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The Designer Laptop

The Rise Of Designer Laptop Computers

designer laptop computer by hpDesigner Laptop Computers

By Rodolfo D.

Who would have ever thought that it would come to a point where words only used in the world of fashion would be applied to electronic devices. The term ‘designer laptops' doesn't mean that the Louis Vuitton company has decided to venture into the computer and electronics industry.

However computers have definitely evolved from the impersonal business tool to become something as personal a possession as handbags and watches. Our mode of communication and the way we know things has changed with the exponential progress of digital technology. Information can be gained and disseminated at the tap of a keypad.

Practically everyone is a member or participant of some online community or social network. The personal computer, particularly in the form of the laptop and its smaller cousins such as the PDA and smart phone, is the means by which we facilitate this new way of doing things and interacting with people.

It is not surprising then that the computer has become not so much a separate instrument but almost a part of our clothing—a thing to be worn, carried about, and constantly relied upon. It can't even be called an accessory because it has become quite a necessity. The phenomenon of designer laptops simply shows that computers now belong to that category of personal possessions that represent us publicly. And so we apply the same behavior and personalize its appearance.

Personalize then purchase:

hp garden designer laptopDesigner laptops have become a marketing tool for some if not most laptop manufacturers. They perhaps took their cue from the success of the iMac in the 1990's with its brilliant and flashy colored casings. They finally realized that hand-held or portable machines that could compute in gigahertz speeds didn't necessarily have to come in black, silver or grey.

The automobile industry came to the same conclusion much earlier with their cars. Dell for example came up with their Studio series of laptops. The customer purchasing online chooses from a range of laptop cover designs displayed on the website then Dell ‘tattoos' the selected design on the purchased unit. It's almost like going to a designer apparel store and the strategy behind it is exactly the same.

Sony meanwhile took a slightly different route with their designer laptops. They took a more build-your-own approach and offered hardware configuration options for particular models of their Vaio brand. The extent of customization is of course restrained by issues of compatibility but one now has the freedom to steer the laptop to a more specialized use such as gaming or graphics design.

There are still choices for cover design but they are limited to colors and no elaborate patterns or pictures are offered.

Change the skin:

cool checkered patterned designer laptop skin
The idea of customization as a selling point has been around since the personal computer became such a ubiquitous appliance.

It started in software and the birth of the graphical user interface (GUI). Programs had to be user-friendly and that didn't simply mean that they had to be easy to use but that the user could also to a limited extent change the way it worked and the way it looked.

Of course the developer's main focus is still the core functions of the program but including such options added value to the product. This is particularly true for entertainment and media software such as internet browsers and media players. Thus the concept of GUI skins became common. With the advent of designer laptops, the term was appropriated and also came to refer to the physical appearance of computers.

One method to make designer laptops is to change its skin. That means putting a thin laminating cover with an imprinted design on the laptop's top lid. These laptop skins can be easily applied by the owner. They made use of a special adhesive that didn't leave residues, thus peeling them off is also simple to do and this gave owners the choice of occasionally changing the design - almost as uncomplicated as changing the skin of a program's GUI. Some laptop skin providers even allow for customers to make their own designs which the provider will then manufacture on the laminating cover.

Build from scratch:

designer laptopA user who is more proficient with the technical aspects of the personal computer may opt to build a desktop computer from scratch, listing the necessary hardware and checking for compatibility. It's a cheaper way of purchasing a computer and the customer gets exactly what he wants.

Of course he also takes a big risk and must be competent enough to actually pull it off. The do-it-yourself method is now also applicable to laptops and this puts a whole new dimension to the idea of designer laptops.

Putting together a laptop from the CPU to the casing is not the same as with the desktop. Most of the choices will be limited and there won't be enough chances to mix and match. The process starts with a ‘barebones' model from a manufacturer. This is a basic configuration that already has (usually) a motherboard and optical drive. These are the two components that can't be swapped out.

But the kind of processor, memory, hard drive, graphics card, and network card to use is still up to you. Examples of manufacturers who offer barebones laptops are Asus, MSI and ECS. This method is a far more extensive customization than the ones offered by manufacturers for specific models of their laptop and unlike those gimmicks; you're going to have to assemble the whole thing yourself.

It is a more complicated option to take to achieve the desired designer laptop but you can't dispute the level of personalization that can be accomplished.

With the way things are going, personal computers are just going to become smaller, faster, and more multi-purpose. In other words mobile computing will inevitably become prevalent and necessary. Laptops are practically as personal as our wallets and our diaries as we store so much information in them—contact lists, account details, etc. Stealing information is now perhaps as lucrative as stealing actual cash.

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