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Apple iPad Car Mounts

Apple iPad Car Mounts Reviewed - Buy The Best Apple iPad Vehicle Mount

Popular Apple iPad Vehicle Mounts Reviewed

By Colleen C.

headrest apple ipad car mount

5 Popular iPad Car Mounts Reviewed

RAM Mounting System Windshield iPad Auto Mount Review
RAM Mounting System Windshield iPad Car Mount
RAM Mounting System Windshield car mounts utilize a strong suction cup to fasten your iPad securely to your windshield. They feature a ball and socket type system that will allow you to mount your iPad almost anywhere in your vehicle.

The RAM iPad vehicle mount is made from sturdy aluminum that's marine grade, with rubber balls and a finish that is powder coated. It offers you superior vibration and shock isolation and the design gives you an easy installation, plus versatility, adjustability, strength and mobility. It's resistant to corrosion, and light-weight.

The suction cup base locks these iPad mounts securely, and the high strength materials and socket system will cradle your iPad securely. The arm, with its double socket, allows for a wide range of adjustment for the ideal viewing angle.

Just attach the suction base onto your car's windshield, so that you can see your iPad comfortably. The mount and socket will keep your iPad in easy reach, and very secure.

You can check your email, or use the navigation apps from a parking lot, and the windshield suction cup won't shake around when you're driving.

It's also quick and easy to get your iPad in and out of these mounting brackets, and they're so easy to work with so they're worth every penny.

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Universal Fit Automobile Padholder Car Mount For iPad Review

universal fit automobile padholder ipad car mountThe Universal Fit Automobile Padholder is one of the most secure iPad car mounts you can buy. It has three parts, that all work together to keep your iPad where you want it, within reach yet not in the way.

The dash bracket mounts on your car, and an adjustable arm and frame holder hug your iPad closely, and it mounts easily. Then you can adjust the arm so that the holder will sit where you want it.

From its dash bracket to its adjustable arm and iPad holder, you can tell that this unit was built to last. You can use your iPad in some kinds of cases in this iPad holder, and the frame work has four bumpers that hold your iPad securely.

You will be able to adjust the arm through a wide range of positions, and it's very secure when tightened. You won't have to worry about these iPad car mounts slipping when you're driving. The Panavise dash bracket is flexible and made with high quality metal. It won't do any excessive oscillating, which could damage your iPad.

You can use the maps app while you're driving, if you want to monitor the traffic, which is handy when you're on the road. You can safely glance over without taking your attention off the road.

The Universal Fit Automobile Padholder is a handy gadget to have, and it keeps your iPad right where you want it, when you're on the road.

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RAM Mount Apple iPad Vehicle Seat Flex Mount Review

RAM Mount Apple iPad Vehicle Seat Flex MountThe RAM Mount Apple iPad Vehicle Seat Flex Mount is another solid iPad car mount, made of sturdy materials, and the unit is very easy to install. 

The base mounts to your seat rail with reasonable ease and without any drilling necessary. Once mounted, an 18 inch rigid yet flexible rod can be positioned to achieve optimal viewing angles for your iPad. 

Once the unit is mounted you can also easily change from landscape to portrait orientation with the simple loosening and tightening of a wing nut.

The RAM mount holds your iPad at enough of a distance from your passengers to make it comfortable to use, and comfortable for them as well.

You can also easily remove its plastic bracket to leave only the goose neck readily in view. This helps make it less targeted by criminals.

Seat Flex iPad car mounts will hold your non-cased iPad quite securely, but if you have a bulkier case like an Otterbox, you may run into a few problems. Unfortunately, we didn't have an Otterbox on hand during testing, so you may want to do some additional research if your iPad is equipped with a case, especially a bulkier one like the Otterbox.  

The RAM mount also has a spring and dense mass, to keep your iPad fully protected. It doesn't allow the iPad to shake too much, so it's also very easy to use.

The RAM Mount is not a cheaply made unit - bracing your goose neck father up, it makes for one of the best solutions to iPad portability. 

The screen is close enough to avoid having to squint, and it's nice not to have to look around your iPad, like window-mounted iPad car mounts leave you having to do.  

It's well-built, strong, and has the fit, form and function that you need for a unit as large as an iPad to be comfortable to use in your vehicle. It comes highly recommended.

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Snugg Headrest iPad Car Mount Review

snugg car headrest apple ipad car mountThe Snugg iPad Car Headrest Mount Holder is a great fix for iPads on the go, when you couple it with the Snugg iPad case, to give you an all-in-one mount that provides your passengers an easy view of the iPad. You can use this mount with your official Apple iPad case, too.

The Snugg Mount is a perfect solution for long trips, and it will help in keeping your children busy and entertained, so that you can focus on your driving. This simple model of iPad car mounts keeps your iPad firmly in place.

The polyurethane stitched leather exterior is protective for your iPad, and it prevents those everyday scuffs that are such a problem for the glossy iPad finish. You still will have access to all your control buttons, connections and ports. The installation is easy and quick, and all the straps are adjustable, to give you a custom fit. It fits in any car.

The Snugg iPad Holder makes it easy to slip in your iPad so that it will be completely protected, and it keeps it secure in its position. You can adjust the mount to fit any headrest, and it will hold it firmly where you want it, even while you're on the road. The sturdy build and quality materials make this iPad car mount a favorite among iPad users on the go.

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Car Air Vent Mount for Apple iPad Review

Car Air Vent Mount for Apple iPadThe Car Air Vent Mount for Apple iPad is easy to use, even if you keep your iPad in a skin or case, and you can use this mount in any vehicle that has horizontal vent slats.

One of the simpler of iPad car mounts to use, this unit has an adjustable cradle that will grip your iPad firmly, so you can watch movies, read online, use the GPS app or listen to music. 

You probably already keep your iPad in a skin or case, to protect it, and you won't have to worry about taking your case off to insert the iPad into this mount, like you have to do with some other mounts.

This ingenious mount is very easy to install and detach, so you won't have the mount itself in the way if you're not using your iPad that day.

You'll find that the area where your vents are is a great place to mount your iPad, so that it's easy to get to, yet out of the way. 

The positioning is perfect for GPS apps, and these iPad car mounts are helpful in supporting your iPad in its landscape mode, where it's easier to use when you're on the go. This unit rates two thumbs up for ease of use and vehicle compatibility.

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