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Buy The Best Apple iPad Charging Dock

Apple iPad Charging Dock - Apple iPad Charging Stations Reviewed

Buy The Best Apple iPad Charging Docks

By Colleen C.

best apple ipad charging dock

5 Apple iPad Charging Dock Brands Reviewed

iHome Apple iPad Charging Station Review
ihome apple ipad charging dock
iHome Charging Stations are among the best docks on the market for charging an iPad.

In addition to charging your iPad, you can also simultaneously charge and iPhone, iPod, eReader or BlackBerry.

It also has a built-in stand for your iPad, and it can sync your iPhone and iPod with iTunes.

This is an excellent solution for charging your iPad, along with other Apple and non-Apple gadgets for it gives you the extra power you need to charge your iPad while it's still on.

Since the iHome Charging Station offers 1000mw of charging power for your iPad, compared to the typical USBs 500mw power output, you can easily charge your iPad at maximum speed even while its running. Plus, you can use the iHome Apple iPad charging dock and station to charge four different devices at one time, with just one power outlet.

You can plug all your gadgets in at night when you head to bed, and only take up one outlet. It also offers you a quick charge option when you don't have a lot of time.

The dock holds onto your iPad for charging horizontally, so it also makes an excellent stand for your iPad. Check your favorite recipes online in the kitchen or flip through your favorite websites on a desk with ease, while simultaneously charging your iPad. Don't buy a charging dock and a stand when you can get them both in one unit.

You can also use the charging docks expandable base as a catch-all for keys, change and other smaller items that you don't want to lose.

Overall the iHome Charging Station is one of the best iPad charging docks that we've had the opportunity to tinker with. Its ability to charge multiple gadgets alongside your iPad make it a very versatile iPad docking station. 

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i.Sound iPad Power View Pro Charge Station

i.sound apple ipad charging dockGrab an i.Sound iPad Power View Pro Charge Station to charge two iPads, iPhones or iPods at the same time.

It has two extra USB ports on the back, so you can charge other devices, and a built-in slot will let you charge the iPad while you view it horizontally.

If you buy the i.Sound Apple iPad charging dock, you can consolidate many devices to one simple charging station. You can charge an iPad along with an iPhone and a BlackBerry all together. 

If you plug it into an outlet in your bedroom you can conveniently charge all your gadgets overnight so they will be ready for you with a full charge in the morning.

Your desk will be less cluttered since you can get rid of all those annoying charging cords for all your different devices, and charge them all conveniently on the i.Sound charging station. The iSound iPad charger also grips your iPad vertically or at the perfect horizontal angle so it is great for watching movies or videos while its charging.

And while the charging dock is an excellent choice, it like most other charging docks doesn't accommodate most iPad cases and covers, so you'll need to pull your iPad case or cover off each time before you use the charging dock.

Pulling your case or cover all each time you charge your iPad isn't going to be super practical for many of you, but many of you will feel that taking off your iPad cover is a small price to pay since you will be able to charge all your gadgets so conveniently at the same time. 

Overall an i.Sound iPad charging dock will make your electronic gadget-filled life easier despite its common deficits.  So if you're looking for a good iPad charging dock to fulfill all your charging needs, we highly recommend you check it out.

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CRD-iPad-BK Docking Station Review

apple ipad charging dockIf you're looking for a cheap Apple iPad charging dock solution, the CRD-iPad-BK Docking station is worth a look. It's priced substantially lower than other charging docks on the market.

The CRD-iPad-BK Docking Station lets you charge an iPad or sync it with iTunes, using a USB port. It includes a handy AC adapter, so it can be easily plugged into an outlet. It also keeps your iPad at a decent angle that's convenient for viewing.

The dock can also be used for charging your iPhone and iPod too.  It's nice not to have all the cords and chargers laying around when you can charge so many things on one charger dock.

You may be skeptical that the power adapter and dock would even work being that the price is so darn low compared to other Apple iPad charging docks on the market, but if it's any reassurance to you, after we personally tinkered around with the charging dock all seemed to work as intended.

The CRD-iPad-BK Apple iPad charging dock is not made from materials as heavy as those you'll find on the Apple branded charging dock, but it is still plenty strong and appears to work just fine for its intended purpose. The adapter is also made from a lighter-weight material that felt cheaper compared to the Apple branded docks adapter, but it also worked as intended.

During an extended charge of our iPad the adapter didn't get very warm when charging, so we are pretty confident it's built for the task. You can take an iPad that is roughly 50% charged and the dock and adapter combo will have it back up to 100% in between two and three hours time.

Overall we personally found no quality issues with the charging dock and adapter even though there have been some negative reviews regarding the products build quality.  We can't however say with absolute confidence that quality is going to become a  problem with long-term use because we personally only tested the product for a few days.

But if you're looking  for a low cost iPad charging dock, the CRD-iPad-BK Docking Station may be worth the admission.

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Jensen JiPS Apple iPad Charging Dock Review

jensen apple ipad charging dockThe Jensen JiPS Apple iPad charging dock is compatible not just with iPads, but also with iPhones, iPods, iPod Touches, and iPod Classics. 

It has a rotating dock to give you a landscape view, and an auxiliary jack input for connecting your iPod Shuffle and other MP3 or MP4 players.

There are a lot of choices of iPad docks out there now, but not many that are as truly multi-functional as the Jensen JiPS. It's not rocket science for the people at Jensen - they have been making accessories for electronics for many years. 

This handy dock will allow you to charge your iPad while you are using it for the Internet, or as a music player, picture viewer or even as a clock.

The set-up of the Jensen JiPS docking port is easy, and you'll discover that the quality of sound is good.  The charger works quickly, and you can even hook up your video cable and watch Netflix videos while you charge! The docking station is made to detect video signals.

You'll find that the Jensen JiPS Apple iPad charging dock is handy for many various electronic gadgets that you probably own. Grab your kids' MP3 or MP4 players and charge everything at the same time. It will save you from sorting through all the different chargers that come with each gadget. Many owners have raved that this is a must-have device.

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CrazyOnDigital iPad Charging Dock

CrazyOnDigital apple iPad Charging dockMeet the CrazyOnDigital iPad Charging Station. It connects to your computer via a USB cable and then charges and syncs your iPad at the same time. 

You can also use this dock to keep your iPad at the perfect viewing angle for pictures, or for using the Internet. 

The charging port, Sync, AV and Audio are all designed conveniently on the same unit, and a data cable that is dock-compatible is included, too.

This is a docking station that will charge your iPad and sync it, too. Your iPad will sit upright while it charges or syncs, so it's handy for counter top or desk. 

There is a handy audio line port that will connect to powered speakers, and this unit supports other accessories and gadgets, too. It makes a great picture frame when it's charging. It comes with a dual wall charger (USB) for the most convenient charging.

The CrazyOnDigital Apple iPad charging dock is multifaceted, as a charging dock for your iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. It's not as sleek as some of the more expensive units are, and it's light in weight, but it's strong enough to perform like it needs to, and it is attractive. You can use it as a stand for your iPad, too, whether you're charging it or not.

You can charge e-Readers with the extra USB ports on the bottom, and one port will connect your docking station to your PC or Mac, to sync your iPad with iTunes. It comes with its own three USB cables, too. It's handy to have and easy to use, and buyers recommend it highly.

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