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Aluminum iPad Stand Reviews - Buy The Best iPad Aluminum Stand

Aluminum iPad Stand Reviews

By Mark B.

apple ipad aluminum stands

Now that you've purchased one of the coolest tablet devices on the planet, pickup a quality Apple iPad aluminum stand to compliment it.

Aluminum iPad stands are ideal for movie watchers, You Tubers, and they are also perfect for those who want to pair their iPad with a Bluetooth iPad keyboard and use it in a similar fashion to a laptop or desktop from time to time.

The usage doesn't stop here either, for an aluminum iPad stand is also a great place to store your tablet for easy access when it isn't being used.

You will find a slew of Apple iPad aluminum stands to choose from including basic aluminum stands, stylish aluminum stands, and purely functional aluminum stands to name a few.
Buying a quality aluminum iPad stand is also going to be easier than you can imagine, for there are a ton of quality models to choose from including those by Griffin Technology, elago, Green Figure, dzdock, GSI, and Cyanics among many others.
Apple sells their own iPad aluminum stand as well, but if you are in our opinion looking for a better bang for your buck or a more functional stand, a third party aluminum Apple iPad stand is going to be a better option for you.

We've recently had the opportunity to test a dozen aluminum iPad stand models, and we're going to show you our top picks at this time.  Each one has their pros and cons, but out of the 12 models we've tested, we were most impressed with these. Enjoy!

Top Rated iPad Aluminum Stands

Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Aluminum iPad Stand Review

Griffin A Frame aluminum iPad stands
The Griffin A-Frame Tabletop iPad aluminum stand is one of our favorite aluminum stands for the iPad. It is a very versatile stand that is much more than a simple place to store your tablet.
Probably the first thing you will notice with the Griffin A-Frame is that it is a very stylish iPad stand.  The quality of the brushed aluminum frame is very good, and it matches the iPad exterior very well. 

Looking beyond exterior beauty, you will find a highly functional stand that is a fantastic companion to your iPad.  You can stand your iPad upright in both portrait and landscape mode so it is perfect for watching videos, movies, and picture slideshows.  You can also close the stands legs to hold your tablet at a comfortable angle on a desk, table, or countertop, perfect for surfing the web, reading an ebook, or playing one of the many iPad games on the market.

The Griffin A-Frame Tabletop iPad aluminum stand includes a soft non-slip silicone cradle that keeps your iPad secure, and the soft silicone won't scuff your iPads exterior.  The A-frame stand will allow you to get the most out of your iPad on any flat surface.  The Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Stand also folds flat for easy storage, and it will also be easy to take with you during travel if the need arises.

Another cool feature with the Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Stand was that it can accommodate many iPad cases. Even if you have a case on your iPad, the stand may just accommodate your iPad without you having to take off the case each time. Our silicone case covered iPad fit on the Griffin stand without issue. The stand also doesn't obstruct your iPads dock connector so charging and syncing your iPad isn't a problem.

Overall the Griffin A-Frame Tabletop iPad aluminum stand is a fantastic aluminum stand that is definitely going to be a solid addition to your growing Apple iPad accessories collection.  Highly recommended!

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elago P2 Aluminum Stand for iPad Review

elago p2 ipad aluminum standThe elago P2 iPad aluminum stand is another solid iPad stand that will be a great addition to your Apple iPad accessories collection. 

Made from a solid piece of aluminum, the elago P2 is sturdy and lightweight.  Rubber grips on the bottom of the stand prevent the aluminum frame from moving around or scratching your desk.

The elago P2 is also a very stylish iPad stand as well, and the aluminum frame compliments the aluminum iPad housing very nicely.

Watching movies and viewing YouTube videos with the stand was a treat, for the elago P2 Stand held our iPad at a great viewing angle in both portrait and landscape orientation.  We simply flipped our iPad in landscape orientation, fired up a movie, sat back, and enjoyed the show.

