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Ergonomic Laptop Keyboard Reviews

Ergonomic laptop keyboard guide and user review comparison.

ergonomic laptop keyboardUser Approved Ergo Laptop Keyboards

By Steve M.

For many, the keyboard on the average laptop isn't super comfortable, often demanding that an external keyboard be connected. 

This is especially true during long typing sessions, for hands and wrists can tire quickly when using the laptops built-in keyboard alone. 

This is where a solid external keyboard, preferably ergonomic, is your best option to prevent discomfort during day to day computing sessions.

Despite the ever increasing size of many laptops today, there still aren't any currently equipped with a built-in ergonomic laptop keyboard.

So to help you quickly narrow some of the most popular ergo options on the market, we recently took some time to scour hundreds of user and website reviews looking for the best ergo keyboard options available.

After hours of research, we've finally compiled a list of 5 ergonomic keyboards that we feel strongly about recommending. Enjoy!

5 Popular Ergo Laptop Keyboards Overviewed 

Microsoft Desktop 5000 Keyboard Review

microsoft desktop 5000 ergonomic laptop keyboardAfter scouring the web for details, Microsoft's Desktop 5000 keyboard and mouse combo may be one of the best ergonomic laptop keyboard combos available on the market.

Consider the fact that Microsoft practically invented the category, and you can be sure that you are going to receive a product that works better than many competing keyboard and mouse combos.

The keyboard is wireless via an included 2.4 GHz USB Mini-Transceiver, it includes a special ergo curved design for natural wrist posture, and the keyboard sports a low-profile key design.

The mouse is wireless as well and it uses the Microsoft "BlueTrack" technology, which allows the mouse to be used on more surfaces than standard laser or optical sensors. The mouse also includes a special Windows Flip key which will allow you to take advantage of some of the hot window switching features included in Windows 7.

Many users recognized this keyboard as "almost perfect" in numerous reviews that we found. One common negative thread was that this is not a good option for hardcore gamers, so if gaming is your thing, perhaps you may want to look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you want an ergonomic laptop keyboard that comes with standard multimedia keys and the reliable Microsoft feel, then this definitely looks like it may be a great option for you.

Overall it looks like reviewers have high praise for both the keyboard and mouse. If you're looking for a comfortable ergonomic laptop keyboard and mouse combo, we highly recommend you check out the Microsoft Wireless comfort Desktop 5000 keyboard. 

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Logitech Wireless Wave Combo Mk550 Keyboard Review

logitech wireless wave combo ergonomic laptop keyboardAs briefly mentioned in our introduction, many people find that the keyboard on their laptop is too small and crammed together. Many folks also tend to find the laptop's touch pad to be difficult to use as well, especially true during extended use. 

That's why we are pleased that the Logitech Wireless Wave Combo Mk550 ergonomic laptop keyboard combo includes a quality laser mouse, in addition to a fantastic full featured ergo keyboard. Via a tiny wireless adapter that plugs into your laptop, both the keyboard and mouse can be connected with ease, and the adapter is also so small that you won't even remember you plugged it in.

Besides users raving about a comfortable ergo key layout, the keyboard also features a slew of multimedia keys, making it perfect for those of you who like to watch a lot of movies or listen to music. Having key multimedia controls right at your fingertips is always a nice bonus despite being nothing new, especially with a keyboard combo of its class, but the button layout on the Mk550 appears well thought out compared to many competing keyboards.

The only complaints we could find weren't necessarily valid complaints, but instead appeared to be related to fluke products that made it into the market. It seems that there may have been a small batch of keyboards with some wireless issues, as a few complaints agreed that after a few weeks the wireless adapter couldn't find the keyboard or mouse. It does however look this problem batch has vanished so no worries here.

All in all, we conclude that the Logitech Wireless Wave Mk550 looks to be a fantastic ergo keyboard and mouse combo.  If you're in the market for a user approved and highly rated ergonomic laptop keyboard, we highly recommend you check it out.

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Fellowes 98915 Antimicrobial Split Design Keyboard Review

fellows split design ergonomic laptop keyboardThe Fellowes 98915 Antimicrobial Split Design keyboard looks like one awesome ergonomic laptop keyboard. We were surprised by its funky look because  it reminded us of something out of a science fiction movie.

