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Compaq Laptops Review & Comparison

Are Compaq laptops for you? Let's take a look at the Compaq Presario.

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Compaq Notebooks Of Today

Despite Compaq notebooks progressively declining in numbers after the 2002 merger with Hewlett-Packard, HP does continue to market various Compaq branded laptops for the consumer and business sector.
Continue forward for we will take a look at the various models including the popular Presario Compaq laptop series.

For the most part the consumer tailored Compaq Presario laptops produced today are lower priced versions of HP's highly successful Pavilion line. 

The few configurations that exist are what we like to call value laptops because they definitely won't break your bank.

As of first quarter 2008 we found only a few Compaq Presario branded laptops on the HP website home & home office section. Not a whole lot to choose from, but we are glad HP is keeping the Compaq name alive.

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Cool HP Compaq Notebooks

Despite the small existence of the Compaq name in the consumer world, business users will find the Compaq name used more often.

Hewlett-Packard business laptops are referred to as HP Compaq notebooks and you will find many of these business HP Compaq configurations available.

If you continue below, you will find our easy to understand review of Compaq laptop models and often through the text you can find more in depth information via specific laptop review links. 

We will also provide our favorite and most trusted online laptop computer shopping destinations.

We hope you enjoy!

HP Laptops
HP laptop reviews and buying guide.

Compaq Presario Laptop

Compaq Presario Laptop The Compaq Presario is HP's budget laptop series that is available online from multiple vendors and also in retail stores.

Current Presario's are a fairly basic laptop and HP currently only offers a handful of Presario laptops for interested buyers. If you are a basic user looking for a great bang for your buck, the Presario may be a great match for you.

If you use your laptop for more than web browsing and word processing, and additionally want a laptop that will last you years to come, you may want to look elsewhere however.

The Presario is fairly comparable to Dell's lower priced business class Vostro 1000 15.4-inch laptops, though the Dell is intended for businesses instead of consumers looking for a value solution of course. 

Moving onto other details, the Presario we tested got fairly decent battery life, especially for the value nature of the laptop. 

Another thing we liked was the feel of the keyboard and the convenient buttons to turn off the touchpad and wireless. 

Also worth noting was the build quality of the Presario for we felt it was pretty sturdy despite its low priced origin.

Overall we feel the Compaq Presario is only for the basic laptop user looking for a great bang for the buck. There are similar options out there around the same price range from other manufacturers without the Presario's shortcomings, so we can't quite recommend it for every buget minded consumer. 

On the other hand, Compaq laptops such as the Presario are still a decent laptop for the money, so if you do fit the basic user profile, definitely check out the Compaq Presario during your laptop shopping quest. And to get you started, we've compiled a list of the hottest Compaq Presario deals from Amazon.com below.  Enjoy!

Online Shopping Specials

Compaq Presario Notebooks, Compaq Computer Batteries, Compaq AC Adapters,  Accessories & More

Online Vendor Shopping Category Vendor Rating
Amazon.com Compaq Notebooks And Netbooks A+
Amazon.com Compaq Notebook AC Adapters A+
Amazon.com Compaq Notebook Batteries A+
Amazon.com HP And Compaq Monitors A+
Amazon.com Hewlett Packard Printers A+


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