We also liked that the elago P2 aluminum iPad stand didn't require us to take off our two iPad case equipped test units. Some cases may require removal before using the stand, but our Otterbox iPad Defender case and Apple branded case equipped iPad fit without issue, so many other cases should also be compatible. 

Another nice feature with the elago P2 iPad Aluminum Stand is its cable management capabilities.  The stand has charging holes for the charger to go around back.  With its cutouts, cables are easily accessible, making the stand very practical. If you are in portrait or landscape orientation the dock connector is also not obstructed.

We highly recommend this stand if you want something light, sturdy, and stylish to hold your iPad. The only potential downside is that it doesn't fold for easy storage, so if taking your stand with you on travel is your gig, you will be better off with the Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Stand.

Overall the elago P2 aluminum stand for iPad is a quality solid aluminum stand that not only looks great, but is highly functional as well.  Good cable management capabilities and a lightweight frame are among its strong points. Highly recommended!

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iHolder Aluminum iPad Stand Review

iHolder iPad aluminum standThe iHolder Apple iPad aluminum stand is another cool iPad stand, perfect for holding your iPad stationary and secure. The stand is stylish, solidly built, and versatile.

The iHolder iPad stand is made of a high quality cut piece of anodized aluminum so it is lightweight and scratch resistant.  

Bendable polycarbonate grip pads hold your iPad securely in place without scuffing the surface of the unit, and rubberized feet on the bottom of the stand protect your table, desk, or countertop too.

The iHolder stand gives your iPad an iMac look and feel thanks to its monitor style base, and the stand also rotates to give you both horizontal or vertical viewing.  Three adjustable viewing angles are at your disposal as well. 

The rotating capabilities coupled with the three adjustable viewing angles make the iHolder very versatile.  With the iHolder you can easily use your iPad in the position that feels most comfortable for you.  Simply switch between vertical or horizontal mode, adjust the angle, and you're ready to go.  The adjustments can be made seamleslessly as you work.

The only minor drawbacks for some iPad owners will be the price and possibly the finish. The iHolder iPad stand is a bit pricey when comparing it to competing iPad aluminum stands, and the unit is also a little rough around the edges in fit and finish when comparing to some competing aluminum stands as well.

On the other hand the iHolder iPad aluminum stand is overall a pretty solid stand, especially if you are looking for a desktop computer/iMac look and feel for your iPad.  Pair it with a Bluetooth iPad keyboard and it honestly will feel like you're using a mini iMac.  

The iHolder is definitely a worthy aluminum iPad stand that we personally enjoyed using during testing.  We highly recommend you check it out, especially if you want that mini iMac look and feel.

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Joby Gorillamobile Ori Multipositional Protective Aluminum Case/Stand Review

Joby Gorillamobile Ori iPad aluminum standThe Joby Gorillamobile aluminum iPad stand is a whole lot more than a simple iPad stand, it's also an extremely protective lightweight aluminum case for your iPad.

Based off the Japanese art of origami, the Joby Gorillamobile transforms instantly from a protective lightweight iPad case into a versatile iPad stand. Simply fold and snap it into one of many positions to  enjoy table top ergonomics for your iPad. The Gorillamobile offers positions for comfortable typing and watching your favorite movies at eye level.

When you're ready to go mobile, simply fold the unit into a protective aluminum case for your iPad.  The case covers the entire iPad screen for ultimate protection, and because it is made from a durable high quality aluminum composite, the unit is not only strong, but lightweight too.

Another useful feature with the Joby Gorillamobile is its quick swivel capability which allows you to rotate your iPad between landscape and portrait mode seamlessly.  The swivel feature is great for games, especially one of the many iPad racing games available via Apples iPad app store. We have to admit we had a lot of fun playing Real Racing HD!

Overall Joby has created a very versatile aluminum stand for the iPad that is in a league of its own in style and functionality.  The Joby Gorillamobile aluminum iPad stand was also made with a high level of care for the quality of the unit was fantastic.  If you're in the market for a versatile all-in-one case/stand, we highly recommend you check out the Joby Gorillamobile.

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