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Cool Looking iPad Folio Cases

Cool iPad Folio Cases - A Look At Popular Folio Cases For The Apple iPad

Cool Apple iPad Folio Cases 

By Colleen C.

black leather apple ipad folio cases

5 Cool Apple iPad Folio Cases Reviewed

Executive Genuine Leather Folio Pouch Protective Carrying Case

Black Executive Style Premium Soft Genuine Leather Case for the Apple iPadThe black Executive Genuine Leather Folio Protective Carrying Case for the Apple iPad offers you multiple angles for viewing, as it accommodates your tablet and holds it securely in place.

You can carry, store and protect your tablet with a flap that closes magnetically.

It also only weighs one pound, so it protects without the added bulk of many other cases. The sleek fitted leather design gives your tablet a professional, slim carrying solution.

The Executive Folio Case is one of the better iPad folio cases that has a rich, soft suede interior lining, that will further protect your iPad from scuffs and scratches. The case interior also houses slots to hold business cards, papers, and other accessories.

And while the soft non-abrasive interior lining of this case will protect and clean the screen of your iPad, the exterior of the case is made from top grade premium leather that creates a classy and eye-pleasing look as well as it protects.    

The Executive Leather Folio case is perfect for both formal or business settings, and with its secure magnetically closing flap, your iPad isn't going to fall out during the day to day grind.

Overall the Executive Folio Case for iPads gives your iPad extra protection with little bulk or weight, and the attention to detail make it a pleasure to carry.

The portfolio design made from genuine full grain leather will be a hit with many, especially if they are looking for a low cost, good quality leather iPad folio case.

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Xgear Traveler Folio iPad Case

xgear traveler ipad folio caseThe Xgear Traveler iPad Folio Case is a cool looking case that wraps your iPad for a snug fit. It also offers a stand feature which allows you to prop it on a table at a nice angle for comfortable typing on your iPad.

The exterior is made from a carbon fiber-like material that has a great look and feel to it. It's easy to grip, which makes it easier to keep your iPad close at hand. 

The quality of the outer and inner materials which are stitched together over the edge of the front cover, and the exterior material that wraps around and covers the front and back is pretty good quality, not the best, but overall not bad.  

On the inside, an inner felt lining adds some scratch protection for your iPad, and an interior plastic card adds some rigidity to the overall cases feel. A convenient storage space is also built in to accommodate business cards or travel documents. 

The front of the Traveler case folds over in the folio style, and has an extra crease where it folds. The tuck tab allows you to form a triangle when you close the case, whether you want it with a lower profile for keyboard input or with an orientation for watching movies and the like. 

Overall the Xgear Traveler Folio iPad Case is a great looking, functional case for your Apple iPad.  The case is a little expensive, especially when you consider many competing iPad cases offer more features and a refined fit and finish for less, but the sleek carbon fiber design is going to be a winner with many of you.

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Toblino Leather Folio iPad Case

Toblino Leather iPad folio CaseThe Toblino Leather iPad Case is both a multi-view stand and one of the sturdier iPad folio cases. It looks more professional than the official Apple case, and the quality of materials and construction offer excellent protection without excess thickness.

The Toblino Folio Case allows you to position your iPad at various angles, which makes it perfect for watching videos or typing, while the iPad is held snugly.

This iPad case is made well and is very sturdy. You'll find it a pleasant change from the Apple case, which collects dust and detritus. You can carry this case for a long time without it grabbing hold of lint and fuzz.

The Toblino iPad Folio Case is well made and sturdy, and holds your iPad securely, so you don't need to worry about it dropping from the case. The materials used are an excellent match for the iPad, so that they can even compliment the style of the tablet itself, when you carry it.

Professional photographers use the Toblino case to hold their iPads while they show their photo portfolios to potential clients. They like the professional look and feel of the case. It comes highly recommended by most everyone who has used it.

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Marware Eco-Vue Folio Style Leather Case

marware eco ipad folio casesThe Marware Eco-Vue Folio Style Leather Case for iPads is like three cases in one. It has a leather folio style case, a vertical hand strap and two options for stands. 

The folio case is made from eco-leather, which is RoHS compliant. The hand strap gives you a firm grip.

You'll love this case from the moment you set eyes on it. It will remind you of the type of portfolio that lawyers carry. It looks and feels expensive. The supple leather is durable and of high quality, and has the right thickness for protection without bulk.

The Eco-Vue iPad case is one of the richest feeling iPad folio cases, with natural beauty and materials that look like high end cases. The inside has the feel of soft suede, and the hand strap will help you hold on to your iPad with ease.

If you've owned a few iPad cases before, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the look and feel of the Eco-Vue case. And it's not all good looks - your iPad will fit comfortably inside, and it will keep the unit from getting scuffs and scratches. 

The Eco-Vue case will hold it securely and firmly, so there's no need to worry about your precious iPad falling from your case. Slip it inside and then relax - it's safe. This case has rated two thumbs up.

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Vico Carbon Fiber Look Folio iPad Case

vico Carbon Fiber Look iPad CaseThe Vico Carbon Fiber Look iPad Folio Case gives your iPad proper protection on all sides. 

The exterior is made from black synthetic leather to give you the look of a carbon fiber finish, for a fraction of the cost. 

The interior is made with micro-fibers in soft gray colors.

The Vico Folio iPad case doubles as a stand for your iPad, and it has extra padding on the side where your screen will rest, for extra protection. 

If you're hard on your personal electronics, you'll want a case like this, that will fully protect your iPad. And it gives you this protection without being bulky or heavy. 

It's easy to slip your iPad in, and then you can bend the case and set it at various angles for more comfortable typing, Internet browsing, and movie watching.

Protecting your iPad through the rigors of everyday life is the job of iPad folio cases, and the Vico Folio case fills the bill nicely. It allows you to hold your iPad just like a book, and it saves you money over the official case. 

The stand is sturdy and reliable, and the clips help it disconnect easily when you need to release your iPad. This case does it all, for less than you'd expect.

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