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Shopping overview for cool Apple iPad docks.

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By Colleen C.

If you've purchased an iPad recently, you'll want to select from a variety of docking stations for the Apple iPad, to use when syncing and charging your iPad through iTunes, and to make your iPad more useful during extended use among other things.

A variety of docking station types are going to be a popular accessory for your Apple iPad tablet, and you will definitely want to pick one up for it will make your iPad even more useful. An iPad dock uses a connector that allows you to charge your iPad or to connect it to speakers or some other type of sound system, to use your iPad for music or other content. You can use it to connect to a branded camera connection, too. An iPad dock also has a port for audio-out use, which allows the hook-up to external headphones or speakers.

Your new iPad is more than a tablet style mobile computing machine; it's also an excellent entertainment or sound system for your home. The dock is made with the same general specifications as the other docks you've seen for iPhones and iPods. The larger docks that iPads use often double as stands for watching movies or films on your iPad, too.

If you don't like working with the touchpad virtual keyboard on your iPad, you can buy external keyboards that you'll be able to integrate into an iPad dock. In addition, Apple iPad docks ensure that iPads remain in safe positions while they are syncing with iTunes, or charging.

You can also use the dock to easily and safely store your iPad. Resting your personal iPad in a dock will provide it greater support and protection than simply laying it down on a table or desk. You can purchase docks for your iPad at Apple retailers, as well as in stores online including Amazon.com.

Some manufacturers offer Apple iPad docks that turn your tablet into a futuristic music center. They can often hold iPods as well as iPads, to play music. The most developed docks have a bass driver and adjust the sound from your iPad to fill your room. These docks usually come with free apps for Internet radio, or you can buy an app that will offer you 10,000 or so more stations.

speaker apple ipad docks

Some iPad docks may be surprisingly thin, even though the iPad's screen allows for leafing through lots of music. You can see album artwork even if you're not sitting right next to it, thanks to the size of the iPad screen. The dock should be surefooted, to keep your iPad steadily standing. Larger speakers will balance out the dock with the iPad's size, and the framework of quality Apple iPad docks will give the tablet support, and make it less likely to be tipped over. You can often place an iPhone in these docks as well.

The top-of-the-line music docks for iPads may have tweeters and woofers, like expensive speakers do, to make the sound bigger, and you'll be able to truly feel the bass. It would be nice if an Airplay function would allow you to wander about while selecting songs to play from your iPad, and these songs would be streamed to the dock. But even as they are made now, iPad music docks can generate some impressive sound.

The onscreen keyboard for the iPad is useful for light-weight typing, but if you are going to use your iPad for more heavy duty typing, you'll want to check through the variety of Apple iPad keyboard docks and select an Apple keyboard dock that fits your style and needs. Keyboard docks basically are a standard type of iPad dock, merged with an Apple keyboard, holding your tablet at the correct angle for your typing.

This dock doesn't have any support for using your iPad in landscape mode, which makes it less than useful for watching movies. The iPad powers the keyboard itself, rather than using batteries to do so, and you can plug in a cable for power to be used in charging the tablet while you use it. This dock comes also with a 3.5 mm jack for headsets, where you can also connect speakers. The music you're playing can be controlled through media keys. You'll find it straightforward and simple to use the iPad keyboard dock, by putting the iPad in the dock and beginning to type.

Apple iPad docks with keyboards are similar in structure to most other Apple keyboards. You'll see that the keys are made the same size as the ones you'll find on a USB keyboard, and they seem to have roughly the same capacity for travel. If you're comfortable using desktop keyboards made by Apple, you'll most likely be comfortable using this one.
apple ipad dock keyboard

Most people are accustomed to having a mouse along with a keyboard, but the Apple keyboard doesn't come with a mouse. You'll still have to use the iPad touch screen to perform some actions. You can use directional keys to help in word processing, and they will make it easier to select any words or paragraphs, and to cut or copy and paste without having your hands leave the keyboard. 

You also have access to other keys when you rest your iPad in the keyboard dock, making it one of the more useful Apple iPad docks. There are keys for powering on and off, and another pair to control the brightness. You'll also find a search key, and another that will launch an image slideshow on your tablet. You'll even find a key to pull up the keyboard onscreen, which seems a bit redundant, since the dock is itself a keyboard.

Some of the larger docks aren't quite suitable for traveling, since they are awkward and heavy. But the keyboard dock will make your iPad into a virtual laptop, if you set it up on a desk. This dock makes it easier for word processing, to be sure, and it offers more functionality, as well. You can still pop the iPad itself into a case and take it with you. 

If you are looking for a dock to use with movie watching, you'll want a landscape mode dock. And if you want to take a keyboard along with you to your classes or the coffee house, you'll probably want a Bluetooth keyboard.

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