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Guide to Customize Laptop Computers How to Build Your Own Laptop

Customize laptop computers the easy way. We show you exactly how to build your own laptop computer.

custom laptop graphic picture customize guide best laptop10 Steps For A Perfect Custom Laptop

Step 1

Determine Your Needs - Customize Laptop Step 1

Determine your unique needs first and foremost. We have numerous resources on the site the get you started.

We recommend you first check out both our comprehensive Laptop Buying Guide and Laptop Comparisons Guide to help you pinpoint a laptop lifestyle match.

Get out a pen and paper and jot down notes as you read for it will not only help you with the later steps but it will also help you map out your perfect laptop blueprint.

Step 2

Fine Tune Your Unique Needs - Customize Laptop Step 2

To further fine tune your unique needs return once again to the Laptop Buying Guide, but this time think about how you may be using the laptop in the future. 

Its one thing to find a laptop to meet your needs now, but it's another to find one that will meet your potential future needs.

We left out future planning in step 1 specifically so you would have to go back through the guide. 

Why? Going through the guide a second time will enforce that you are on the right path and that you didn't overlook anything important.

Because our goal is to help customize the perfect laptop, this new perspective while reading the guide will actually help you fine tune things. Trust us!

Go ahead and visualize 1, 2, and 3 years from now while reading through the Laptop Buying Guide this time and adjust specifications accordingly. Remember to jot down new findings in your notes as you go.

Before we move on to the next step, here's a personal example where planning ahead saved me some cash and a headache. More recently I began some light video editing and even though I purchased my Inspiron E1505 about a year ago it currently handles the video editing applications without any issues.

As you see, planning for not only now but the future is the key to finding the perfect laptop.

Step 3

Ask Yourself A Few Questions - Customize Laptop Step 3

Does it meet my current needs and also my potential future needs?

If you answered yes to both feel free to proceed directly onto step 4.

If you question things even the slightest however, go scour through the guides yet again until you are confident that you are in deed on the right track.

Getting tired of the guides? If you are just remember that we are preparing you for the perfect custom laptop. Knowledge is power and patience is a virtue.

Think of all this reading as your smart shopper education. We can assure you that all your time spent learning now will ultimately help you later.

Step 4

Determine Your Customization Route - Customize Laptop Step 4

Now that you are pretty confident to your needs, go ahead and determine the customization route that you will be taking.

When referring to customizing a laptop usually this means going to a laptop manufacturer's website and picking and choosing components to meet your needs.

This is the most common option and the one we are detailing in this guide. Building your own laptop from scratch is another story. Our guide for building your own covers that.

We recommended however that you continue to follow this guide and customize a laptop from a reputable laptop manufacture instead of building your own.

These days laptops from manufacturers are priced lower than ever and there is no frustrating physical installation and configuration to be performed.

It's just simply the better route to take.

Step 5

Begin Research and Take More Notes - Customize Laptop Step 5

Browse the different laptop manufacturer websites to get an idea of what is currently being offered in the way of features and price. Don't fall for the wow factor of one specific laptop but instead continue to look through each manufacturer for you may be wowed elsewhere.

Remember there are Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, Panasonic, Gateway, and Emachine laptops among many others so you never know what is out there at the giving moment. Using your pen and paper take notes to the best deals, etc.

While you're comparison shopping be sure to check out various online coupon websites such as couponmountain.com for often you can find discount codes that you can apply on the manufacturers website during checkout time.

Step 6

Perform Comprehensive Research via Reviews - Customize Laptop Step 6

Further research the specific laptops that you found interest in to get some expert advice and opinions. Expert reviewers will shed some insight into your purchase and may save you a potential costly mistake.

We offer some great easy to understand reviews here so check them out. Definitely check out other review sources too and we also recommend you stop at Epinions.com for you may find some real world user reviews for the specific laptops.

Step 7

Take a Moment and Go Over Things - Customize Laptop Step 7

You are almost ready to begin the actual customization. At this point you should have a great idea of your unique needs, some laptops of interest narrowed down, and some written notes.

If not proceed through each step until you are in fact ready. Remember we have some great resources throughout the site to help you out also so be sure to look them all over.

Step 8

On With the Customization - Customize Laptop Step 8

Great job you've found a laptop and you are ready to customize. Once logged into the manufacturer's website you will be walked through a configurator which gives you choices along the way for each component.

We recommend you pick specifications a bit above your needs without worrying too much about the current price just yet because you will fine tune things next.

Once you are to the last configuration step simply go back through each component 1 by 1 to fine tune the price to meet your budget. Bump down a component as necessary but don't sacrifice one component too much for you want a well balanced laptop at the end.

If you have questions about a component check out our Laptop Buying Guide components list.

Step 9

Perform Final Touches and Review - Customize Laptop Step 9

Before you proceed to the final step go through your configuration at least one more time to make sure you've picked the best laptop configuration.

Take note to components you've bumped down in step 8 just to make sure you didn't throw your systems balance off by sacrificing one component to much.

For example you shouldn't go for less than 2GB of system memory if running Windows Vista. Sacrificing some hard drive storage space would be a good tradeoff because storage space wouldn't hurt your performance like RAM. Look at your tradeoffs with this example in mind.

If you have questions remember once again to check out our Laptop Buying Guide.

Step 10

Seal the Deal - Customize Laptop Step 10

If you are satisfied after looking over things in step 9 you are ready to checkout my friend. If the manufacturer gives you the option to use coupon codes and you found some via a coupon website, usually you can input them towards the end of checkout.

If the coupon code you apply works be sure it does in fact give you a better deal.

I've seen Dell offer a discount by default and when I entered a coupon code the discount from the coupon code was less. In this case it was one or the other and I was in fact going to pay more with the coupon code.

Sometimes coupon codes don't work either but I have personally saved some money using them many times so it doesn't hurt to try.

Good luck!

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