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Dell Mini Laptops

We take a look at the awesome Dell Inspiron Mini netbook computer.

dell inspiron mini netbookA Look At Dell Mini Laptops

Dell Mini laptops are Dell's super compact, aggressively priced mini netbooks. 

And if you aren't in the know, netbooks are a newer type of laptop category that emphasize compact size and aggressive price over other typical laptop features such as sheer processing power and massive features.

And let me tell you, Dell really did their homework with the Inspiron Mini laptops for they did an awesome job and Dell offers a slew of configuration options for Mini netbooks.   

dell mini pretty pink netbook laptop pictureDell Mini notebooks even include cool and trendy color options such as the super trendy Pink Mini.  Other colors include blue, red, green, white, brown, orange, and black at the time of this writing too.

Fashionable patterned designs can also be customized on some models during purchase and some of the patterns are pretty darn trendy.

As mentioned the Dell Inspiron Mini line of netbooks offer solid configuration choices with the latest in mobile technologies such as Intel Atom processors, USB 2.0, built in advanced wireless, webcam, optional Bluetooth, and some models even offer optional built-in GPS.

Super Light Dell Mini Notebooks With Fashionable Patterns

dell mini tristan netbook imageMost Dell Mini notebooks even weigh in less than 3.0 lbs which is pretty common for netbooks, and battery life is even pretty good across the board, especially if you configure with a 6-cell battery.

You can also if wanted turn your Dell Mini laptop into a rugged laptop for you even have the option to configure Dell Mini models with newer Solid State hard disk drives which offer ultimate shock resistance in the event you ever drop your Dell Mini. 

We must say Dell Mini netbooks are also very competitive with Asus and other Netbook manufacturer's products.  In fact because of the sheer number of configuration choices the Dell Mini laptops are even going to be a step above of much of the competition for many of you.  If like us you love customizing your tech products, the Dell Mini netbooks will be perfect for you.

Dell Inspiron Minis In The Sub $500 Price Range

dell mini netbook pink apocalypse

And true to netbook computers Dell Mini laptops offer many configurations for under $500 including models such as the Mini 9 and Mini 10.

Of course let's not forgot the Dell Mini's keyboard.  See many netbooks, especially earlier models had super cramped keyboards which literally made typing a chore. 

Thankfully the gurus at Dell designed Dell Mini notebooks with a keyboard 92% the size of a traditional laptop keyboard. 

Overall Dell Mini keyboards are much better than many other netbook keyboards on the market but still not quite up to par with the Asus Eee PC 1000HE keyboard, but pretty darn good nevertheless. 

In conclusion we truly feel Dell Inspiron Mini netbooks are solid netbook computer systems that will be a great a starter laptop, a supplemental laptop for a primary machine, or even a great holiday gift.

Dell Mini Netbook Shopping

A large selection of Dell Mini Inspiron netbooks including Mini 9, 10.1, 12-Inch and much more.

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