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Funky Laptops

A look at popular customization options for funky laptops.

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Funky Laptops - Introduction

So what on earth is a funky notebook computer? We've all seen jazzed up Levi's and pimped out rides, but funky notebooks? 

Yep, you've heard right! Funky laptops are in fact the latest craze, and people are literally funking up their laptops around the world. 

In today's visually hungry society, advertising and marketing experts know very well that consumers want  personalized gadgets. We have factory colored laptops, custom painted laptops, colored Smartphone's, colored iPods, you name it, for the list goes on. Look at the millions of dollars we spend each year to get the latest cool gadgets and trendy products, it's quite staggering actually.

Take a quick step back in time and look at the earliest laptop computers, remember those days?  They were pretty dang boring right?  Laptops of yesterday were often beige, ugly grays, dull blues, etc. Heck, even many laptop computers in recent years were let's just say, not exactly hip by today's standards.

Not sure why it took so long for manufacturers to catch on, but thankfully the plain Jane and John days of laptops are over. Today we have pink laptops, purple laptops, red laptops, blue laptops, yellow laptops, green laptops, orange laptops, white laptops, black laptops, patterned laptops, and now even funky notebooks to name a few. 

But so much for the introduction, let's move forward!  We're going to show you some of the best ways to turn already cool colored laptops into even cooler funky laptops or even purchase a funky laptop direct from your favorite manufacturer.

Buy A Custom Skinned Laptop

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One of the most popular ways to customize a funky laptop is to purchase a cool custom skin from a laptop skin provider.  

What exactly is a laptop skin? Remember that thin transparent film you found covering your mobile phone's screen the first time you took it out of the box? Laptop skins are quite similar to them. They are made from a combination of vinyl and laminating materials and use a special type of adhesive that doesn't leave any residue. That means you can change the skin any time without the worries using a conventional sticker would give you. How's that for funky laptops?

One of the most popular laptop skin manufacturers in the United States is SkinIt.com. Via Skinit.com you can purchase skins for not just laptops, but all your favorite products like game consoles, mp3 players, phones, etc. You can very easily order from a huge number of predefined designs or even create your very own laptop skin cover.  

Another popular laptop skin provider is LapJacks, a company based in the United Kingdom. You can visit their website to choose from the various designs and placing an order is a snap. They'll provide you with a kit and explain how to apply the skin. Besides the premade designs available on the site, you can actually come up with your own. You can send them images or photos and they'll manufacture the skin using that design. Another bonus is that they provide skins for other gadgets and devices too such as iPod's and Xbox's. So besides funky notebooks, you could just as well have funky smart phones and funky gaming consoles. Most providers operate in the same way and offer the same options.

If you want a truly custom facelift for your laptop, a stick on custom skin for your laptop cover is a sweet and quick way to get a funky laptop. You can apply skins on your laptop's casing very easily, and there are a ton of predesigned skins to choose from, or if you desire you can send in your favorite funky designs to get a truly custom skin created.

Skinning your laptop is definitely a favorite among consumers, and the perfect path to create cool funky laptops.

Buy A Laptop With A Prefabricated Cover

dell funky laptops

The funky laptops trend is taken off so fast that computer manufacturers have significantly taken customer personalization into account. One of the most popular manufacturers and leading producers of prefabricated laptop covers is Dell.

Dell has a site called Design Studio and on it customers can choose from a wide variety of laptop cover designs that would be built into the unit they purchase. Unlike laptop skins however which are basically removable and reusable stickers, the prefabricated design method is permanent.

There are several categories for the designs. The most generic would fall under Art. Other categories are actually tie-ups with other organizations and extra incentive is provided when designs from those particular categories are chosen. For example when you choose to purchase a unit with a (PRODUCT) RED™ design, part of the proceeds goes to the Global Fund whose cause is to fight AIDS in Africa.

Another interesting but not cause-oriented tie-up is Dell's partnership with Threadless. This is actually an online apparel store whose designs come from its community of patrons. Members of the Threadless community submit their own designs which are then voted on. The most popular ones are selected for printing, usually on t-shirts. The creators are then given cash and credit prizes. With this partnership, Threadless designs are now also available as laptop covers.

The artists of the designs selected for Dell are paid flat licensing fees on top of the usual reward from Threadless. It's now possible for customers to have funky laptops that exactly match the print on their funky Threadless t-shirts.

Slap Your Favorite Stickers On Your Laptop 

funky apple laptops

One of the easiest ways to turn plain laptops into funky laptops is to slap your favorite  stickers on them. This was often the method of choice before the days of laptop skins and custom laptop designs. After all we put stickers on our bumpers and bags, on our doors and desks, so why not a laptop.

Putting your favorite stickers on your laptop is in fact a cheap and enjoyable way to customize your laptop and at the same time make a personal statement.

Conventional stickers however have the downside of being more or less permanent. Of course you can always rip them off but some of the sticker could remain. Even the most meticulous way of peeling it sometimes leave some adhesive residue and the clean up job can turn out to be quite tedious, and then there's also the risk of scratching the shiny surface of your laptop during removal.

These days we personally prefer a custom skin from Skinit.com or LapJacks.com over conventional stickers, but nevertheless, this time-tested customization method is a great way to quickly turn your laptop into a funky laptop at a low cost.

Final Thoughts 

While each method offers a slew of customization options to jazz up your laptops exterior appearance, the idea of making funky laptops should not only be limited to eye-catching cover designs but balancing exterior style with performance.

After all its the inside of the computer that really matters, and so you will want to make sure your laptop has the specifications to match your funky laptops exterior. Our Laptop Buying Guide is a great start, check it out!

Also check out our shopping selections below, for there are currently fantastic deals on cool colored and custom patterned laptops.


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