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gateway pink laptopGateway Pink Laptop Computers

By Colleen C.

If you have your eyes set on a new Gateway laptop, you'll be happy to hear that Gateway pink laptops include great styling, industry favorite features, and many of the latest technologies.

Among features, typical Gateway laptops include fast processor and memory technologies, plenty of I/O connectivity ports, comfortable keyboards, and next-gen Blu-ray drives can also be had on many Gateway laptops.

Because design and functionality are important to most buyers, Gateway's newer laptops are visually more attractive, more feature rich, and much easier to use than Gateway laptops of the past. And to stay ahead of the curve and stay competitive with other laptop computer manufacturers, the focus on styling and overall feature set looks to be a top priority for Gateway not only now, but into the future as well.

Some of the most popular Gateway laptops fall in the thin and light category.  Being lighter and thinner than standard sized Gateway laptops, they are very popular among college students.  Gateway's pink laptops also offer that style and appeal that female students will love to show off.  Other popular models include Gateway's silver, matte finish, and those with two-tone designs.  Overall styling on current Gateway laptops is comparable to other industry players including top dogs like Sony, Dell, and HP.
The Gateway LT, EC, ID, and NV Series laptops and netbooks are very popular with consumers. The lid hinge on the newest Gateway LT3201u netbook is flatter, which gives the laptop a leaner look toward the back, which is more attractive than the old, tube shaped, bulky design on other laptops. Looking inside, you'll find that it's clean and well-organized. It has shiny plastic around the keyboard and screen, and  a Gateway pink laptop has a cheerful exterior color, too.

The touchpad and keyboard on new Gateway ID Series laptops have been redesigned, and the key spacing helps to give the effect of raised keys. This helps to make the keys a bit more comfortable to use. The volume keys are self-dedicated, which is a nice touch. There is also a Gateway Social Networks key for social media, that brings up the Gateway interface for Twitter and Facebook.

The new Gateway pink laptop has a touchpad with thin raised lines delineate, but other than that, it's a smooth extension of the surface of the palm rest. Consumers have found that it works fine, with a surface area similar to larger laptops.

gateway pink laptop

The glossy display of new Gateway laptops and netbooks are LED backlit, and they have 16:9 aspect ratios across the board.  Overall they are pretty good quality and very comparable to other laptop screens offered on competitor laptops.  Some reviewers have mentioned that they would have preferred a higher resolution screen on some of the higher-end Gateway models.  Even the standard Gateway laptop is not quite as cheap as some competitor laptops, and like high-end Gateway models, they don't have the screen selection flexibility that many competitor laptops offer.

The high-def webcam on a new Gateway pink laptop gives you the option for picture taking and video conferencing. This is upgraded from the older models, and offers a better than average quality for laptop webcams. You'll find pre-installed Skype software, and many other programs you may want to check out.

Above the keyboard, the integrated speakers offer bass and volume that are better than you'll find on many other laptops. They aren't sonic knockouts, but they work for music, web chatting and watching videos.

The Intel Core i3 CPU helps the new Gateway pink laptop do everything with satisfying speed. It's especially helpful in multi-tasking and when playing multimedia. The Blu-ray playback and streaming Hulu was accomplished at the same time as word processing was being done, with no problem. The Intel integrated HD processor works on any kind of video playback, but it's not suitable for heavy gaming.

The new Gateway LT3201u laptops are more stylish and still affordable for the average consumer. Some models have leather palm rests along with the bright glass screen. The multimedia and keyboard controls are well-illuminated, for convenience. The keyboard is backlit, too. An express slot is a handy touch, and the webcam is close to being integrated, on the models where it's not fully-integrated. These laptops offer a proper amount of hardware for their size and price range.

The reviews are generally good on the Gateway pink laptop that is currently available. It is reasonably priced, along with its cousins in the Gateway line. If you are looking for a fairly economical laptop, but you also want good performance and quality, the Gateway has been reviewed by consumers as among the top of its class. It does have many of the features that are otherwise sometimes only found on more expensive laptops.

The hardware offered and the performance achieved are both brilliant, say many consumers who are sold on Gateway laptops. The overall design of the current Gateway EC5801u laptop is very stylish to look at, and functional as well. Mobile broadband antennae are handy to have, and the screens'  higher resolution makes for a good show when you're viewing Hulu, YouTube or DVD videos.

gateway pink laptop

The prices of the Gateway pink laptops are very competitive with other laptops in the same basic class. In addition, they give you more features that aren't always seen, even on laptops in higher cost levels. The body of the Gateway laptop is sleek and streamlined, and it shows off the Gateway line very well. It comes with a glossy surface and curved edges.

Gateway has become a famous manufacturer of quality computers, like the Gateway pink laptop, which adds a touch of color to a sturdy and dependable laptop. The newer laptops are as comfortable as the older models, and they give you multimedia features. Gateway specializes in helping consumers to improve their working lives by giving them portable computing. The company is committed to their objective, and they have a good reputation in customer service, too.

Gateway laptops have quality features like a smooth design and multimedia control. The speakers are fine for their usual usage, and the WiFi performance is excellent. Gateway laptops have the ultimate in features for their price range, including a widescreen which will display your entertainment media to its utmost advantage.

Gateway technology is used to produce reliable laptops that are also affordable. The Gateway pink laptop can compete with the best of laptops, giving you performance that is portable and dependable. You'll get plenty of time on your Gateway EC5801u laptop, whether you're answering email, chatting or doing work on the go.

Gateway computers have come a long way from the cow-colored boxes you used to see when they arrived at your door. They are useful in offices, industrial workplaces, at home and wherever you happen to be traveling. Gateway laptops are very portable and slim; you can take them wherever you go, so you'll always be in touch with friends and family.

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