Reviews for this keyboard are extremely positive across the board, showing to us the users of this keyboard are more than happy to recommend it.

The only minor complaint that comes to mind was from an Excel power user who didn't like the way the keyboard worked when using hot keys to navigate a spreadsheet. We hardly feel this is something most users would suffer through, unless you happen to live in Excel, so we can't quite knock the keyboard based off one users feedback.

The keyboard doesn't come with a mouse, which is the one downside we could really identify, especially when you compare it to other keyboards on this list. But since our focus is the keyboard and not the mouse, we can' t really ding it even though it would have been a nice bonus if one was included.

But with a great ergonomic angle and a 16 character buffer, this keyboard is well suited for those suffering from RSI injuries as well as really fast typists. The keyboard also includes standard multimedia touch buttons and one touch Internet access .

If you are looking for a highly rated ergonomic laptop keyboard, the Fellowes 98915 should definitely be on your keyboard research list.

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Kinesis Freestyle Solo Ergonomic Keyboard Review

kinesis freestyle ergonomic laptop keyboardWhen we first saw this keyboard we had a feeling it would end up on our list. It offers one of the more innovative designs we've seen in ergonomic laptop keyboard. 

The entire unit splits down the middle, and is connected with two magnets. This gives you the ability to use it as a standard keyboard or to split it and position the two halves however you want. If you have ever struggled to get your hands positioned just right on an ergonomic keyboard, this split design should allow you to fine tune keyboard placement.

For years our staff have been wishing that our ergonomic keyboards were splayed at a slightly different angle - either a bit wider or a bit narrower - and with this keyboard you can do just that. 

The keyboard layout is pretty vanilla by offering a standard QWERTY layout, and the keyboard also offers a fairly standard footprint so there is not much of a learning curve when using the keyboard for the first time. 

Most users voiced their enjoyment for both the look and feel of the keyboard overall.  The only negative review that comes to mind was from someone who was admittedly a heavy keyboard user.  He reported the keyboard wore out after a little over a year of ownership.

Unfortunately premature wear can happen with any piece of electronics equipment, and well longevity also depends a lot on usage patterns, so we can't quite knock any points off the keyboard because of this one users feedback.  

But overall, the Kinesis Freestyle Solo Ergonomic laptop keyboards unique split-in-half design and its high number of positive reviews put it on our current pick of ergo keyboards.

Now while we are still on the subject of Kinesis ergo keyboards, you may also want to check out the Kinesis Advantage USB keyboard for it has received rave reviews from users. This keyboard offers a radical redesign of the entire keyboard layout so there is a bit of a learning curve, but customers say it is the best ergonomic keyboard on the market once you get used to it. 

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Goldtouch Apple Compatible Ergonomic Keyboard Review

goldtouch apple compatible ergonomic laptop keyboardIf you're not only looking for an ergo keyboard to alleviate hand and wrist pain, but one that will also go along well with a stylish MacBook laptop, then you may want to take a look at the Goldtouch Apple Compatible Ergonomic Laptop Keyboard.

The keyboard really has the elegance of an Apple product, so it's easy for us to imagine that the product may have been designed by a former Apple engineer!  

The keyboard offers a great design that utilizes a ball joint to allow for positioning two halves of the keyboard to suit your comfort level. 

While it's not quite as flexible as the Kinesis Freestyle being that it isn't completely split down the middle, it does look a lot sturdier and well is definitely more flexible than many other ergonomic laptop keyboards on the market.

There isn't much that they didn't think of when designing the keyboard. There are plenty of multimedia keys to take advantage of the multimedia features on the Mac or PC, and the design offers plenty of flexibility. The majority of user feedback was also very positive regarding the keyboards overall look and feel.

And if you want to truly complement your laptops mobility, look for the Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard. This is the travel friendly version of the full-sized ergonomic Goldtouch and it incorporates the same functionality of the larger version, though with outstanding portability to boot. Highly recommended.

All in all, the Goldtouch Apple compatible Ergo keyboard and the Goldtouch Go! are  fantastic, highly configurable keyboards, the perfect complement to your new Mac or PC laptop computer.

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