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Designer iPad Case Reviews - 5 Cool Designer Apple iPad Cases

designer ipad caseDesigner iPad Case Reviews

By Steve M.

If you've just spent your hard earned cash on a new iPad or plan to in the very near future, you will need an iPad case or cover to protect it from potential damage.

Many things can go wrong during the busy day to day grind. All it takes is one slip from your hand to turn a great day into a broken iPad day.
For many of you just about any iPad case will be better than nothing, though you may honestly be better off looking for a case that not only protects your iPad by covering it, but also improves your user experience by offering additional features such as a stand.

Furthermore you may want to up the ante and spend a little more for a case that meets all of the above requirements in addition to offering unique styling. After all the iPad is not just going to be any old tech gadget for a lot of you, but a high-tech fashion accessory. 

If this sounds like you, complimenting your new iPad with a designer iPad case is practically going to be a requirement.

Today there are literally hundreds of designer cases available for the Apple iPad, so you can pretty much guarantee the perfect one is out there, however with the insane number of iPad cases available, where exactly do you begin?

Look no further! Here are five super unique designer iPad cases, chosen by our readers in a recent poll. And if the cases on this list don't exactly suit your own personal style needs, we've also provided shopping links throughout this page so that you can find one that does. Enjoy! 

5 Popular Designer iPad Cases Reviewed

Sena Borsetta Designer iPad Case/Purse Review

pink leather sena borsetta designer ipad case and purseTalk about pretty in pink! The Sena Borsetta Designer iPad case is immensely popular with women, and for good reason.

This case is actually a quality purse that gives you the opportunity to show the world that you are both fashionable and in touch with technology.
Made from hand-crafted full grain genuine leather in a classy rose pink finish, the case speaks nothing but pure fashion.  The case is finely crafted from top notch materials so expect to get years of solid use from it.

And if pink isn't your color, no problem, the Borsetta Designer Purse/Case also comes in red, black, and pearl.

This case can be carried by hand, or hung over your shoulder like any other purse. It is light, though offers solid layers of protection and support. The inner compartment that houses your iPad is lined with a soft velvet liner so it protects your trendy gadget from scratches too.

While the small size of the purse is a great benefit, many will find that to also be its largest flaw. If you need to carry a lot of little things around in your purse, this designer iPad case won't accommodate so well. On the other hand this is honestly to be expected being that it was designed to be an iPad case more so than a fully functional day to day purse.

All in all, the Sena Borsetta Designer iPad 2 Case/Purse is as stylish as any iPad case you'll find. It offers fantastic build quality, and styling unmatched by most iPad cases, making its price premium well worth every penny.

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ClearMax Apple iPad Bamboo Designer Case Review

clearmax all natural bamboo designer ipad caseThe all natural bamboo case and stand, provided by ClearMax, is one of the most unique cases we've recently seen for the iPad.

When you are trying to stay natural in a world full of gadgets, it can be really difficult. But having the sleek look of natural bamboo will really provide that balance. You can get an earthy feel with this case.

Besides unique styling, the case includes a stand which is really useful. Anyone who has had an iPad for any number of times knows how tough it is to prop it up when watching Netflix or any other movie.

With this case you can easily use the included prop to lay back and enjoy your movies and vidoes without having to hold the iPad. And since the prop is made from bamboo, it looks great along with the rest of the case.

Some people have expressed concern about the wood expanding, so you may want to avoid this designer iPad case if you live in a home that is very humid, though we personally cannot vouch for this claim.

All in all though, the ClearMax Natural Bamboo Case and Stand is a unique looking designer iPad case that will without a doubt bring extra attention to your new iPad.

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CaseCrown Apple iPad 2 Bold Standby Case Review

casecrown apple ipad 2 bold standby designer ipad caseIf you are looking for a designer iPad case that won't break the bank but is really going to look good, then you need to check out CaseCrown's Bold Standby case.

Among highlights, this case has a built-in magnet to take advantage of Apple's built in sleep and awake feature, similar to the Apple Smart Cover. And if you are looking for a great looking leather case to show just how slick and sleek you are, then this is the one.

The traditional leather folio look will really show that you are a person of business and style. This is one of the most popular iPad 2 cases on Amazon, and with good reason. This product has garnered much fan fare and  most of the reviews we found said nothing but good things about the case.

The one minor complaint some users voiced was that the corners aren't fully protected. There are other cases on the market in a similar price range that offer better corner protection for your iPad such as full cover cases, though many cases similar to the design and style of the CaseCrown Bold Standby  offer similar iPad corner protection, so this is by design.  This case more than makes up for this in quality, looks, and price. 

And one of the best things about the CaseCrown Bold Standby case is it's price.  At well below the sub $50 range, it is a steal.  We recommend it for anyone with an iPad 2, especially those in the business environment for it offers sleek and professional looks via black faux leather wrapping.

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Design & Motion Premium Leather Book Style Designer iPad Case Review

design & motion premium apple ipad leather book designer caseNot only does this Designer iPad case look awesome, but it's full of functionality. The brown, green, and red strap is elastic and can be used to mount the case on the back of a head rest when you are in the car.

The thick leather is padded and the protection this device provides is really outstanding. We are pretty sure that you couldn't damage your iPad even if you threw it on the ground. You could try it if you want to, but please don't hold us responsible!

The marjority of the user reviews we've read have nothing but great praise for the case, with a few exceptions. The only legitimate complaint we could find wasn't something that we necessarily think warranted a low rating. The user complained that the product shows scuffs and scratch marks where it was bumped.

We think that it's better for the leather to get a little worn than the iPad. We also think that a couple of scratches and scuffs would add to the overall appeal of the product, so we wouldn't complain about that. And if you are looking for a masculine case, this is it.

All in all, you really won't have to worry too much about damaging your iPad once it's in the case. You can also find the case for well less than $50 so it is a real bargain when you consider the fact that it also doubles as an iPad car mount.

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Luvvitt Perfetto Full Grain Genuine Leather iPad 2 Case Review

luvvitt perfetto leather designer ipad caseA full grain, genuine leather, bold designer iPad 2 case! This case really shouts modern and will help identify you as a person who is really in touch with what is going on in the digital world today.

Whether you are just trying to protect your iPad or make a style statement, the Perfetto is the perfect designer iPad case to do so. Pictures also don't do the case justice, it is an attractive case that you must see in person to fully appreciate.

We couldn't identify a single flaw with this case, and neither did we find any major complaints about the case after reading numerous user reviews.

For example, not every user who reviewed the product on Amazon gave it a 5 star rating, there were only two people who felt it didn't deserve the best possible rating, though they each gave it 4 out of 5 stars. 

Some people expressed concern that the case might be too thick, but upon opening it realized that it was just right. We personally feel the case is also perfect thickness. It does look much thicker in photos, but once the case is in hand it feels great.

The stand was reported as easy to adjust and the strap on the back works as a perfect mount for the headrest in your car.  We validated this and sure enough the stand adjusted with ease, and it made a fantastic headrest mount too.

Overall, the Luvvitt Perfetto is a fantastic designer iPad 2 case, the perfect accessory if you are looking for a stylish, highly functional, and low priced case for your new iPad.

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