its beauty.

You may have tried other Apple iPad leather cases, and if so, you'll find that this case looks more professional and is well-made. Sturdy elastic straps keep your iPad secure at the top, and they don't effect the iPad's functionality. A closure strap secures both sides when your case is closed.

The card and paper slots and pocket are handy to carry your business or homework in, and it works well if you keep your receipts after business lunches. The front cover lays flat when you sit the iPad on a desk. It will also sit securely when you want it horizontal, for movies or videos. It works great with Netflix or if you enjoy spending time on YouTube.

The elastic straps on top of this case are durable and secure, and they don't undergo a lot of stress if you keep the iPad inside the case. Don't be surprised if this is the last Apple iPad leather case you buy, because it comes highly recommended.

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CrazyOnDigital Apple iPad Leather Case

CrazyOnDigital Black Leather Case For Apple iPadThe CrazyOnDigital Leather iPad case is custom-designed so that it will fit an iPad perfectly. 

The leather exterior is stylish and sturdy leather with a pebbled grain, and the soft interior will give you extra protection for your screen, to get away from scuffs and scratches.

There are flexible straps on the corners to hold your iPad securely, and the anti-slip design will keep your iPad safe. The elastic bands may not look quite as sturdy as they are, since they will hold your iPad snugly inside the case, and they do their job well.

If you worry when you shop for Apple iPad leather cases that you won't be able to keep the front flap closed, you'll find that, unlike the Apple case, the CrazyOnDigital case has a weighted flap, so that's not a problem. That's just one way that it is superior to the Apple iPad case.
Being basic and functional, this is nonetheless a good looking case for your iPad. It's plain but easy to use, and it will fit your needs well. It has the look of the day planner you probably used to carry, and room for a lot more notes. Owners report they would buy this case again!  

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AYL Slim Folio iPad Leather Case

YL Slim Genuine Leather Case FolioThe AYL Slim Leather Folio iPad case is a stand and a case, both. It props up easily if you want to use your iPad in a comfortable position for typing, or if you want to use it to view movies or as a handy digital album.

The leather case is made in a book style, and if you've seen a lot of Apple iPad leather cases in your search for the best one, you may be done looking. The white stitching is neat and trim, and the design is elegant. It has six docking housings that snap in, to show off the screen without any obstructions.

The AYL Slim Leather Folio case has an interior that is made from soft suede leather, for the best in scuff and scratch protection. The premium leather will last a long time, and the craftsmanship has made this a very popular case. It shows off the iPad better than you might think it could. The case will fit your iPad perfectly.

The middle slot you'll find is most stable for typing, but turning your case over and folding the back behind the keyboard works well. It gives you a stable and secure position, and mimics the angle of a regular keyboard. The stands are fine for viewing movies and the like, though, and you'll agree with others who are high on this case, that it works well for everything.

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CaseCrown Leather Flip iPad Horizontal Case

CaseCrown Genuine Leather Horizontal Flip iPad CaseCheck out the CaseCrown Leather Flip iPad Horizontal Case if you want a case that was specifically designed just for the iPad, not for all the other tablets. There are enough size variations in tablets that you'll appreciate the custom fit. It's very easy to slide your iPad in the case, and it keeps it secure.

The CaseCrown is one of the best Apple iPad leather cases that also comes with a buckle button that is reinforced for better safety. The slots and elastic band hold onto your papers, cards and accessories.

The looks of the CaseCrown are professional and classy, and the magnetic latch works exceptionally well. The iPad itself is rather slippery, and it needs a case like this to protect it. If you've tried other cases and have not been satisfied, check this case out.

The fit is excellent and the looks don't detract from the subtle elegance of the iPad. The CaseCrown will offer you protection plus, and make it easier to take your iPad with you, wherever you go. 

This case looks less "geeky" than some other Apple iPad leather cases, and more like a quality business or professional accessory. It's a great case for your iPad, and handy for showing clients charts or graphics. For the price, they don't make any better, and it's classy looking. Buyers recommend it highly.

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